How do I protect my pool equipment from the weather?

How do I protect my pool equipment from the weather?

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Moss baby the question goes as such is there anything I can do to protect my
pool equipment from the weather Rob well yes there is I guess the main concern be
water so the first thing you want to do is make sure your equipments elevate a
little bit whether it be on a fiberglass pad or a concrete pad just high enough
so where if it does rain water builds up underneath it’s not right underneath
your pool pump because it’ll rust out your motor also you want to make sure
whatever side of the house that’s on they you have gutters up on your roof so
that rain just isn’t just pouring onto your equipment also what you can do is
you want to make sure your sprinklers aren’t hitting your equipment cuz that’s
water Motors never met exactly say you don’t want your sprinklers just
constantly running on it we’ve seen sun damage in Florida where the equipment’s
out in the Sun all the time so what you can do is maybe plant some shrubs around
your equipment to protect it from the Sun some people have seen enclose their
equipment if you do that you want to make sure it’s really well ventilated
because the the pumps the Roenick the lifespans can be shortened if it’s under
heat all the time because the bearings and the windings are only made to heat
up to a certain temperature so you want to make sure it’s really well ventilated
if you do build some type of enclosure around your equipment could you think of
anything else well we’re in Florida but if you’re up north and you winterize
your pool a lot of times people will take their equipment take their
equipment in it just kind of close off the pipes and bring it into a garage if
you’re expecting a really heavy rainstorm
heaven forbid tornadoes or anything that you kind of see coming and might affect
your equipment you can take it into your garage or your home just to give that
little extra protection as long as your home still there then everything yeah
yeah so I think I think I covered it mostly Angela thank you if you have any
questions or you have any ideas on how to help protect your pool
in times of inclement weather please leave comments down below or if you have
questions about this leaves that there too and for all your pool and spa needs
please visit us over at thank you for joining you

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  1. Can you put a trash bag or somerhing like that over the filter, motor, or in our cas, a heater just if we know there are pretty heavy rains and maybe sleet coming and we can't bring it in to our garage?

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