V is faster than Jungkook. Too fast! Cool! So fast! [Surprised viewer]
You are doing well! Did he get 1st place? Very good! Taehyung is as fast as Jungkook. [Why is he always handsome even when playing?] Wow! I got it! Taehyung, if you do good art will get more points. [Designs difficult to understand!] Art too go ~ Plus 3 art points! We look forward to your results. Please shout “I love Yeontan” anyway! I can not dance!=))) – Good job. – very scary. How do we feel when we get such success and return to BBMAs?Take out the paper and find a cartoon character. I look back to see the very similar to Jin. Ah! I do not know.=)))
🎵No matter, count 1, 2, 3 and forget about it V hyung voice is not very right? Your voice made me touched. The teacher also praised the photo too: “I like it” V, my voice is very good.=))) – The movie star muscles come here
– Enjoy, like. You look like a beast. [Laughing]
[Do not use your handsome face like that] [Cool last minute design]
Ồ! Very good! Easy?What should you say to your teammates? – What do you mean?
– How are you? You oppose me? I’m sorry for your team members. [V was raised in his arms]
– Why did you do that to V? He will be sad to see Taehyung, that’s called “too much is not good”. Hyung, “he was just good at talking” [Everyone is surprised by the V’s rhetoric]
Wow, idioms are always home. [Very proud teammate]
Idioms “Too many too bad”.
“You are only good at speaking.” Slick home – For the first time in 7 years …
– The moment of congratulations. For the first time in 7 years, Taehyung was like that. Slowly. Intro … I will make an intro for V. I will do it. You can do it. As promised earlier, I will compose a song starting with V. Please look forward to it, thanks. And later we have “Singularity” dedicated to Taehyung written by RM nè=))) [Water Bottle Challenge] – Nearly.
– She’s doing fine. Like film idea! [He is very good!] Oh, perfect. Everybody, I think today’s concert is the best moment of my life. Do not cry and speak slowly. This is the most beautiful time in life. – Yes.
– Thank you everyone. Taeyeon you can do that! It would be easier if you screamed out loud. Yah, he’s really scared. It’s really difficult. Ahhh! – Come on! [People think TaeTae is so cute] He is so cute! Come on! Do not dance anymore! [Must be calm] [Lovely! Lovely] [Hands helpless in the air] Q: Taehyung, do you remember the Outro Tear rap lyrics? After Cypher 4 you should also do a post.=))))) * rap tear * RM: Lovely ghê!>v=))) RM: Today there is also this international armys. V: We’re “purple” guys ~ ❤ JH: It’s Taeyeon’s turn.
JM: I think it’s delicious. [Wonderful combination]
– Spectacular. – Look delicious. – Finish.
JM: Taehyung is good at coffee. SG: It will be delicious. Fish always.
RM: That’s right. JK: It will be delicious. The owner of the coffee shop too much=)))) [V is painting art for latte cup]
JM: Do not run. You’re doing very well! SG: It’s like lucky cookies. – Very good. Thank you. MC: Sing a song that best describes your personality or your favorite song. RM: Well, is it Shawn Mendes’ “In My Blood”? RM: Can you sing a song “In My Blood”?I’m rapper x2=))) MC: That’s great.



    I got distracted at his very supportive guitar self made sound.😂😂😂

  2. 00:41 "Why does he look handsome even while he's doing this."
    01:54 "He's so handsome even when tasting coffee."

    Haven't reached half of the video, yet we can see how whipped they are for V!! 😂😂

  3. He is so precious, among the members even if im jungkook bias, i always want to see him happy, and not get hurt.

  4. 3:38 reminded me that tae always dances or something while watching other artists and it's so adorable

    fake maknae tae 😭 I love you

  5. When I got to the second clip of where tae is talking to Ellen in English I was like " he sounds like a baby!!" Jssjushsbs

  6. Bangtan's baby I am not saying that Tae is maknae even though he is the 2nd youngest but the boys all said apart from Taehyung that Taehyung is their baby

  7. please once again Upload 🐯🐯☝️☝️☝️☝️🎦🎦🎦🎦💜💜💜🙏🙏🙏

    I'm want to not forget
    Kim Taehyung′s FMV 🐯🐯💜💜

    Upload in the World to all V′s Armys 🐯🐯🙏🙏🙏🙏💜💜💜🎦🎦🎦
    More repeat More repeat
    Kim Taehyung′s FMV

  8. 1:20
    Was the cutest thing ever because every BTS member died at the cute especially Jhope, suga and jimin

  9. V needs to speak more english.
    For practice, read loud to yourself a few paragraph of any good music magazine of your choice. Repeat 3 times the same material. Do twice daily, in am and pm.
    Do this everyday. You would enjoy your own voice, and your confidence would shoot up.

  10. Kim Taehyung is the most handsome, most talented, most beautiful, most perfect and the most precious human being in the entire universe 💜

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