Home Security HACKS when you TRAVEL

Home Security HACKS when you TRAVEL

– Hey everyone. My name is Siya Zarrabi. And if you’re new to this channel, you’ve never watched our videos before, we make travel content. We have over 500 videos
teaching people how to travel. But we’ve never made a video like this. This video is going to be about keeping your home safe when you travel. And the last thing you want is you go off, you have
this amazing adventure, you go on vacation, you
have an amazing time, you come home, a window’s
broken and your TV’s gone. Now using the information in this video hopefully we can avoid
these type of situations. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Here is how
to keep your home safe when you travel. – Ring has partnered with
us to make this video. It’s their mission to
make neighborhoods safer and it’s our mission in this video to help make your home
safer when you travel. Now they have video doorbells,
they have floodlights, they have security systems, they have cameras for inside your house, and we have a whole system setup here so when we’re away we can check in we can make sure that things are good. And the video doorbell, so handy! Like if someone comes to our
door and rings the doorbell I get a notification on my phone and I can see who’s there
and I can talk to them. I was never able to do that before! So, so handy. Ring also has a special
offer for you guys, so stay tuned to the rest of the video to find out what it is. Without further ado here are
15 ways to keep your home safe while you travel. – [Narrator] Ask neighbors
to pick up your mail. – This is the simplest thing to do to make your house not
look like it’s vacant: like no one’s around; no
one’s handling the mail; no one’s picking anything up. If you have newspapers just
piling up on the front porch, if your mailbox is overflowing
and exploding with letters, that’s a key indication
that nobody is home. Have a neighbor pick this up, keep it in a pile for you
for when you get back. That way it looks like someone is coming in and out of the house and cleaning the mail. – [Narrator] Have a friend stay over. – If you have a friend with roommates or they’re living with their parents or they have just a place
that isn’t that nice and they want to stay in your place, offer it up to them
because it will be used. Lights will be going on and off, people coming in and out, cars going
(car starting) in and out of the driveway, that way, you know, if someone is looking at
your house to break in, they won’t, because they see that someone is coming in and out of the house. – [Narrator] Leave a light on inside. – Not just your front porch. If your front porch is on at night, sure that might deter some people. But if it’s on all day and then all night and then all day and all night it’s a little obvious
that no one’s turning off this front porch light. So what I recommend to do is turn on a light on
the inside of the house so that you kind of see
like through the window or through the curtains that a light is on inside
so someone must be inside. You can also have a
light that is on a timer. So at a certain hour it goes
on and then it goes off. Kind of like your Christmas lights. You can probably use the exact same timer for just a lamp or something else that it turns on and turns off. You can also use this for a radio too.
(radio tuning to channel) So if you want some noise
that’s inside the house that way, you know, it
can deter some people if they’re approaching your house and they hear noise coming from inside. Some of these tips are going
to seem like common sense, others you have probably
never heard of before. – [Narrator] Lock all doors and windows.
(doors locking) – It seems obvious! I know that my parents lock
their doors and their windows. So I thought, until I lost my key when I was like 15 years
old and I needed to get in and like half the windows where unlocked. So, make sure that all your and
all your windows are locked. Try and break into your own house. And if there’s a sliding door and you need to put like a piece of wood in front of that sliding door, do it! Make sure that nobody
can get into your house. I know, it seems like common sense. But people aren’t doing it. – [Narrator] Don’t tell
people you are leaving. – If you’re on the phone
(phone rings) with a telemarketer and they’re like, “Hey, how’re you doing?” And you’re like, “Yeah, great! “I’m packing for a trip
to Mexico for two weeks.” That’s telling a stranger
that you’re going to be gone, you’re house is vacant. If you have a plumber
come in or a repair guy and they see that you’re packing bags. You tell them, “Oh yeah, “I’ll be gone from this day to this day. “I’ll be back on the 18th.” They’re like, “Oh, okay. “Interesting, this house
will be completely empty “until the 18th.” Don’t tell people that you don’t know that you’re leaving. – [Narrator] Leave a car in the driveway. – I did some research before this video to look at what people
who break into houses are looking for. What are key indications that a house is going to be good to get into and leave without a trace. Often it’s houses that are vacant, when there’s no car in the driveway, when there’s lights off,
when mail’s piling up, when all this stuff is going on that indicates nobody is home. So, leaving a car in the driveway is a key indication that somebody is home. If you don’t have a car
to leave in the driveway, if you left on a road trip, ask a neighbor to leave
their car in your driveway. Tell them that they can park
it there at the end of the day and leave and take their
car in the morning. – [Narrator] Make it look occupied. – So you can leave dirty shoes outside. You can leave the blinds
open on the second story. That’s a key indication
that someone’s upstairs and they might be looking out of a window. If everything is closed all the time that might seem like it’s
obvious nobody’s home. But if some of the blinds
are open on the top floor where no one can can actually
get and see through a window that way it might deter someone from coming into your house. – [Narrator] Get the lawn
mowed or shovel the driveway. – Make sure your lown is being mowed while you’re away.
(lawn mower revving) If it’s in winter and you’re leaving make sure someone is
shoveling your driveway. Pay the kid down the street in advance to mow your lawn or shovel your driveway. That way it’s obvious that, you know, the house is being
maintained, someone’s home. – [Narrator] Have security cameras. – We currently use the Ring system. So it creates like a ring of
security around our place. We have cameras setup so we
can always log into our phone. We can make sure that
everything’s okay at home. We can just check in on stuff, which is really nice that, you know, Ring’s cameras are setup
to be on our cellphones. So I can check in right here and I can see different rooms, I can see the outside. I can make sure that everything is okay while we’re away. Ring also has a doorbell camera feature. So if someone comes to
your house with a package or they ring your bell, you actually get notified on your phone and then you can check
in and see who’s there. You can talk to them. Sometimes people will try
and see if anyone’s home and ring the bell. If no one answers the door
they know nobody’s home. But if you can answer remotely, they don’t if you’re home
or if you’re in Thailand or if you’re in Chile or
if you’re in South Africa, it’s all the same thing. You can pick up your phone,
you can see their face, you can even screen capture
it if you really want, but you can communicate with that person. That is a huge, huge deterrent from anyone thinking that nobody is home. As a listener you have a special offer on the Ring starter kit
available right now. The kit includes a Video Doorbell and motion-activated Spotlight Cam, which is actually everything you need to start building a ring of
security around your home. To get this offer, you just
have to go to ring.com/htg. It’s great that some of their cameras are also battery-powered. So you put it in a specific
location that you want. If you want it aimed out the window, if you want it aimed
at a door, a back door, a basement door, whatever, you can do that because
it’s battery-powered. So if you’re gone for
the day or the weekend it’s easy to just move a camera and you don’t have to deal with any wires. – [Narrator] Cancel deliveries and mail. – So you can actually
put your mail on hold. If you call the post office
and you just say like, “Hey, can you hold on to my mail “for the next like two weeks,” That can be done really easily. You can also, like if you
have Amazon orders coming in, you can just put them on hold or make sure that nothing
is being delivered and left at your door when you’re away. That being said, with the Ring system, if someone rings your doorbell and you get a notification on your phone and you’re not there, you can just tell them
to take the package, you’re not going to be
home for the next hour even though you might
be gone for a few weeks. Remove the package so
nothing’s left at your door. – [Narrator] Disable garage door opener. – If you guys have a remote garage door opener,
(garage door opening) did you know that there are
universal garage door openers? I know, I was just as
shocked, I didn’t know. Someone could just drive around with a universal remote opener and try and open my door. That’s, that’s scary. A lot of people’s garages have
a lot of valuables in them. And some of them actually
lead into the house. And how often do you lock that door? – [Narrator] Keep valuables
safe and out of sight. – If you have a window
without curtains in it, well first of all get curtains but if you have a window without curtains don’t have anything valuable sitting on the other side of that window. Someone can come in and see. You could peek in, there’s
a fancy watch by the window, or, you know, there’s
a phone sitting there. You forgot your phone
and you went traveling, oh my god! Don’t leave your valuables sitting around. – [Narrator] Label your luggage safely. – When I’m traveling I put a luggage tag on the outside of my luggage. I put my address there, I put my name, I put my phone number,
I put my email address. Everything, all my information,
is sitting on this tag on a piece of luggage that tells anyone that sees that piece of luggage no one is at this address. I had never thought of this before. But anyone who handles my luggage knows that I’m not there. What’s recommended is that instead of putting it on the outside, you can put your name on the outside but put your address on the inside. Put it in on piece of paper or somewhere so that if it gets lost
and they open it up, they see your address on the inside and they can get it back to you. If you’re concerned about
putting your home address on this piece of paper at all, then I recommend putting it somewhere else where you regularly go. Put it to a gym that you go to. Put it to your work address. Somewhere else that isn’t your home. – [Narrator] Don’t announce
you’re leaving on social media. – Because that opens it up to strangers and friends of friends and friends and friends
and friends of friends to know that you are away. People like us, we take pictures of us packing, us at the airport, us leaving real-time. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that. We have security cameras and a dog.
(dog barking) – [Narrator] Move the
spare key from outside. – Yeah, a lot of people have
their spare key under a mat, on doorsill, in a windowsill, under a plant, under a fake rock, just people leave a key within like five, 10
meters of their front door. You know how easy it is to
have like a little magnet and find the key? Or to look under stuff? It’s pretty easy. So make sure not to do this. Anyone who wants to break into your house is going to see a plant
and try and pick it up and look for a key here and there. And then easily just
(door unlocking) get in. I hope that these tips
really helped you guys out. I want you to be safe when you travel. And I want your home to
be safe when you travel. Home is a temple, is a safe place. I want all your stuff inside to be safe. And using some or all of these tips can hopefully deter somebody
from entering your house, stop a dramatic situation from happening, because the worst thing
at the end of a trip is to come and now you
have to deal with a problem at home. So use these and prevent
a possible situation from happening. If I missed anything, if you guys do things
that I didn’t talk about let me know. I’m sure that there’s way
more out there in the world to deter someone from coming in. So, thank you guys very much for watching. And I’ll see you next video. Bye.

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  1. Super useful! On Monday we fly to Thailand for two months, so I'll definitely use your tips😊

  2. I do all those things while here, the window shades closed, no car in the driveway, etc. Lol. And I'm pretty sure people think we aren't here based on some doorbell rings for nothing we've got.

  3. Great tips! #2 is a big one!!! So many people do this and it's just not a good idea… unless you have a security system of course! 😉

  4. Great ideas! Thank you for the great video. We ALWAYS lock the interior door from our garage….we've heard of many cases in which people break into homes via the garage overnight even when owners are at home. People seem to leave their car keys in standards places, so thieves are then able to steal the vehicles without the homeowners realizing until morning. Rather than asking a neighbour to pick up our mail, we pay to have it held at the post office (can't always trust your neighbours!) and I haven't put an address on my luggage for about years – just an email address and my cell phone, so the airline can contact me for where I would like it sent (not always my home address, if I'm on the road). Another tip to add, if you do leave a car parked in your driveway, make sure you DON"T leave a garage door opener for your garage in it. It's easy for someone to break into your car and then have full access to your garage or even your house. And we love our Arlo home security system – it gives us video view to our home and out our front door anytime and records anytime there is activity at the front door.

  5. It may be good to keep your place safe from water damage by turning off water supply valves while on vacation.

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    Tell your trust worthy neighbor you are away.. they'll keep an eye out.
    I leave a flood light on in back

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