Home Security – MIRCEA BRAVO

Home Security – MIRCEA BRAVO

Oi! What’s this? Going out without giving word? Do I sit here for nothing? Sorry darling, I just want to go out with…. Don’t you “darling” me This is an institution! Which one? The Institution of Marriage! Do you think that you can go in and out as you please? Sorry, but… Sorry? That’s not how you say it! I apologize! Better. Do you have a written permission? No… And you wonder off like that… That’s a very serious offence. Very! I don’t know how to get a written permission… You ask me for it. You have to make a request and wait for the answer. It should come in about 30 days. Come on! I was just kidding. What’s the clock? 8 pm When will you come back? About… about 12 10, you mean 10 it is Uhm.. sign here. This is your permission Please, come in! I’m back! True. But you had your appointment made at 10! It is 5 past 10. I’m sorry but you’re place has been taken. Come back tomorrow during our working hours. What am I supposed to do now? You’ve got option O.M. What? Outside on the mat.

39 Replies to “Home Security – MIRCEA BRAVO”

  1. Ascultăm, ascultăm, da' nici varianta Pușcărie nu e corectă și s-ar putea să zbori la mă-ta cu tot cu preș, uite-așa, ca Aladin!

  2. Ba Mircea termina cu schetcurile astea si filmeaza ca in 2015 -2016 cu bunaciuni cum te dai la ele !!

  3. Foarte tare !…Nu stiu de ce am simtit ca ma uit la un film vechi comunist cu actrita asta (zici ca e Stela Popescu)😂😂

  4. De ce nu faci mai multe video?:(((( Niște draci de copchii analfabeți au mai multe vizualizări, participând la "prostirea" tineretului. Avem nevoie de oameni ca tine Mircea!!!! 🙂

  5. Ba ideea e sa nu va lasati calcati in picioare de femei.Casatoria nu inseamna distrugerea demnitatii barbatului.

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