Honeywell Lyric Security System – How to View Support Videos?

Hey everybody alarmclub security here and today I’m gonna show you how to access the help videos that are pre-installed
into the Honeywell lyric security system it’s very simple to do from the
home screen select this right arrow select help videos it will then
generate all of the videos that they’ve installed in here so you have the
welcome home stays save you can scroll down it was well with the arrow to see
the other more videos there which is pretty neat cool little feature you can
go through I’m just too maybe learn a little bit more about your system
they’re very easy to access scroll back and that’s how you access the
pre-installed help videos on the Honeywell lyric security system please
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our numbers 18443355897 also click the link above where it will take you
directly to all of our Honeywell lyric how-to videos

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