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  1. Do you have to activate the L5100-wifi with AlarmNet? Or can you get away without a subscription? I don't want to have to pay for service.

  2. If you want to just use the system to make noise if someone enters your house uninvited, you can easily use the system for that. You wouldn't need the L5100-WIFI to do that. You would just need to make sure the system is armed. You can also do local home automation using the Honeywell L5100 without paying for a service. You would only need an AlarmNet Total Connect 2.0 account if you wanted to arm and disarm your system remotely.

  3. The L5100-WIFI is an AlarmNet communicator so typically, you wouldn't buy that unless you wanted some sort of paid monitoring service. There is an L5100 Connect app on iTunes that would turn your phone into another L5100 screen and that app requires the L5100-WIFI module. However, as it only allows you to access the system while on your network, it's not as valuable as the Total Connect service.

  4. Hi Sterlin,
    I keep getting a failed to join box on the wifi. Using Wp2 have the correct password.
    I do onlu have two bars. I have a belkin router. Is the password the network password or the password on the router?

    thanks any ideas?

  5. I have configured TCC800 Fob at Galaxy 48 panel. It is working but it generates 1 tamper zone error message. Logs says it is related to 1008 PA. I have a clue that it has to do with termination a kind of EOL or something. I have nothing connected at RIO 1 and RIO 2 outputs. Could you give me a tip?

  6. Hello! I have the same unit as in the video.

    1) the unit does not hold the current date & time. The unit defaults to January 1, 2011.
    2) I do have a monitoring company. I would like to get alarm triggers to my cell phone. Is this possible with the Wi-Fi unit? What is primary use of the Wi-Fi unit?
    3) At times, the unit beeps rapidly, armmed or disarmed,
    4) Error code 103 Comm. Trouble is always displayed.
    Thank you!

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