Honeywell Lyric Controller vs 2GIG GC3: Compare & Contrast

Honeywell Lyric Controller vs 2GIG GC3: Compare & Contrast

if you are looking for a home security
system chances are you’re looking at the honeywell lyric controller and these 2gig gc3 wireless security systems today we’ll be going in-depth comparing and
contrasting these two systems please there you have any questions comments or
concerns leave them directly below in the comments box and keep in mind
Geoarm can take over your existing security system with save customers time and money the lyric controller which serves as the main control hub for the
security of them still has a 7 inch touchscreen display
but has upgraded from the previous element out with a screen resolution of
1024 by 600 and users in may wish can set a voice command to verbally
communicate to the lyric controller to start or stop security or home
automation function no other system has this capability on our list flexible
monitoring features such as Wi-Fi only cellular uplink or dual path
communication this gives the end-users the choice to whether they want to
sacrifice reliability for lower cost alarm monitoring rates lyric has added a
2 megapixel front mounted camera so that when the system is disarmed they can
text or email a notification to end-users with the Wi-Fi communicator
activated and Total Connect 2.0 services with the lyric controller you can do up
to 8 cameras with its dual quad stream capabilities which is unmatched the
lyric controller has added a new line of wireless encrypted sensors called fixed
sensors the two major benefits of 6 technology is being
of all of its devices and lastly the new six mode offers the one go although
feature one go Auto means anytime one zip smoke is triggered all of your other
connected the big smoke detectors will tell out of all the wireless systems
Geoarm offers the very controller is the only system able to perform this past
installation of hilari controllers force great remarks because all the end-user
has to do is slide the cellular communicator into place install the back
of battery and decide whether they want to wall mounts or F mount the control
panel the only downside to the Honeywell lyric security systems that we could
find was the six series sensors are a little bit bulky and there’s no option
for an external hard wired siren like there has been in the past so 2gig gc3
wireless security and automation system with 2gig being a well respected company
in the industry with their previous gp2 system other companies began to release
more modern and robust systems which meant it was time for 2gig to release
the gc3 system gc3 moved to a much larger seven-inch touchscreen display
with a screen resolution of 800 by 480 the navigational software has been
upgraded to allow for much easier user interaction which has been a huge
addition installation of the GC it’s very user friendly all end-users
have to do is install the pledge style cellular communicator why are the power
transformer and design whether they want to table mountain or wall-mounted panel
two points that we discovered about the gc3 stand out from other contenders are
the gc3 has the loudest stock siren coming in at 105 decibels the chief III
can handle for z-wave home automation devices if any of the other panels on
our list coming in at 232 total devices the most expensive panel on our list and
it falls short some of the feature categories such as limited monitoring
abilities even though the gc3 has an internal Wi-Fi card at this point is not
quite activated which limits its overall communication for that make sure to
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  1. I used to have the 2GIG GC2 control panel with Armorax and then I upgraded to the GC3 but both these panels aren’t encrypted. Now Armorax has switched to using encrypted control panels, which is the latest technology on the market.

  2. Your videos have good informative content, but two huge problems. 1. Ditch the AWFUL background "music." It makes me grate my teeth and offers absolutely nothing to the presentation. 2. The audio echo / reverb is horrible. Make yourself a decent studio with good sound absorption and get some better microphones.

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