Home Security, Finally Simplified

Home Security, Finally Simplified

Hi I’m Danni and I’m going to show you
how easy it is to install a FrontPoint security system. The whole installation takes less
than thirty minutes and you don’t need any tools. Let’s get started by taking a look
at the system. FrontPoint makes it easy by giving you step
by step instructions. Believe me, if I can do this you can too. The first thing we’ll
do is connect the antenna and battery to the Control Panel. It’s simple. You’ll want
to place the Control Panel in a central part of your home. It can rest on any flat surface
like a shelf or a counter or be attached to the wall. Then, you just plug it in.
Now, let’s decide where to place the sensors. The door sensor has two pieces. The larger
piece goes on the door frame and the smaller piece goes on the door. When the two pieces
are separated that’s what triggers the alarm. Putting them up is easy. All you do is peel
off the backing and hold them in place for a few seconds.
The window sensors work the same way. Sensors can be placed on anything that opens or moves.
Some people even put one on their liquor cabinet, medicine cabinet, or anything else they want
to monitor. FrontPoint also has motion sensors that detect movement in a larger area. You
normally place these in a high traffic area that an intruder would pass through. These
provide great protection when you’re not at home and they’re even smart enough to
ignore small pets. If you want a more advanced system you can
choose from a full range of GE wireless sensors that monitor intrusion, fire, flooding, or
low temperature. You can even add wireless cameras. Once everything is installed, I just
call FrontPoint so they can check each sensor and test my connection to make sure I did
everything right. Then they train me on how to use the system. That’s it, we’re done.
It’s really that easy and anyone can do it.

11 Replies to “Home Security, Finally Simplified”

  1. Nice information and easy tips for set up your security system in your house by your own , i think this is the safety way to installing security system because other technician is not honest to installing security system they are the bad guys ..

  2. 1) How often the batteries on the sensors need to be changed? weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually?
    2) Is it suitable for 2 story house with steel reinforced concrete walls and footprint of 22×12 metres?I am concern that the signal may not go through the concrete walls?
    3) If I also have wireless DVR will both signals interfere with each other?
    4) How it can give me indication if I forget the oven switched on when I'm not in?Will I be able to stop power to appliances remotely like from a mobile?

  3. How does this protect a home owner from home invasion? Yea, there is an alarm but how does it save you from attack, with violence, and weapons used against you? You have not overcome the fact that you are defenseless with this gadget….maybe a 12 Ga shotgun and buckshot will protect you? this gadget is silly fluff for fools, it will not stop or prevent a home invasion.

  4. for a wireless camera, just buy a cheap IR light trail camera(under $200), it'll take thousands of pictures and over an hour of video before running out of power and the intruder will never know they're being caught in the act since the IR light is invisible to the human eye, only the camera will see it. you can even set it up right outsider to catch people trespassing on your property period.

  5. Save me time and money or just steal my apartment. Had enough of this fear-mongering white picket fence belief system.

  6. Frontpoint has great reviews but they could do better on their monitoring prices. I found this company Armorax that has similar plans to Frontpoint but are more reasonable and they even offer encryption!

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