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  1. Let me ask you guys this.. What if it gets a little more fucked up than a missile threat, what camera device said..
    Like the things people will do or not do, becuase a device told them something. Or the people who call the DOJ on there own camerea, the one the set up in the past.

    People hearing voices thats one thing, there super powers involved there and ancient stuff thats cool,,
    but people hearing voices and taking commands from a device they bought and set up, and plugged into there own home thats something different..

    important let me tell you how it works the physiological aspects of it, so you can understand it.

    Lets say a A person sets up there own home with all google stuff, voice commands and audio speakers every where one perroom, they got it wired up its pretty cool.

    They start syncing there bodies response system to it slowly..
    You start setting alarms and timers, that you learn to depend on, for cooking, for setting limits, for excercisinng.
    Then you start setting reminders,, important ones, "go pick up the kids from school" or " give sally her medicine" …
    ( one of the scary things is, if somebody hacked your appoint schedule, you could overdose your kid, by rely on babsitters, timers, and reminders)

    What if somebody hacks your schedule, changes your days of the week, you wake up in morning, drive to the wrong office or location, miss important meetings, or loose friends and relationships, what if somebody fuckin tells the baby sitter or "nursing assistant" the wrong information, through reminders and settings. ( its more than just a north korea missle warning you gotta think about in the past)

    So back Anatomy and physiology. of it.
    Sympathetic system parasympathetic nervouse system, your cycles of time perception and awareness, the physiological aspects of your "response, fight or flight"

    You train your body on all cylinders, to respond to electronic waves of sound.
    -Securitie awareness ( camereas and views influences)
    -Alarms and alerts
    Your functions of memory and respsonse indications and signals so to speak.
    Communication as a whole, sending electronic messages through the house in stead of YELLING KIDS COME DOWN FOR DINNER, ( YOU KNOW THE REAL SOUND OF MOMS OR DADS VOICE), You replace your voice your parenting with a electrion sound.. we call this NATURE AND NURTURE INSTINCT sometimes ( you loose alll those too)
    -Nature and nurture instinct (
    Your hacking your kids, your hacking there lifes as a parent, then a hacker yall are all hacking each other, then somebody hacks your whole house hold, (its sounds fun, but it can be pretty fucked up the things that can happen, the way it develops, short term and long term).

    Your social capabilities of understanding things, how you communicate respond and make decisions on impulses, thats tuned into a electronic system..

    What if says send money to your paypal account from moms computer, your aloud to have 5,000-10,000 dollars today for that new car you want, use the emergency credit card.. Then the husband or kid does it.

    Or maybe it just delivers damaging news, ( i want a divorce, while the husband is away, then wife say ok, then packs her shit and moves out, the husband comes home to a empty house, the wife is already out doing other shit)

    lots of stuff to think about lots scenarios, for your understanding.

    Now this being said, some people might pick it up and use it, like extra sensory, the ones the kind of know or have a awarness about all this stuff, its kind of like having extra robot abilities, or extra sensory, they can learn the frequency, they may not even have to hit a button so to speak.. but theres fuckin millions of yall who just got it for christmas, are just getting tuned in and dependant on it,

    From hackers a point of view think about it as a resource..
    Sense you gave up all your humanity responbilities and awarness( as mentioned above antantomy and phsyiology stuff), they became like a "bot" a programmable bot.

    Let me give you a examle of how serious it is, in medical machines such as "CT machines and MRI machines" When you get a cat scan.
    – the person lays down in the machine, the operator goes to another room, sets up the exam, Theres a button on the machine for "voice commands".. Its timed, It tells people to "Stop Breathing" "hold your breath" through a electronic voice and cue. Its giving you commands, that you learn, its taking responbility and giving direction for your basic functions that keep you alive so to speak like breathing, theres even tones, that make you calm and relaxed, so you fall sleep or wake up, to put you in a current state, its contronling your functions. There's cameras in there too

    It just like nest.. the same electrinic type of audio communication, visual response system… SO lets say, this north korea video missile video, instead of being like a MRI machine tone that relaxes you, It put you into hyperventilation, it says YOU CANT STAY STILL, but you cant move to far away either, instead of saying "you are in comfort" it says everything is dangerous, no one you can trust, you cant trust your self to make descisions, you have to keep talking to nest, its the one responbile for all your actions, or wait for it to tell you something to do that you can complete.

    If you say "wait minute tyler some of this evil" well let me ask you do you think politics use to get you to give them a bunch of money in the past. the news is pissed becuase people the networks, are pissed at nest, becuase many of yall are getting your news updates from your devices, they want you watching fucking cable t.v. Thats why there is so many stories about this one device, they want you to link the two things, your encompassments, your "nest device" with t.v. In other words, this news story is say "trust me (the t.v. or network) to tell you, about your "your nest device", hint they used a "north korea story, becuase that something they have covered already, encompassed, they spent alot of time encompassing north korea stuff in the past) But the truth is, way more fucked up shit has happend personal shit to people, like the type of stuff mentioned above , than a north korea missle alarm type stuff in the past, TGB the way i mean it

    TGB the way i mean it..

    All of this being tuned into one thing, a electronic voice or tone

    For example or another way to think about it
    Theres key triggers ( im kind of connected to the solar system, the bigger pictures, i know when the sun is about to come up, or how far away it is from comming up.. without looking) Theres alot between me and sun, that give mes time to think ( about 5,000,000,000 miles or so or more) But your electronic devices, there about 5 feet away from your , and your surrounded by them, your response system and nervous system, is going to be a little more intense to how you react to things type stuff.

    NASA trys to help you out with this, with space probes, planets, and spaceforce stuff, so you have things that are bigger on your compass, then FBI messes it a little bit, by using the same intellegence to solve crimes or create envirometns or habitats in the past.

    I have a real clock so to speak, its the earth type stuff ( some medical books want you to call it, your circadian rhythm , i think about it a little bit bigger than that and set it up that way TGB the way i mean it)

  2. I cant believe this has happened to Nest AND Ring now… I had to switch to a more secure & encrypted network. I got an alarm.com system from securityallstar.com with no contract so god forbid anything happens to them (which I highly doubt) I can switch at any time with no hidden fees

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