HONDA – Anti-Theft/Engine Immobilizer Explanation, DIY Learning Tutorial

HONDA – Anti-Theft/Engine Immobilizer Explanation, DIY Learning Tutorial

Hey everybody, Brock Frady here helping you
enjoy your ride. You see the glass right there. The little sticker right there. That’s a security
system and a theft immobilizer, anti-theft system. This is in a Honda. Let’s take a look
at what that is. Since 2003 Honda has included a chip inside of the key fob that matches
a chip inside of the car so that in order for the car to start, whenever you put the
key in the ignition, the chip in the key fob and the chip in the car have to match. If
they do not match, then there will be a green light that’s shaped like a key that will come
up on the dash and stays lit. Now when I go to turn this key, since this key matches,
you’re going to see that light flash like that, very quickly. And all that is is the
key reading and approving the car. Or vice versa, watch this. Did you see it? I’ll do
it again. It’s about right there. There it is. So then, if you have a key that is not
programmed and these keys have to be programmed at the Honda dealership. So that if this is
not programmed then that key, that light would stay on in the dash. And this is a way to
protect your car so that someone trying to make one of these keys and not having it programmed,
would not be able to take your car. Thanks so much for watching everybody. I hope this
helps you enjoy your ride. Remember to subscribe and share this video with someone you think
it would help. Have a great day everybody.

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  1. since 03? LOL ok since 98… Honda has put a chip in the black rubber like material on the keys in order for it to start your engine not since "2003"

  2. immobilizers were implented in 1997 in the US for the Prelude. 1998 for Accords. Don't misinform people you lose credibility

  3. please help me my key car was working great until I try programing the original key to make my lock button work now I cannot remove the alarm and my car wont start any advise or help you can provide me with please and thank you

  4. hi. do you know anything about honda coupe 2008 that won't open it's door? I just lock it last night and when I checked it this morning, it won't open. The battery of the key is fine. The light is on. I am thinking maybe it's something to do with security lock. Thanks for any feedback.

  5. Hello i have a 2005 Nissan 350z, when i put in the key, the car CRANKS but wont start, when i put in the key and try to start it, the NATS Alarm red light doesnt disappear..the red light stays ON.. After 20 attempts and 20 min unlocking the door, turning the key on and off the ignitation, etc, it will finaly recoginze the key and will start perfectly. On other days, the car will start perfectly and will disable the alarm all the time. On other days, i struggle trying to disable the alarm. What COULD this be?! Is it the Key or the NATS antenna amp , Body control module (BCM) or (IMMU) Engine Control Module (ECM??

  6. Hello, I have an emergent question for the video publisher really. My car (grand cherokee 2004) was stolen inside, but the theft didn't take anything away from my car as there is nothing valuable there. I found this happened this monday as I noticed my car's door is ajar and pretty massed up inside. However, I didn't use my car since then, and today I want to drive for shopping and found it doesn't work. It looks like when I started it, it sound like "clicking", and no crank up. I am just not sure if it is the starter problem or the anti-theft programming problem. The car has enough battery and power. Thanks for any reply.

  7. Hi, thats an really usefull video. I have a doubt, I bought a new key without a chip, because I already have one original chip but the key case broke. Well I put the chip in the new and plane key, I made it match with the car and now I can open the Doors and stuff with the remote. Me question is, ¿Will I be able to turn the engine on once the keymaster had copied the key shape from the original one? Sorry for my limited english

  8. my wife's 09 fit just started to do this today 3/14/18. her original key was replaced about 2yrs ago. i am not sure if it was reprogrammed at the dealer at that time. i find it strange that it just now started to do this after so long.
    question is it the battery on the key fob or should i try the dealer first?

  9. What if key ligh flashes twice goes away when I’m stopping and getting out of my car it does not stay lit up and I can turn car on as soon as light goes away

  10. Do you know why the 2009 Honda fit sport factory alarm goes off at night when you use the key remote to set the car alarm on.

  11. Anti-Theft my ass, it's just a way to keep people from getting replacement keys without going to an approved dealer and paying the royalty.
    You gotta understand the way car-companies think: with their wallets first, and the customers second.

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