Home Security Systems & Dogs For Protection

Home Security Systems & Dogs For Protection

Dogs and home security. Good idea? Bad idea?
Everything in between. What you need to know, right here from The Crime Prevention Guy. Hey, what’s up everybody, it’s Chris Guerra
– The Crime Prevention Guy. Today we are talking about dogs and where they fit into the big
puzzle that is Home Security. I’ve been teaching for a long time and I can’t tell you how many
times, whenever I’ve been giving a class on home security and beefing up your physical
security, I get the response that, “Well I don’t really need door locks or I don’t really
need a fence or anything like that because I’ve got a dog. And that dog is scary, it
barks and it’s gonna take care of me.” Well, maybe you’re right. Maybe that dog is
scary. Maybe that dog is a great COMPONENT in your home security approach; however, where
the problem is, is when people put all of their eggs into one basket and rely solely
on one source of security, such as a dog or a home alarm system. The goal is to create a hardened target through
a holistic approach to physical security. Why doesn’t a dog meet the demand for a holistic
approach? Well, it’s simple. Some dogs are scary. The only I’ve ever broken down a door
in my professional career is running from a dog. I hit that bad boy like the Kool-Aid
man! Dogs are scary. However, dogs as a security system can be
defeated. Now, I’m not talking about someone coming in and murdering your dog or anything
like that, although that certainly could happen. But, there are many dogs that make friends
fairly easily with a clever and patient burglar. I used to work at UPS in the early mornings
loading trucks. Hardest job I’ve ever had in my life, by the way. Shout out to UPS drivers.
As I was loading these trucks I noticed that a number of my UPS drivers carried with them
a large box of milk bones. And I thought, I know UPS has a decent pension, surely these
drivers can afford something a little better (for a snack) than milk bone. So finally one
day the curiosity got the best of me and I asked these drivers, “hey why do you carry
those milk bones?” The response has stuck with me even to this day, even though I wasn’t
a police officer at the time when I was working at UPS. That driver responded and told me, “All I
do is walk up to people’s front door all day long. Day after day, all day long. I encounter
a lot of dogs.” He said, “I’ve made a lot of friends..” and he held up those milk bones.
So this driver had figured out that the way to a dog’s heart is through his stomach. Much
like myself! So again I go back to, if you have a clever
burglar that is patient and will take the time, some dogs can be defeated.
The goal is to create a holistic approach with your security. So, keeping that dog and
having a fence, those are all parts of your perimeter, and they’re a great key. However
– don’t exclude the keys to securing the exterior of your home. That means having quality doors,
having quality locks and deadbolts, and making sure that they actually stay locked… having
window locks and secondary locks. All of these things and more that we’ll be talking about
in upcoming videos. So, hopefully now you know why your dog can be a great component
in your security solution, but it’s not your only component. It takes more. Let me know what you think. Subscribe. Share,
like, comment – I’m sure there’s gonna be some dog lovers out there that, uh, you know,
would beg to differ with me. So let me know what you think. Let’s have a conversation. See you next time on The Crime Prevention

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