Home Tech Trends You’ll See in 2018 | Consumer Reports

Home Tech Trends You’ll See in 2018 | Consumer Reports

We’re expecting to see new
security cameras, new kinds of motion sensors, integrated
floodlight that might scare a potential burglar off. These DIY systems, they’ll send
you alerts right to your phone to let you know if
something’s wrong, whether a door is unlocked, or
a smoke detector has gone off. For a lot of people, that
provides enough peace of mind. They don’t need to pay a monthly
fee to keep tabs on your home. They’re a lot easier to install. You don’t have to wire
things through the walls. So we’ve actually started
testing these home security cameras and video
doorbells, and we found that for the most
part, they do their job. They just don’t live up
to all of their claims. When it comes to
resolution, a lot of them claim to offer 720,
1080p, full HD picture, and they just don’t
live up to that. Last year, Alexa had a
huge presence at the show, and Amazon wasn’t even there. This year, we expect to
see Alexa again as well as new products that work with
Google’s assistant and even Apple’s Siri thanks
to Apple relaxing some of its requirements. What that really
means is consumers are going to have
so many options when it comes to how they want
to control their devices. If you have an Amazon Echo,
or you have an iPhone, or you have an Android phone,
with a lot of these products, it won’t matter
because many of them are now supporting all
three, so it really just leads to greater
choice for consumers. So now that there are three
solid options for voice control in your home, manufacturers
are really doubling down on this new technology. And we’re getting
to a place now where you could have a connected
appliance in just about every room of your house. There are 130 calories
in one cup of milk. Not only are these
appliances talking to you, they’re talking to each other. There are now ovens
on the market that can talk to your smoke detector. And if your smoke
detector detects a fire, it’ll tell your
oven to turn off, and that’s pretty powerful. And we’re going to see just
sort of thoughtful integrations like that with other products
throughout your home.

21 Replies to “Home Tech Trends You’ll See in 2018 | Consumer Reports”

  1. So many things to upgrade and replace every sales shoving newer- techie- smarter 'black weekdays'- annually!
    Nothing is smart enough beyond a year or two..and especially with Apple.
    Google at least holds up a few years. With the new 6" Pixel 2 they cut a few hundred dollars off the price because of a techie-perceived pixel fade or lite edge or something.. heard its really subtle. But they offered a great big apology and a tempting price on an otherwise top- optioned. phone..ahead of Apple it seems in camera wildly fast shooting where rain drops are stop]ed and clear in no fair..yes. spectacular. and music recogntion knows more songs and artists old + new it seems. + fewer mistakes.
    While Apple reports that they do "slow down response on their phones" –overall as they age, and also as the battery ages. What? dump the phone if the battery is going down? non replaceable is acceptable ..at this $800-1000 level?
    Am not sold 100% on Google or Apple but it's annual vs. 3 or 4 years for plenty good phone tech -with Google.
    I know..Apple is what some kids got early- on..and now some of the younger buyers are in clusters that are imprinted to the white case. Or seem necessary.
    But since phones seem to be the only remote control.
    Home tech. apparently "needs" updated remotes..for update light switches, fans, food waiting to start baking.
    But as one ages..its often a quest for the easy life or the fear of needing help maybe.
    since no cures or safe treatments for arthritis scares even the athletes as age starts talking to them. And watching a stove is not easy as before.

  2. my excellent home security is tied to my cell phone. is wireless. no installation but 1 or 2 screws can be used or Velcro ..on windows doors..etc.
    No need to upgrade or pay someone to hook it up..one phone call puts it on the system Calls police if We don't answer. and is completely battery operated..in case of outages. $800 for 19 windows and a camera. ETC. Not $25 -35 a month ( about $10-12)..and no contract.


  4. Craziness. Do you all remember the movie Wall-E? Where everything became automated and people got so fat that they couldn't even get out of there hover chairs? Yeah…

  5. Is this necessary? What’s makes you think the intruders can heck into your home system and look at what you’re doing too …

  6. I'd really like to be able to have a fully functional tech home with items that kept all information inside of my firewall.
    E.G. No one else need to know what my safety cameras record nor do they need to know what (or how much) I keep in my fridge nor the temperature I keep in my home. Unless I chose to share.

  7. It's a bit too late to tell the oven to turn itself off if my house is on fire. I'd rather have it talk to my fire extinguisher and tell it to put out the fire! 😀

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