Honeywell L5100: Setting up a Panic Alarm on a LYNX Touch L5100

HI DIY-ers! Sterling from Alarm Grade here
and today we’re going to show you how to set up and use your panic alarms
for your Lynx Touch L5100 security system. First of all, the panic alarm
is this button right here on your keypad. If you press and hold it for
five seconds, it will switch over to the panic screen and you have icons for
police and fire. This is how the system ships as default. Panic for silent
police and fire are both turned on by default. There is also a medical panic
available but you do have to enable it through programming. What we’re
going to do is show you how to program them and then we will show you how
to trip them. First of all, you have to go in to your zone
programming section, through installer mode programming. You hit more,
tools, enter your installer code which is default 4112. You set up your panics
through the zone programming. You need to go into program option. System
switches over to system programming. You click on zones, and by default
fire is set to zone 95 and the silent police panic is set to zone 99.
You have to hit the down arrow. Scroll all the way through the available 64
zones, then you have your temperature zones for thermostats, and then
finally the last three options are 95 fire, 96 medical, and 99 police. As
I said before, fire and police are already turned on so you really don’t
need to change it. If you did want to make sure yours was on you would choose
fire, click edit. You can see there is no zone description because by
default it’s already showing you the icon. There is no zone description
needed. There’s no serial number, because obviously it’s not a wireless
sensor like your other zones. It’s set to default fire with no verification,
alarm report is set to yes. That’s what I mean by it’s on by default,
it will send the signal to the central station. Supervision is set to panic
trigger meaning there is no supervision needed, because again, it’s not
a sensor and there is no chime. Everything is set up properly. If we back out and we go to medical, which
this one is not on by default, we will see that device type is medical, response
type is not used. If you want to enable your medical click into it.
They give you two options auxiliary, 24 hour auxiliary or 24 hour audible.
Both of these are 24 hour zones. They can be tripped if the system is
armed or disarmed. Basically auxiliary will make so that just the key pad
beeps. Audible will make so that the full alarm goes off. For medical
most people use auxiliary. If someone has a slip and fall, or there is a
medical emergency in the house, you don’t need the whole siren to further
complicate the issue. You just want the keypad to beep and you want the signal
to go to the central station, so we will choose 24 hour auxiliary.
It is already set for alarm report so if your system is monitored this
will send a system to the central station when this panic is triggered
and we finally make sure we save it. Before we exit out we’re going to
show you that police is also own. Police is set to 24 hour silent by default.
If you’d rather have this be an audible alarm. Say you’re home, you
hear a window smash, you want to have the alarm go off to scare away the intruder.
You can toggle this over to 24 hour audible. Save it. And if we back
out of programming, making sure we allow installer to reenter when we exit
and we go back to the home screen; now when we press and hold the panic
button we now have all three icons because we’ve now enabled medical. To have it trip all you do is you hit the
icon. Alarm is going off. We have our system on test with our central station
so no response is coming out, but normally that would have police on its
way with no verification calls needed. Because of the nature of how you trip
this alarm, it’s not going to be something that you do by accident. We normally
recommend that when people get monitoring for their Lynx Touch
that they have us send out the authorities right away when any of the panics
are tripped. People are worried on normal keypads that you may inadvertently
hit the panic. On Lynx Touch it’s much harder to do, because again,
you have to press and hold this for five seconds and also a second action
of triggering the specific panic that you want. We just did the police
which is full alarm. We will show you how the medical just does the keypad
alarm. Just timed out on me. Go back in. When we hit medical, different
tone, just the keypad. That is how you set up and use your panic alarms on
your Lynx Touch L5100 System. If you have any questions on setting up or
using your panics please leave us a comment below and make sure also to subscribe
to our channel for future videos.

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