Honeywell Lyric Controller vs L7000: Compare & Contrast Features

Honeywell Lyric Controller vs L7000: Compare & Contrast Features

if you are looking for a home security
system chances are you’re looking at the honeywell lyric controller and the
honeywell lynx touch l7000 mind we can also take over your existing security
system saving customers time and money the lyric controller which serves as the
main control hub for the security system still has a seven-inch touchscreen
display but has upgraded from the previous l7000
with a new screen resolution of 1024 by 600 end-users if they wish can set up
voice commands to verbally communicate to the lyric controller to start or stop
security or home automation functions no other system has this capability on our
lens flexible monitoring features such as Wi-Fi only cellular only or dual path
communications this gives the end-users the choice to
whether they want to sacrifice reliability for lower cost alarm
monitoring rates lyric has added a two megapixel front mounted camera so that
when the system is disarmed it can text or email a notification to end-users
with the Wi-Fi communicator activated and Total Connect 2.0 services with the
lyric controller you can view up to 8 cameras with its dual quad stream
capabilities which is unmatched the lyric controller has added a new line of
wireless encrypted sensors called six sensors the two major benefits of six
technology is the encryption of all of its devices and lastly the new six Moke
offers the one go although feature one so although means anytime one six
smoke is triggered all of your other connected sick smoke detectors will
sound out of all the wireless systems Geoarm offers the lyric controller is the
only system able to perform this task installation of the lyric controller
scores great remarks because all the end-user has to do is slide the cellular
communicator into place install the backup battery and decide whether they
want to wall mount or desk mount the control panel
the only downsides of the honeywell lyric security systems that we can find
was the six series sensors are a little bit bulky and there’s no option for an
external hard wired siren like there has been in the past the honeywell they come
held them about the l7000 security system was released at 2014 which makes
it amazing that it’s still able to make our list considering the other systems
are much newer the l7000 still makes the lid mostly in part for these reasons end
users can view up to four hundred well IP cameras at a time using the l7000
quad screen capabilities with l7000 you can easily hardwire in an external
powered siren which allows your alarm system to
emit a much louder siren Wow in the event of a triggered alarm the
randomized lighting control feature with traditions of some z-wave automation
light modules the l7000 to easily be set up when you leave on vacation to put
randomized light so look as if someone is old no other
system on our list has this ability the flexible monitoring features such as
Wi-Fi only cellular only or dual path communication
this gives end-users the choice to sacrifice reliability with lower cost or
monitoring rates if desired lastly the l7000 system is the least
expensive of all the other systems on our list the l7000 missed out on the
number-4 spot mainly in part because it’s a much multi-year panel with a
2-inch step mark and it’s a much more tedious task as hard end-users
installing the panel and users have to install each and every additional part
such as cellular communicator Wi-Fi communicator z-wave radio and backup
battery for the full product review click the show more tab in the
description growth review directly

3 Replies to “Honeywell Lyric Controller vs L7000: Compare & Contrast Features”

  1. If I install a Honeywell LYNX Touch 7000 Control System in my home, do I have to install a control panel or will this LYNX Touch 7000 Control System be the control panel and key pad in one?

  2. I just bought a home that has a L7000 panel, without any modules installed. I would prefer to self monitor and have it configured for notification, zwave and wifi. Please tell me what I will need. Thanks

  3. I’m looking to upgrade a L5100 to Lyric system? Any direction on upgrading without manually resetting dozens and dozens of wireless sensors?

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