11 Replies to “Home Security”

  1. Nice to see James City County law enforcement providing these sorts of services. Community Awareness and proper preparation is never a bad thing.

  2. More explanation on a wide range of security gadgets available would be useful, no suggestion of getting cctv camera system and having the cameras well concealed around the property.

  3. What about leaving a radio on a timer and bathroom extracter fan on a timer noise deters criminals.

  4. Use LED bulbs on all exterior lights. LED lights use little power as compared to incandescent lights, CFLs might save some energy but might not work in cold climates. Look into Doberman brand security alarms for windows, you can find them on Amazon. They will go off with little vibration with a very loud alarm. Check out all of the Doberman Security Alarms on Amazon. They all work but some are easier to turn on and off.

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