Honeywell Lyric C2 WiFi Security Camera Review

Honeywell Lyric C2 WiFi Security Camera Review

[music] Gabe Turner: Hi, everybody! This is Gabe at Security Baron, and today
we’re talking about the Honeywell Lyric C2 WiFi Security Camera. [music] Gabe: If you’d like to read our full review
on the Honeywell Lyric C2 WiFi Security Camera, Google “Security Baron + Honeywell Lyric C2.” [background music] Gabe: If you have any questions, leave us
a comment below and we’ll get back to you. Let’s get started. [background music] Gabe: Honeywell is a company you may be familiar
with, because just like GE, they’ve created a lot of the products that have gone into
everything surrounding us. Nowadays, Honeywell sells a number of products
for your smart home including thermostats and home security cameras, which we will be
reviewing today. The Honeywell Lyric C2 WiFi Security Camera
boasts the following — 1080p full HD, two-way audio, night vision, local and cloud storage,
intelligent sound detection, and the fact that it comes with four adjustable zones. Before we do a deep dive using the Security
Baron Necessary Features Test, let me tell you my initial thoughts right out of the box. [music] [background music] Gabe: Immediately grabbing the Honeywell Lyric
C2 WiFi Security Camera out of the box, you will note that it’s quite weighty. It’s about the same size as most of the cameras
that we’ve seen here, but it definitely feels hardier despite the plastic exterior. It has this interesting design around the
lens, almost like descending teardrops. It has this full-metal silver backing that
holds the lens in the camera in place. It has mounting at the bottom. You have the rubber here so you can mount
it to a wall or anything that you’d like. What’s really interesting is that it has this
complete tilt. You know now, if you were to mount it, you
can do it this way or you can do it that way. That’s pretty good to know to have. On the back of the camera, you’ve got this
slot for the micro USB cord, that’s how you power it, and a really cool design. You can actually plug it directly through
and there’s that exit for the wire in the mount itself. That’s a nice little touch that they’ve added
on the Honeywell Lyric C2 WiFi Security Camera. Of course, in order to know whether the Honeywell
Lyric C2 WiFi Security Cam fits your smart home security needs, let’s run it through
the Security Baron necessary features test. The Lyric C2 WiFi Security Cam comes with
1080p full high definition, and the clarity, the video cast, everything looks beautiful. It also runs at 30 frames per second which
is great so you get a nice fluid view of any motion. Some of the cameras we’ve seen only run at
24 frames per second, and it is noticeable. Additionally, you got 6x digital zoom so you
can really square in or check out exactly what you want to see in any particular frame
from any angle. It doesn’t matter where it’s happening, you
have the digital zoom capability. One thing we really liked was the 145-degree
wide angle. A lot of the cameras we’ve seen are 112, 120,
or sometimes even 130-degree field of view. The 145 in the Lyric really was noticeable
and it captured everything going on in the room which we placed it. You add that to the 6x digital zoom, and you’re
not going to miss anything going on. Overall, the Lyric C2 WiFi Security Camera’s
video quality meets or exceeds the Security Baron Necessary Features Test when it comes
to a stellar video. Here at Security Baron, we think every camera
needs two-way audio. It’s one of the elements of the Security Baron
Necessary Features Test, and here the Lyric C2 does not disappoint. It has intelligent sound detection with this
embedded microphone. You can actually distinguish between a baby
crying, CO2 alarm, or smoke alarm. These are all options for to tell you what
it hears. On top of that, you can talk back directly
in the app by clicking on the microphone. You can speak and hold it like a walkie-talkie. As long as you’re holding that, it will play
the sound that you’d like directly through the speakers built in to the camera. In terms of two-way audio in the Security
Baron Necessary Features Test, we give the Lyric C2 full marks. Here at Security Baron, we think that night
vision is really important because in our worst nightmares, the reason why we might
need a security camera happen at night. Here we have to say that we’re a little bit
disappointed in the Honeywell Lyric C2. While it does have four infrared LED lights,
we don’t know if that’s enough. It’s supposed to be able to give you 32 feet
of night vision. We saw that at 8-10 feet, things really became
blurry and it’s hard to make out exactly what is going on. In terms of the night vision Security Baron
Necessary Features Test, we can’t give the Lyric C2 full marks. Another Security Baron Necessary Feature is
cloud and local storage options. Fortunately, the Lyric has both local and
cloud storage options. Out of the box, you get the past 24 hours
of video clips for free in the cloud and you get an 8-gigabyte encrypted micro SD card
included for backup local storage. You can upgrade those cloud storage options
for $499 a month, or $4,999 a year. With that, you get the past 30 days of video
clips in the cloud with a maximum of 1,500 clips. You can also upgrade your local storage from
the encrypted 8-gigabyte micro SD card to 64 gigabytes of backup local storage. Here at Security Baron, a necessary feature
is Smart Platform Integration, and it might be one of my favorites. The Lyric C2 does not disappoint with the
way that it works within the Amazon ecosystem. You can sync it with the Alexa, enable the
skills, and tell it to do various things. Alexa show me what’s going on with my Honeywell. [click] Gabe: Look! I’m on TV. [click] [background music] Gabe: One thing we do really know is that
it only comes with the Amazon Alexa ecosystem integration. It would have been nice to see a Google Home
or an Apple HomeKit integration. That’s just something that if it’s not branded
from a particular company, we’d like to see more functionality. Overall, it works well within the Amazon Alexa
ecosystem. Here at Security Baron, artificial intelligence
is one of our necessary features because it gives us things like facial recognition. The Lyric C2 WiFi Security Camera only has
intelligent sound detection. It can distinguish between a baby crying and
a CO2 alarm, but that’s about it. We can’t give it full marks in terms of artificial
intelligence. The Honeywell Lyric C2 WiFi Security Camera
comes in a little bit more than $100, depending on from where you buy. Now, it is a pretty good value considering
its Amazon Alexa integration, its really great video quality, two-way audio, but at its price
point, we would like the night vision to be more in par with its competitors. Generally, we give it full marks for its value. Another Security Baron Necessary Feature is
convenience. Setting up the Honeywell was one of my better
experiences. I was able to take it out, plug in the little
micro USB cord, and be up and running within a few minutes. Of course, I had to set up a Honeywell account,
which is something new for a lot of us. I set it up. I didn’t have any issues. It paired with my phone really quickly. Generally in terms of convenience, it worked
pretty well. Now convenience also plays into the app, so
let’s jump into that now. The app is pretty bare bones. From the beginning, you can just see the camera
that’s on. I can click in there and me to start loading
the live feed. Doesn’t take it long at all. Here I am, watching exactly what’s going on. You can do a snapshot here, takes a picture
of what’s going on. You can talk directly to the app. Try to turn it on. Try to tell it to talk. It’s a bit like a walkie-talkie. Gabe on Speaker: Talk. It’s a bit like a walkie-talkie. Gabe: And I can hear what’s going on other
side. Gabe on Speaker: And I can hear what’s going
on other side. Gabe: Cancel that. Gabe on Speaker: Cancel that. Gabe: Here are the four zones that you can
set up. Premium come out, checking your membership. Here’s where you add monthly or annual cloud
storage. You can set up the geofence. We’ve read some reviews that the geofencing
on this particular camera wasn’t the best and sometimes you will leave your space and
it wouldn’t actually arm itself. We can’t really speak that much on it, because
it did work for us when we left this space. This is a pretty straightforward, relatively
intuitive app. If I wanted to add more cameras or devices,
I can do so right from the first page. We want to show you the Honeywell Lyric C2
Security Camera video quality. As you can see, the 1080p video resolution
is on par with some of the better cameras that we’ve seen out there. What we really liked was the 145-degree field
of view. Most of the cameras we see that are stationary
from 112 to 120, or maybe even 130 field of view. 145-degrees is really great. Of course no one can compete with the 350-degree
pan of the iSmartAlarm, iCamera KEEP Pro, but for a stationary camera, this is pretty
excellent. We also have a 6x digital zoom. You can really lock in there, or any one particular
thing that you’d like to see. At 30 frames per second, you have a really
fluid video. Ultimately, we have to give the Honeywell
Lyric C2 Security Camera full marks for its daytime video. We want to show you the night vision on the
Honeywell Lyric C2 Security Camera. As you can see right from the outset, it’s
not particularly clear. It’s much more blurry than some of the other
cameras we’ve seen. It’s maybe due the fact that while it does
have LED infrared sensors, they’re only four on the camera, whereas some of the other cameras
that we’ve worked with, they have a lot more infrared sensors. Accordingly, the quality on the Honeywell
Lyric C2 is not as great. Even if I go into digital zoom, you can see
the difference in how well, or rather, how unwell [laughs] the image looks on the camera. As you can see from the video, it just went
out. We’re not exactly sure why it tends to go
off pretty often during night vision, but the fact the fact that it does keep to go
off does raise some concerns for us here at Security Baron, because you don’t want a live
stream of something happening in your home at night to go off at night right in the middle
of watching it. [background music] Gabe: I wanted to provide an overview of some
of the things I liked and didn’t like so much about the Honeywell Lyric C2 WiFi Security
Camera. Of course, the daytime video quality was amazing. The 1080p came through really well. The 145-degree field of view was excellent. It was really fun to take that view and to
throw it on to the Amazon Fire TV directly with the Amazon Alexa integration. The smart platform integration when it comes
to Alexa was great, and the video quality. The flipside of that coin is that we’d expect
more from the night vision, considering how well it looked in the daytime. The four infrared LED sensors didn’t seem
to capture anything that was happening. Not from 32 feet as they claim, not even really
10 feet. With that, we wish that we could have seen
some smart platform integration with Google or HomeKit, but it definitely worked well
when it comes to Amazon Alexa. The question we ultimately want to answer
is if the Honeywell Lyric C2 WiFi Security Camera works for you and your smart home security
needs. If you’re looking for a reliable easy to set
up camera with crisp 1080p, full high definition video, the Honeywell Lyric might be for you. If you’re not in the Amazon Alexa ecosystem,
or you place a lot of importance on night vision, you may want to look in another direction. If you appreciate this video, give us a like
and subscribe to our channel. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be secure. [music]

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