How to Add & Change Interlogix NetworX NX4, NX6, and NX8 User Codes Tutorial

How to Add & Change Interlogix NetworX NX4, NX6, and NX8 User Codes Tutorial

Hi, my name is Jason with Today’s video is a quick one on how to change
user codes on the Interlogix NetworX control panels. If you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe
to our channel. The more subscribers we get the more people
we can reach about DIY security. So let’s go ahead and go to the table and
we’ll get started. To change user codes and the master code,
you’ll use star 5. So we’ll enter star 5 here. And then you need to enter the master code. Default master code is just 1234. Then you’re gonna enter a three-digit user
ID code. So it’s going to be 001 through 040. So there’s a total of 40 different user codes. By default, the master code is actually user
code one. So if we wanted to change the master code
you just enter 001, and then you enter a new code. So you can see here what’s already entered. Let’s enter 4321. It’ll then immediately go back. You can enter another code. So let’s say we want to add a user code, 002. And let’s change it to 6789. And you’ll just keep repeating that process
for every user code you want to use. Once you’re finished, you can just hit pound,
and that takes you right back out. To change the installer code you actually
have to go into programming. So you’ll go star 8, followed by your installer
code, which is 9713. And then you need to enter the device address,
which is going to be 0 followed by pound. And then you need to enter the location number…which
will be location 42. So here each number in the code is going to
be a segment. So you can see what’s entered currently. Let’s just change it to 3179. So 3 and then star 1, star 7, star 9, star. There’s additional numbers after that, in
case you’re using longer codes by default, you’re just using four-digit codes. So you can just hit pound…or star a couple
more times, and that’ll take you back out. And then exit twice to get out of programming. And so now we can test this. Let’s go into star 5. By default it was 1234. You can see that doesn’t work anymore. We changed it to 4321. To test it just to show that it worked, we
can try them out. So let’s test the master code by using star
5, and then we changed it to 4321, and that gets us in. So that’s good. So then star 8. Again it was 9713, we changed it to 3179,
and that gets us in. So it’s a pretty easy process right there. I hope you guys found that helpful. If you did, make sure you hit the “like” button. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the
next video.

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  1. Hey, what is the best 3G or 4G dialer to put with this panel? We now have NBN internet here in Australia and can't use the on board dialer anymore. What connections would I use? Thanks.

  2. HI! I dont know much about alarm systems ,how can i connect and program with a transmitter with contact id or gsm dialer

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