How Protected Is The British Royal Family?

How Protected Is The British Royal Family?

This video was made possible by WIX. If you are ready to create a website, head
over to to try out one of their premium plans right now. The killing of a monarch is called regicide. It’s not something that happens in modern
times, but in the past quite a few royals were murdered or executed. Take Charles I of England for instance, who
said, “An unjust sentence that I suffered to take effect, is punished now by an unjust
sentence on me”, right before he put his head on the block. Then you’ve got Henry VI, who was murdered
while he was staying at England’s worst lodgings, the Tower of London. Or what about Alexander of Greece, who for
all intents and purposes was murdered by a monkey. But it’s not often you hear about common
folks getting close enough to fell a monarch. Today we’ll find out why, in this episode
of the Infographics Show, How much protection does the royal family get? It goes without saying that monarchs are heavily
guarded and don’t take the risk of rubbing shoulders with the hoi polloi. You don’t hear about Queen Elizabeth popping
down to the shops for a loaf of bread and a packet of Marlboro Lights. It’s not likely that these days the British
public would get rankled enough to demand the Queen’s head, but there are likely a
few anti-royal people out there. So, she has a security detail. In fact, in 2017 the Queen’s former security
expressed concern that her present security system had changed. Scotland Yard had begun implementing a rotation
system, and that meant the Queen would be seeing many different men around her. One of the guys responsible for looking after
the late Princess Diana said, “Understanding the behaviors of the person you are charged
with protecting is crucial. Understanding the machinations of the royal
household is very important too.” But how much protection do those royals usually
get? Well, you might see the Queen surrounded by
soldiers that are what is called The Queen’s Guard. While every tourist likes to get a picture
with these guys that can sometimes be seen wearing what looks like a bear’s backside
on their head (a busby) they are not just there for show. They actually do protect the queen. These guys stand at their post and make sure
no one can get to the queen or any other royals. That wasn’t the case in 1982 when a guy
got to the Queen’s bedroom, but it was there that he was intercepted by the police. The cops over in London have a branch called
the Royalty and Specialist Protection service. These guys look like regular security, with
dark sunglasses and a black suit and tie. A website called Elite UK Forces tells us
that the men in this service stay around when the Queen is at home and they follow her,
and any other member of the British Royal family, when they travel abroad. It’s said they are highly trained. They are experts in one-on-one combat and
if they don’t fight with their fists they may end up using their 9mm Glock 17 pistol. Before the royals go anywhere these guys will
have secured the area and done their reconnaissance. As we said, there are not too many people
out there who want the blood of royals, but in modern times there have been some close
scrapes. In 1981, a kid in New Zealand tried to take
out the Queen with a gun when she was visiting. He missed with his shot, and it was kept secret
at the time. The Guardian wrote, “The Queen had just
stepped out of a Rolls-Royce to greet 3,500 well-wishers when a distinctive crack rang
out across the grassy reserve.” Cops got hold of him and during an interrogation
he told them he had been ordered to do the hit by a mysterious character called “The
Snowman.” Yes, he was crazy and sent to a psychiatric
facility. He later decided he also wanted to kill her
son, Prince Charles, and then while in prison he took his own life. He was awaiting trial for murder and kidnapping. When asked about his famous assassination
attempt he said, “Damn … I missed.” Had he been a better shot, Britain may have
lost its queen and many questions would have been asked about her security detail. It seems the British royals had a fair few
enemies in that part of the world. In Australia in 1994, a young man by the name
of David Kang attempted to assassinate Prince Charles. Well, not quite. The guy rushed towards the stage where Charles
was standing and fired not a real gun but a starter pistol, twice. He was then pushed to the ground by the then
New South Wales Premier, John Fahey, and Australian of the Year, Ian Kiernan. Charles was shielded by his security. The man got just 500 hours community service. He now works as a barrister, so he didn’t
do too badly. We guess security is a bit tighter these days. When the royals go abroad these days they
are protected by the Special Escort Group. The armed men will surround a motorcade that
is carrying one or more of the royals. They will also be somewhere in the crowd. We are told, “The goal of the SEG outriders
is to enable the VIP convoy to keep moving – thereby avoiding presenting a stationary
target to would be attackers – while causing minimal disruption to the public.” There is also a guy who gets to have the cool-sounding
job of “Easy Rider.” This is the person that rides a motorcycle
in front of the convoy. It’s said the motorcycle security guys usually
ride Honda VFR 1200s. They carry handguns but also sometimes MP5
SF2 carbine guns. One of these men crashed in 2014 when Prince
Harry was being taken in a Range rover to the Invictus Games. The Daily Mail wrote, “The driver, acting
in line with his anti-terrorism training, expertly steered through the damaged vehicles
at speed before coming to a stop several hundred feet along the road.” But it wasn’t an attack, just an unfortunate
crash. Simon Morgan, who worked as security for the
royals for many years, told the British press that protection was mostly about knowing what’s
going on around you. You must have the eye of an eagle, a super-awareness. “That’s what the protection officer is thinking
while the principal gets out, meets and greets the host, waves to fans, or to the press. You have thought of everything that might
happen during that simple walk of two or three yards,” Morgan said. He also said that it is mentally draining,
especially when the royal is walking around close to where hundreds of people are waving. “You’re looking at hands, you’re looking
at eye contact, you’re looking at dress – that’s very relevant at a time like this when we
are dealing with suicide bomber-type scenarios. Why has someone got a very heavy winter coat
on a lovely summer’s day?” he said. To get into this position you will have to
take a lot of courses. You must learn how to be a response driver,
an anti-hijack driver, and an armored car driver. Obviously, you get lots of firearms training,
but as we said, learning situational awareness is a big part of the training. He added that even though under their smart
suits they are packing powerful handguns, they don’t want to be a ‘show of force’. Instead, they meld in. When he worked there he said there were 107
officers protecting the royals. These days he’s taking care of famous movie
stars and very rich business people. Do all the royals get this kind of protection? Well, you have the main royal family, the
princes and princess and dukes. You’ve probably never heard of the Princess
Michael of Kent, the Queen’s cousin in law. So, you have those guys and all their families. Then you’ve got all the members of the House
of Windsor, and there are lots of them. On top of that, you have a bunch of folks
who are related to the royals, but they don’t use what’s called the royal style. Take for example Lady Sarah Frances Elizabeth
Chatto. So, it’s a big family and no they don’t
all have round-the-clock security, but you can bet they won’t be seen getting some
pie and chips at a London derby football game. The British tabloids in 2012 did say, however,
that around 21 royals have tight security and that it was costing the British taxpayer
around $130 million a year. The Mirror wrote, “1,000 officers are being
used to guard the royals and their homes around the clock.” 16 properties around the country do have this
round-the-clock security. You might not even have heard of some of the
people with this security. It’s said that each of these lesser-known
royals will still have five highly-trained officers around them all the time. As for those places the royals like to stay,
such as Balmoral castle in Scotland, they will have scores of officers and armed response
personnel surrounding them when they are occupied. You can’t just walk up to the door and ask
if the princess is playing out. This includes the country cottage where you
might find Prince William and Kate Middleton. And don’t even think about rolling-up to
Kensington Palace and doing a belfie in the royal fish pond. What about when the princes join the army,
such as Prince Harry. Was Harry protected or was he hanging out
with the working-class lads from Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, etc. Well, the Royal-loving tabloids would have
you think the royals are as much at risk as any other soldier, but is that the case? Harry once told The Guardian, “It’s very
easy to forget about who I am when I am in the army. Everyone’s wearing the same uniform and doing
the same kind of thing. I get on well with the lads and I enjoy my
job. It really is as simple as that.” That said, his unit was the Household Cavalry’s
Blues and Royals, which is what you might call a special unit of senior officers. But of late they have been deployed in the
Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan. The unit does lose the odd soldier in action,
and Harry did say in the past he wanted to see action. “The last thing I want to do is have my
soldiers away to Iraq or wherever like that and for me to be held back home,” he said,
but in the end, he wasn’t allowed to go on that occasion. Then he got his chance in 2008 when he was
sent to the Helmand province of Afghanistan, but it was kept secret at the time. Years later and he was shooting at Taliban
and then flying Apache helicopters. “It sounds like a con, but Harry is genuinely
shaping up to be one of the best young Apache pilots this country has ever seen,” said
a Military source. So, there you go, maybe Harry is the least
protected royal. There’s always the chance he’ll get hit
by a bullet or his helicopter will go down. The royal family may need to be protected,
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