Home Security Reviews: Vivint Home Security System

Home Security Reviews: Vivint Home Security System

Hi, I’m Davis Burns, senior review editor
at InHomeSafetyGuide, the most trusted online source for reviews to help keep you and your
loved ones safe. In this quick overview of Vivint’s home security
system, we’ll cover 4 key components which can serve as your guide to selecting the best
product for your needs. They are:
Setup and ease of use, Equipment and security features, Cost and value, Customer service. Okay, let’s get started – SETUP AND EASE OF
USE. The best part about Vivint’s system is the
fact that it’s easy to use. There are no cumbersome wires and an intuitive
touchscreen panel allows you to control all of the equipment in your house. You can also download an app on your phone
so you can control your system even when you’re away from home. Although there are no wires, the system cannot
be installed yourself. Instead, the system will need to be professionally
installed. This can be a hassle if you have enough technical
know-how to do it yourself, but can be very helpful if you’re a bit technologically challenged. The company takes their product and customers
seriously; they require you pass a credit check, but it’s all transparent and up front. Now for the second key component – EQUIPMENT
AND SECURITY FEATURES. There are multiple packages to choose from
that include different pieces of equipment depending your needs. For example, the Smart Protect plan includes
3 sensors, 1 motion detector, and 1 smoke detector. The Smart Complete plan includes cloud storage
and smart home services. If you’re looking for more security features,
you can add other security equipment to your plan. Cameras are a popular addition, especially
the doorbell camera that allows you to quickly and easily see who might have knocked on the
door earlier in the day. You can control all of your security and home
automation equipment from a modern touchscreen panel, but you also have the option of downloading
the app on your phone and controlling your system remotely. Not only does the Vivint system offer a comprehensive
way to take control of your home’s security, it can also monitor the energy efficiency
of your home. It can even alert you to severe weather as
it arrives in your area. The third key component is COST AND VALUE. Vivint is one of the priciest home security
options because of the professional services and equipment that comes standard with every
plan. You might be subject to a $399 installation
fee and an additional $199 activation fee may apply. However, if you keep a close eye on their
website, you can often find deals that will reduce or eliminate these fees altogether. Monthly service plans start at $39.99 and
you can expect to pay close to $70 per month for the Smart Complete plan. Keep in mind that you do not have to purchase
the security equipment upfront and you’ll enjoy a lifetime warranty on that equipment. The minimum contract period is typically 48
months long. Rest assured, the folks at Vivint are straight
shooters you can trust and the value is first-class. And lastly, CUSTOMER SERVICE. Vivint makes it easy for you to get your questions
answered. You can call in and speak to a customer service
representative or chat with them online. Their online support page is extremely helpful
too. You can learn more about cameras, sensors,
the touchscreen panel, and more. As a matter of fact, the level of 24/7 service
that Vivint provides has earned them multiple awards and countless outstanding customer
reviews. Vivint may charge a bit more for their service,
but they are extremely transparent about all the fees associated with their system, which
only makes for a better customer service experience. Vivint is all about helping you create a smarter
home that simplifies your life, and they can definitely do that and more with their innovative
equipment and outstanding service. Although there are some up-front costs and
you may pay a bit more than you would with other systems, the quality of their customer
service and home automation options make them an attractive choice. InHomeSafetyGuide has given Vivint an overall
score of 9.3. We think they are a great home security option
that can make a nice fit for almost any family. For complete details on Vivint’s home security
system, our scoring criteria, and ways to save, please read our full review. I’m Davis Burns, thanks for watching.

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  1. Vivint is by far the best option right now thanks for honest review I have two accounts with them and I love it.
    Peace of mind for my wife when I travel for work

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