Homeland Security 4 Camera Security System

Homeland Security 4 Camera Security System

Hey, check this out. We found one of the coolest
home security systems out there, anywhere. In fact, you know, it’s tough economic times.
People are probably going try to steal your stuff now. And now you can protect it with this
Homeland Security Brand. Four-Camera security system, check this out.
It’s everything you need, to put together a security system. 4 cameras,
they do night vision, they got all the cabling, all the stuff you need, and it’s all with a really
really easy interface. It’s got a 320 gigabyte DVR, on board, and
it’s going to be able to record, playback and view like you’re going to be able to do
everything at one time. So if you want to go back and review a tape, you don’t have to stop
recording. You can view all your different cameras while recording and playing back. You can do
it all at once, it’s pretty awesome. It has Advanced Motion Detection built in,
which means it will only record when it senses motion in the frame. So you’re not going to
have to go back and review hours and hours and hours of nothing, because it will only record
if something is going on. Let me show you this thing works. This is one
of the coolest features, check this out right here come on. Come on in here Alfred, look at
this. Look at this. We’ve got, when you push this button here, check it out.
Out comes this built in 7 inch display, just like if you were cruising in your Escalade.
You know what I’m saying? Yeah, this thing comes sliding out, just like that.
It has a point-and-click interface. You control everything with the mouse here.
Literally all you have to do is come down here, and you can immediately
navigate everything that’s going on. Now we don’t have all 4 cameras plugged in here,
but it does, it will show up to 4 cameras at one time, and it’s as easy as just clicking the
button to switch to all of your various cameras. And it makes it… Yeah, there he is back there.
It makes it very very simple to use. You don’t have to worry about keyboard shortcuts, you
don’t have to worry about anything. All these buttons on the front, also operate everything. So,
if you want to switch to camera 1, you just push that button. If you want to switch
to camera 2, You just push that button. You can use this to get all of your recordings,
started and stopped from right there. And of course you come over here to your menu,
and you’re able to network this thing, you’re able to put it on your network so you can
access all the files over the network. You can get to all of your hard drive information
all of your recorded information. It is able to be hooked into alarm systems
as well, so that the motion detection built in can trigger an alarm system. So, so you can set
it up that way as well, and you can also set it up so when your alarm system goes
off it immediately starts recording, it’s very very flexible. All of these cameras
do have night vision built in. As you can see, right here, there is a ring of
IR lights around each of the lenses, so you’re able to see up to 30 feet, in the dark,
with each of these cameras. They also come each camera comes with a bundle of cabling.
Just like this here, which will allow you to send the video signal and
your power, down this 60 foot cable. And it does come with 4 of these 60 foot cables
so you’re able to run your camera, to anywhere you need to. So, maybe you’re trying
to protect your business, maybe you are just, you know, overly paranoid, and live in Oklahoma,
and feel like people are trying to get you. This could be.. This could help. And, you can hook
it up to any of your external displays as well, you can hook it up to an external television,
so you can run the feed into your bedroom, and watch if you want. And it does even have a
remote control, which allows you to control all the functions from the remote as well. So you
don’t have to use the mouse, you don’t have to use the keys on the front, you
can also use the remote control, to browse along those things. As you can see,
the video quality is actually rather impressive when you’re using this thing. I mean, it’s, you
know, obviously not you know not broadcast quality but it looks really really good. It looks better
than I would say, you’d expect most, of these cameras to look, and you can…
Look at that. I mean it looks absolutely decent, for..
You are such an idiot. Ok. Alright. So let me go ahead and show
you what’s going on in the back of this too. ‘Cause there’s a lot, there’s a lot happening back
here. And I’d like you to be able to see, what you’re getting yourself into. Now, it
isn’t overly complicated. The setup of this device actually only took us just a few minutes. There’s
just a few cables to hook up. It’s very very simple actually. So check this
out. You have your 4 audio and video inputs back here. Now, you do not, this does not come
with microphones, there are no microphones built into any of this, but if you do want to add,
a microphone in each area where your cameras are, you can, and it will record that audio as well.
It does use BNC composite connectors on the back. It has and output for S-Video right here, so you
can send this out to an S-Video display. And then you also have a composite output
and audio output right here. So you’re able to hook this up to an external
television if you so desire. Here is all of your IO for your alarm system. This
is going to allow alarms, alarm systems to trigger the recording, and allow this device to also
trigger alarm systems, if you like, and that’s going to require more knowledge than
I have, to tell you the truth. I’d try reading the manual if you want to do that.
Right here is where you’re going to find your network input so that you are able to network this
and get to all your video files over your network and of course your power port right here. And
a USB port, for expansion and for upgrades, located all around the back as well here.
Alright, so as you can see, the folks at Homeland Security brand have put
together a great system here. It’s compact, it will fit anywhere, it’s easy to
use, it’s easy to set up. So they’ve made bringing, video security system
into your home or business, extraordinarily easy. Literally with
point-and-click ease, you can now use, your home security system, and all you have to do
is buy it and install it. And that’s really all it takes. So go check it out, the Homeland
Security System, from Homeland Security. To get more info on this Homeland Security
Brand, 4 camera security system, go to any of the retailers you see here and type
in W08-2030. For Computer TV, I’m Bauer. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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  1. I'd have some interest in this product if it used IP cameras, POE, and IP inputs on the DVR. The BNC cabling and cameras are a significant drawback for me.

    I wonder if the cable length per camera maximum is 60' or is that just the length of the supplied cables.

    For concealed wiring a 60' length is rather limiting.

  2. So if I buy this does it not come with a microphone or does it I'm a ghost hunter I have a digital recorder and I will get this but does it not have. A microphone or does it (Delta-Hunters)

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