Honeywell L3000 – How to Wire the Power Transformer?

Honeywell L3000 – How to Wire the Power Transformer?

everybody geoarm security here today I’m going to show you how to wire the lynx plus l3000
transformer to the unit to give it power alright so I’m going to go ahead and
start by opening up handle here for you you’ll see the two depressions you have
one and two sure you get a good view one and two all right and I’m going to go
ahead and depress that tab there you’ll see it pops out to press the other tab
there all right now you’ll see it opens right up gently place it down you do not
want to crack the screen all right I did that with a flathead screwdriver all
right and let’s begin so first off I’m going to tell you the materials will
need we will need a 22-gauge by two wire cut to the length that you’ll need
running from the panel to the outlet itself the 110 outlet alright and so if
you look here i’ll start off by showing you i have on the left this is meant to
go to the transformer over here and this is meant to be wired through the back
plate into the panel itself all right now for the transformer i’ll go ahead
and start with the transformer since it’s the first thing i would do i’m
going to go ahead and unscrew these little bolts and you’ll notice here that
on this side of the 22 gauge wire I’ve cut the conduit the protector of the
wires and it exposes the red and the black wire all right you’ll see I’ve
exposed a little bit extra copper and I’ve curved the ends and made little
hooks make sure they’re on there and twist it a little bit all right so you
then take what you have here you have the two exposed copper wires you hook it
right around you’ll see right here you just hook it and then you go ahead and
screw that in the reason why you hook it is that way it gets a better grip and it
has less chance of a popping out so I get a nice hook get it right around
there and screw it in and I like to hold it down with my index finger
make sure there’s a nice hook get it around the back end hold it down and so
you can see what I’m doing here trying to do it so you can still see anyway so
you just screw that in completely not too tight because you don’t want to
damage the coppery make sure nothing’s exposed there you go a little tug for
you transformer now wired alright so now the other end which I had showed you
you’re going to expose a little extra of the conduit and when you expose the red
and black wire there’s going to be a little less copper exposed you’ll see
why now so I’m going to lift the back plate I’m going to feed these two wires
through the back like so alright pull it out just a little bit this is a little
trick i like to use so you can see i like to pull a little bit extra feed it
through make a little knot alright and you can pull some of it back through now
alright so here’s another little bit of information for you this lynx plus l
three thousand system uses a sea currents so you don’t have to worry
about the polarity so I don’t worry about that a lot some of the some of the
other systems tend to use DC this one is AC so a little less worried so either
end you’re going to be using these two terminals as you can see the ones on the
far right these two you’ll see they’re also labeled AC so you’re going to go
ahead and take one of those exposed coppers and this is why you use less
copper exposed because it’s going into the actual terminal here and you’ll
notice I have no copper exposed at all alright so you see we got that one in
there and now I’ll go ahead and do the other one for you wouldn’t put that in
there beautiful put you right in there there
you go and now also since you’re screwing a metal to plastic terminal
don’t put in too tight all right and keep that in there all right snap it in
there you’ll hear the click all right and that’s how you wire the Honeywell lynx plus l3000 transformer which will then give it power and the rest of the
contacts and everything else will be Wireless for you thanks again this is
brad from geo armed security you can reach us at 1 877 4436 276

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  1. Question, is there something I need to press to turn on the panel after this, or does it power on alone….

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