Honeywell Lyric Security System – How to Change Master Code?

Honeywell Lyric Security System – How to Change Master Code?

hey everybody alarmclub security here
and today we’re going to show you how to change the default master user code on the Honeywell Lyric wireless security and home automation system in order to do
that you want to go ahead and select security tools and enter in the default
master user code which is 1234 select users highlight master at it you can verify
some information in here you wanna go ahead and click the user code entering
your new master codes ill change it from 1234 4321 just for instructional
purposes select done confirm that you still wanted to do z-wave lock control
and if so unlocking so make sure you save this now you can back out to the
home screen and now also you by selecting security tools and during the
older the original default code 1234 it goes right back to the home screen
telling us that it’s not working course if we go and hit cools 4321 it
lets us in there so many successful successfully changed the master code now I just want to go through a few reasons of why you should always change your
default master code now the first reason of course is one of the most important I
feel that so if anybody arms this system up using any one of the user codes the
master code by default could disarm the system unlike you know the installer
code which could not so that basically means of the system’s armed up somebody happened to know a little bit about security systems and they came into your
house and you know the alarms going off the entered in the master code that
would successfully disarm the system so it’s always a good idea for that reason
to change the master code another reason why is because of course you thought
there was a master programming menu you may not want people to access my
changing that you pretty much alleviate any of those troubles and very useful
and that’s how you change the default master code on the Honeywell Lyric
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  1. This was a drop in replacement for the prior fixed alpha keypad in my ADT security system.>>> The default configuration even worked right out of the box. With the full alpha display, programming the alarm system is much easier, and I now have custom names for each alarm zone. That makes the alarm system much easier to use.

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