11 Replies to “Honeywell 5800PIR-RES: Programming to a L5100 Wireless Security System”

  1. can it be used outside? like in a balcony, but when arm stay the 5800PIR-RES  is working not off like the ones inside.

  2. My motion sensor doesn't trip the alarm. It's set to interior with delay, but it doesn't seem to work. I did a walk-test and it picked up my motions. Can you tell me what might be the problem?

  3. @Spylahbaby C The motion sensor is a wireless sensor, so it doesn't trip for 3 minutes so it can save battery life.

  4. got a stupid question,  why would you use installer lock out feature. I would not sell this device because,  if my installer selects that, there's no re-entry to system programming…. side note* stupid the way Honeywell put it in like that, its always been an option, but much harder to make that mistake in previous versions. 

  5. How can i get My master code whit out a provider number In The house did i Live os a alarm system And i want to make it works

  6. Hi, I have both of the unit 5800PIR-RES and L5100. However the 5800PIR-RES battery went dead/low prematurely twice within 12 months of usage. Is this due to the PIR settings which may detect the motion too often?

  7. Hi

    How to program Linear GD00Z-2 is a garage door opener remote command transceiver with built-in Z-Wave technology.

  8. Hey Sterling, what happens if the motion is looking at the front door and it was opened when the system is armed in Away Instant? Will the motion go into instant alarm?

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