House alarm goes off when power comes back on

House alarm goes off when power comes back on

If your burglar alarm is sounding
after there’s been a power cut that is probably due to the backup battery. The good news is it is extremely easy to change it. It’s quite easy to test the
battery all you need to do is switch off the power to the alarm and then when you
restore the power if the alarm sounds you know that the backup battery is dead
or it’s not working very well. This battery should kick in once the power is
cut to the alarm. It’s very common and you will notice that if there’s a power
cut in a large area that once the power is restored a lot of burglar alarms will
be sounding. You can fix that problem quite easily simply by replacing this
battery. These batteries do vary in price this one was approximately £12. The
important thing about the battery is getting the correct sized one. Most of
them are 12-volt but they do have different amp power ratings you can see
that this one is 2.1 amp power. If you get a smaller amp power rating battery it will be a lot smaller so really the only way to tell which
battery you need is by having a look at the battery already in there. In this
video I will changing the battery on the Accenta panel which is the same as a
Optima these are both made by Honeywell. If you’re lucky you will have the
engineering manual like that and if you’re lucky it will have the engineer’s
number in there. If you don’t have that you’ll just have to do it the difficult
way remove the panel and then input the number to silence the alarm. But with
this particular alarm we do know the engineering code so we’re going to
input that now. So I want to press P and then 9 9 9 9 which is the default code and you can see that it’s gone into SOS This actual panel is now in engineering
mode which means that we can safely remove those two screws. Once this panel drops down there is an anti tamper spring behind there which will normally put the alarm into the alarm condition. So we can quite safely remove this panel now
and swap the battery over even with the power still on. If you can’t get
the alarm into engineering mode it’s a good idea to have somebody at the remote keypad to input the number to silence
the alarm because as soon as you open this panel up it will go into tamper mode. So we are just going to undo the two screws it’s a bad idea to switch the power off when
you’re doing this because if you do as soon as you reconnect the new battery
the alarm will go into the alarm condition. It’s a good idea to put your two thumbs over the two screws when you pull this down then you don’t lose the
screws. So we have now safely exposed the battery the only thing you need to be
careful of in here is touching anything on this side where the transformer is
because that is where the power goes in. But you can quite safely remove the
battery, I’m just going to pull that out and unplug the two terminal connectors.
We will then get the new battery ensuring we’ve got it the correct way around
and then connect up the positive and the negative and then we can push that back
in there ensuring we don’t trap any of the wires. Now all we need to do is
replace the front panel. We’re now back at the remote key pad we
simply need to press the X button and that will take it out of engineering mode. You can now use the alarm as you would do normally. I hope you have found this video
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  1. Last week there was a power cut and my alarm was sounding when the power was restored. Lots of other burglar alarms were sounding in the area, this normally means the backup battery is flat or not holding charge long enough. Luckily it is an easy fix and normally inexpensive.
    Today is a beautiful day here, time to go and film some more videos 😉
    I hope everyone has a great day!

  2. I suspect this will be a popular video! Some good advice for sure. A lot of people don't realise until there is a power cut and their alarm starts sounding uncontrollably! It's worth regularly changing the backup battery every 3 years (more often if the panel is in an area with a high ambient temperature like an airing cupboard) as a precaution. Definitely one of the most common callouts we get to unmaintained systems. It's also worth disconnecting the mains for a short while after replacing the battery to check it does actually takeover in the event of a power cut.

  3. Good video it should (😵) help a lot of people who's alarm seem to go on for ever. 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  4. Great vid as always…I too have an alarm with most probably a duff battery (hasn't been changed in over 10 yrs) but my alarm goes off every time I switch the mains OFF to do some electrical work in my house and the siren only stops when I switch the mains back ON. Any ideas what might be causing this as its a right pain !

  5. I am sure that your fingers were not near the transformer but in the video it looks as if you are very close. This is a good job to know how to do as the alarm people will charge an arm & a leg to do this for you.

  6. If you're installing or maintaining any security system, please make sure you don't leave any codes at their default. You're making it fat too easy for the burglar!

  7. You should also change the battery in the external bellbox if you can reach it, round about the same time as changing the battery in the main control panel, roughly every 3 to 5 years max, most bellboxes will still work even if their batteries are flat as most are set to sab, however if the intruder smashes up the main panel the bellbox will not sound as its battery is dead and then your system is defeated, on bellboxes set to scb (rare) you will know the battery is flat because it will be very quiet or may not sound at all on a bell test.

    Word of warning tho, most bellboxes have an xenon strobe circuit which is high voltage and can give you quite a nasty belt(speaking from personal experience, it is quite a strong shock!) it may activate when you remove the bell cover due to the tamper, take care not to accidentally touch it,could be nasty if you are high up on a ladder, Also wear ear defenders.

  8. hey bud – is it possible to check my alarm battery with a multi-meter to see if it is holding charge???

    if so, do u know how to do it???

    many thanks.

  9. You got me into alarms when i first watched all your “how to install” videos of you actually installing this system from scratch. Nice to see it is still in use and working.

  10. a lot of the replacement batteries arrive 70-90% charged.I have no way of charging lead acid batteries.Does the accenta panel top up the charge to 100% once inserted?

  11. Hi bud my house alarm keeps going off I have changed the battery and put a new one
    In but it keeps off during the night when we are asleep all doors are locked so can you help with this please

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