HOME SECURITY SYSTEM REVIEWS #9 – If my alarm goes off what will happen

HOME SECURITY SYSTEM REVIEWS #9 – If my alarm goes off what will happen

Hello everybody and welcome
to home safety minute series where we share with you tips,
methods, techniques and security reviews to securing your
home effectively and efficiently. I’m Gabriel from House-Safety.com
and in today’s home safety minute i’m gonna answer one of the
many most frequently asked questions on house safety. Alright, so we’re getting a lot
of different questions when it comes to false alarms so we
have the question of the day which is a pretty interesting
one and that is: If my alarm goes off accidentally and I
quickly put in the code to shut it off, what will happen?
I’m not exactly to sure weather i really understand that question
to be honest, but… I would actually assume,
please send me an email if i actually got the question
wrong, but what i’m actually guessing is that what will
you basically send a false alarm to the monitoring center
if the alarm goes of accidentally or something. I hope that’s
the correct question. But anyways, there are a
few people who’ve asked this question, you know, is there
some sort of a time line between, let’s just say if the alarm
goes on accidentally is there some sort of a time line
before it reports to the monitoring center, ok?
I’m assuming that this is the question that you’re
asking and to answer your question, you know, Home
security systems allow for a brief period in order for
you to turn off your system before an alarm signal is sent
to a customer monitoring center. Is as simple as that. This is
to give you enough time to cancel the signal and prevent
a false alarm and have the monitoring center to call
up the fire department or the police, you know, to storm ride
into your doorstep ok? So I hope i’ve actually a
nswered this question for you. Well that is it everyone for
today’s short tip on home safety. If you have received some valuable
methods on securing your home from this video, then i
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With our home security guide and a library of videos on
home safety tips you will be able to have a protected
and secured home that prevents unwanted guests from coming in.
Take care everybody and i will catch you guys tomorrow.

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  1. So this helped me but I would recommend getting rid of the intro. This happened to me and if you just got right to the point it would be more helpful

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