Honeywell Glassbreak Change Batteries

Honeywell Glassbreak Change Batteries

To change the batteries on your
Honeywell glass break sensor looking at the top of the sensor there’s a little
tab here you need a screwdriver of some kind simply insert your screwdriver and
give a little twist and will pop open folds forward on the inside is your
battery just a photo lithium cr123a to remove simply pull it out please make
note of your negative and positive sides to replace your battery simply put it
back in lights light up and to close it simply swing the door forward snap it

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  1. There seems to be a problem with the quality of the plastic the case / covering is made from. It is extremely pliable which tends scuff and scratch when trying to open it using a screwdriver (especially in the spot mentioned in the video), which leads to problems attempting to open the device.

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