How to add Z-Wave sensors to Ring Alarm

How to add Z-Wave sensors to Ring Alarm

one of the questions we got after we published our ring alarm review is whether non ring sensors can be added to the ring alarm Network the question comes up because the sensors all use a technology called z-wave now that is a standard there are many z-wave sensors out there so can they be added to the ring system I got one of these GE smart door sensors this is intended to go into the hinge in your door and to notify you when a door is open or closed it’s based on z-wave that’s what it looks like and the answer is yes this can be added to a ring system but the more interesting question is is it worth it so adding the sensor is pretty easy I’m in the ring app and I’m going to go to set up device and choose it’s a security device and it’s a sensor and then the list pre-populates with the ring products here the contact sensor and the motion detector but if you look all the way down the bottom it says add manually so I’m going to click that and then the only selection that comes up is 0 so let’s click this and then there’s the z-wave logo and down the bottom here is ad I’m gonna click that and now it’s looking and listening for this device I pair this device by pressing this button so I’m gonna press that and we’ve already got configuring device and any moment now device configured successfully device added successfully so it’s now part of the system it comes up here the GE hinge pin door sensor – if I click that I can assign it to the room in the Ring alarm you assign sensors and alarms and keypads and things based on the rooms I’m going to say it’s in the living room and the placement is on a main door so it’s just save that and we are done and if we go back here to the device page you’ll see all of the devices on my network there’s a door sensor there’s a ring motion sensor and there is the GE hinge pin dort Center – so I’ve got it connected and it’s hooked up to my network to prove it let’s simulate opening the door and there’s the time to show that the door is open it’s the same as so if you’re using one of the magnetic sensors and a door opens you get the same chime but so far so good this is where things start diverging though between the ring devices and the non ring devices the next thing I’m going to do here is I’m going to go into my alarm and I’m going to arm my system put it into away mode ok so 60 seconds has passed and the ring alarm system is now activated you can tell that by the red circle on the base unit here so let’s find out what happens if say our front door which is protected by this third-party sensor is opened while the alarm is armed you get a chime nothing else no countdown no alarm sounds nothing comes up on the app let’s find out what happens when a door protected with one of rings own magnetic sensors is opened it immediately starts the alarm countdown and I’ve now got 60 seconds to disarm this before the alarm sounds and this is one of the important differences between all of these systems thank you if you have a third-party z-wave sensor on your ring alarm system it will not notify a neighbor that something’s up with your alarm if you have that function set it will not trigger the alarm and it will certainly not dispatch make a call to the emergency dispatch center who will call you to ask if there’s anything up and might possibly send the police to your house if it happens with one of the ring sensors which is the magnetic sensor or the infrared sensor then it is going to do all of that so to answer the question yes it’s possible to add third-party sensors to your ring alarm the only thing is at the moment it’s not really worth it because they’re not really going to trigger anything except for a chime when a door opens [Music]

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  1. Some alarm systems allow sensors to be configured to trigger an alarm or just chime for off vs home vs away. Is there a config option to make the 3rd party z wave sensor trigger alarm. Just checking…

  2. Well that's a deal-breaker. Wish I would have known that before I bought the starter package that came with two keypads ,3 contact sensors, and two motion sensors for 299.00. When I called there product support line, I did inquired before I purchased. I asked if I could use third-party zwave sensors the answer was yes. They sure didn't bother to let me know about the this major drawback . I was leaving Wink security I had setup. My thinking was that I was getting a better deal with a more simple security system. I have many Dome contact sensors and motion sensors already threw out my home and Shop. These little sensors are not cheap. I was hoping they would work until I had a chance to replace them with all ring sensors. I will now be taking this ring Security starter kit back to Best Buy now. Thank you ring. The way I see it if I buy your stuff with my money and pay for your monitoring service, then any sensor that is allowed to be configured with the system should work the same as one of your official sensors. So you're going to let me get robbed blind because I didn't use one of your official sensors, well that's a big middle finger to your customers. It is now obvious to me that all you are concerned with is how much money you can make off of your loyal customers . Shame on you. You know I was going to buy a lot more of your official sensors come payday that's okay I will look elsewhere now. I'll will now replace all 8 your cameras I have with Arlo or nest. I was also looking into buying 3 of your flood light cameras for my shop. Well you can keep those as well.

  3. This video is completely wrong, you have to go into the app and configure the sensor to be monitored in the armed away mode.

  4. Can the Ring system be used as a z-wave hub for Leviton z-wave receptacles and light switches? To actually turn them on and off?

  5. Can I add third party sensors and simply be notified by the app when they trigger? I understand they aren't trusted enough to sound the alarm or call anyone, but is there no configuration that will allow the app to just notify me?

    On an unrelated note, can Ring's contact sensor be activated by another contact sensor by wiring them together? My house has old contact sensors and glass break sensors hardwired down to an outdated security panel in the basement. It would be nice to reuse them since they are invisible, and even better if I could hook up several hardwired sensors to a single Ring sensor. That way I could just buy one Ring sensor for every clustered set of windows in the same room.

  6. I'm looking for a z-wave light switch that will turn on interior lights when the alarm is activated. Is there anything available to do this? Thx

  7. Any info on using GE Z-Wave (GE 14291) light switches and setting up automation. The claim is the alarm is a Hub. I can't find any info.

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