Home Security & Safety Tips : Installing a Door Security Guard

Home Security & Safety Tips : Installing a Door Security Guard

Hi! This is Jon on behalf of Expert Village.
In this video clip I will be showing you step 1 in installing a door security guard. This
is the door security guard that we are going to be installing. We are going to be installing
that for two reasons. First being, it is an added lock for added security. Secondly, both
locks on this door are able to be reached by a small child so we are going to install
this one quite a bit higher so that only an adult can open it. First we need to set it
in the approximately location it is going to go and we need to mark our drill holes.
The next step is to drill pilot holes where our marks are.

20 Replies to “Home Security & Safety Tips : Installing a Door Security Guard”

  1. What was the size of the drill bit for this security guard? I used a 3/32 but the screw doesn't seem to be screwing in.

  2. I gotta say for someone like me whos not a handy man …. I ran into all sorts of other quesstions and issues. Turns out what i thought was wood was a metal frame next to the door. Also you should mention things like, other types of bits for drywall, wood, or metal. What you show covers nothing. Sorry bud. This is some feedback for you.

  3. You can you purchase some great quality door security guards on amazon. This one in particular is very inexpensive and works great!

  4. In America breaking in through walls is so much easier than doors … but nobody does as they have mindset of elephants.. (search for elephants chain and find out)

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