Honeywell Lyric-CDMA – How to Install into Lyric Security System?

Honeywell Lyric-CDMA – How to Install into Lyric Security System?

hey everybody alarmclub security here
and today we’re gonna show you how to install the Honeywell lyric-CDMA
cellular communicator into the all new Honeywell Lyric wireless security and
home automation system so Lyric is actually made some very nifty additions
to make everything very user friendly with this lyric security system one of
them is the installation process of the cellular modules there is a Lyric-CDMA
which will show you how to install today there’s a lyric GSM and then there’s also the Rogers
version so for the time being I’m gonna show you how to install this bad boy
here and the first thing that really do is remove the Lyric-CDMA from its
box and just keep in mind make sure that everything is in re-saleable condition
so you want to keep the box put it to the side remove the cellular module from the
bubble wrap here and also removed the package that
contains the mounting screw I’ll get to that in just a moment and here we are we
have the lyric-CDMA cellular communicator and I’m gonna show you just what you need to do in order to install this keep in mind we do have a previous
video to show you how to install and prep this system if you need to watch it
all provide a link above and I’ll show you how to install this with the system
powered down out of the box but let’s say he went through all that knew you
know didn’t have the cellular module at the time for whatever reason you can
actually install it with the power on so to do that selects security tools
entering your installer code by default which is for 112 this you can skip over
this is if you had an on-site program who was going to enter in all this
information alarm clock will be able to assist you
with assist you with that remotely so go ahead and select skip the next green
metal pop up as the alarm that 360 connection failed select ok now simply
select test install cellular module very simply select like that but would you like to install
a cellular module select Yes and it will give you some instructions here which is
helpful so on the right side of the panel go ahead and slide this little tab
this little notch and you can go to pull it off now take your cellular radio you
can also get the AID number in the CRC off of it so that alarm clock
inactivated for you and with these stickers sides facing up you want to go
ahead in insert in this bottom little bracket here so take communicator insert
it like so make sure to completely slides and locks into place and you’ll
see that there’s a little screw here so now you can remove the mounting screw
from the packaging box and there we have it now making sure the Back plate doesn’t fall off setting the system into an alarm take your screw here and a Phillips head
screwdriver inserted into the location of where you want to have it and go
ahead and screw that into place securing the Lyric-CDMA now now take
your cellular door inserted into these two slots locking it back into place and
you can see we remove the panel side cover we remove the existing cellular
module is present there wasn’t we’ve installed the new cellular module and
we’ve attached deep anal side cover good and select ok so you a model
successfully installed good and select OK and then you can back out to
programming and that’s how you install the Lyric-CDMA into the Honeywell
Lyric security and home automation system please make sure to subscribe to
our YouTube page and if you need to reach us by phone our numbers 1-844-335-5897

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  1. Like the install. buttons are a little hard to press, but programmed easily>>> and works the way it is suppose to.

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