How This Business is Saving Elephant Lives | Doing Good Business

How This Business is Saving Elephant Lives | Doing Good Business

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  1. I volunteered there last year and can 100% say that that was the most insightful week of my life. You can feel the love within seconds of being on the property. The staff is amazing and even still as a volunteer, you’re still very catered to. Seeing how this amazing woman has influenced every animal ( and I mean EVERY single animal) on this property is enough to melt your heart. She truly is a diamond in the rough!

  2. THEY HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!! It's called Elephantnews and they upload videos of the elephants, rescues, and things like that. Please go and support😌👏👏👏

  3. So incredible to see people taking such big steps to save such a beautiful, intelligent, and kind animal. Thanks SoulPancake for bringing positive attention to this sanctuary!

  4. Animals have feelings and bonds just like us. They experience joy, fear and pain. A shame that we kill 56 BILLION of them every year for no reason other than that "they taste good"… YOU have the power to change this by not paying for it with your dollars! Go vegan! <3

  5. What a coincidence!! I've JUST finished working at an elephant sanctuary ( in kanchanaburi) in Thailand! They've rescued them from trekking camps, tourist attractions, street begging, etc and now all their 27 elephants (and 30+ dogs, couple cats, chickens, cows) can live the rest of their life in peace and being spoiled. "Where we work for the elephants and the elephants not for us"

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