Honeywell Lyric Security System – How to Configure the Wifi?

Honeywell Lyric Security System – How to Configure the Wifi?

Hey everybody alarmclub security here and today we’re going to show you how to configure the wifi on the Honeywell
Lyric wireless security and home automation system so the first thing
that you’re going to want to do from the home screen is go ahead and selects the
security button tools now you can either enter your Master code or your installer
code ill use the installer code today by entering 4112 this screen will pop up
this is basically a fait on-site technician was going to be programming
your system instead of remotely hear alarmclub will be handling this for
you remotely so you can go ahead and skip this option will tell you alarmnet
360 connection failed no problem so I okay next go ahead and slick program com diagnostics couldn’t figure wifi and there’s a few different ways that you
can do this really the two most popular of either scanning access points or WPS
scanning access points will require a password well WPS won’t just for
purposes of demonstration I’m gonna go ahead and scan access points you’re
going to locate your wi-fi network highlighted select it and then highlight
the key button this is where you’re going to enter in your password I’m gonna go ahead and enter in my
password and after I’m done all select Save now that we have that password
entered go ahead and select join and this process takes a few seconds as you can see the devices successfully
been added to the network you can select ok so like the back and you can back out
all the way to the home screen and as you can see in the top left there’s no
longer online through it stating that we do have wifi connection
at this point you would have already set up an appointment with alarm club where
we can then completely activate the internal wifi communicator and any other
modules that you have been set you up with alarm monitoring total connect 2.0
and any other features you may have and that’s how you configure the wifi
settings on the Honeywell Lyric wireless security and home automation system
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  1. Awesome keypad>>> the glue on the back of the stickers for the panic side buttons is terrible though, not surprising since all stickers like that suck.

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