Home Security Camera System Surveillance Setup: How to Best DIY IP Installation Placement HD CCTV 16

Home Security Camera System Surveillance Setup: How to Best DIY IP Installation Placement HD CCTV 16

To Learn How to Setup your own Home Security
System you first have to establish your main goals. In my opinion the main goal should
be to GET THE LICENSE PLATE number of any intruder with a time stamp, and have it upload
to a cloud, without a monthly bill for monitoring. In my opinion facial recognition is only second
to getting the license plate. When my home was robbed the female thief wore a hat to
avoid facial recognition. So getting a license plate number is my main goal. Since there are 100’s of factors into selecting
a home security camera system I will only go over why I selected what I selected. Let’s Start with Placement The Best place I found to get a license plate
number of a car in my driveway or in the street was right around where my driveway porch light
was. This only works with a strong security camera. Therefore I had to find a camera and
a porch light that I fit to each other that looked discrete and not too ghetto. I will
link to the Porch light and the camera I bought in the description below. Surveillance Camera Setup Selection The biggest factors in selecting an outdoor
camera is that it is strong enough to pick up the license number. Once again I can’t
stress that enough. I chose a camera that is varifocal in other words it doesn’t have
a fixed size or zoom. This is because you’ll have to adjust the lens size so it is close
enough to pick up detailed license plate number yet zoomed out enough to pick up the entire
landscape or enough landscape. Note: Zooming in on a computer is blurry and doesnt gain
more detail. Alone, it will not pick up the license like they do in the movies. You need
a manual Zoom on the IP Camera. The Second biggest factor is the Megapixels of the camera.
This is also important but not as important as the lens size. The higher this number of
megapixels the less you have to be zoomed in to read a license plate number and still
get a lot of the landscape. Other important features I like are IP camera’s,
which mean they plug directly into your computers network. This isn’t too complicated to do
these days and it enables me store all the video on a cloud instead of a dvr, or a hard
drive, or an NVR, which can easily be stolen by an intruder. If you cant run ethernet wires another important
feature will be a wireless camera. But be aware that wireless cameras are very glitchy,
and bog down your wifi, and are way more expensive. So if you can running ethernet cables is better
than having a wireless camera. Lastly make sure it is an outdoor camera if
you don’t want it to die the first time it rains. That’s why I chose the camera I have linked
to in the icon in this video and in the description below. And It is the most affordable one of
its kind as well. You will also need to purchase this cheap
power adapter for this camera to work. Camera Installation. To connect the camera to the light I drilled
holes in the porch light frame and connected the light and camera with zip ties. Then I
ran the wires through the back of the light. Because I cut an insert in the top of the
light for the camera wires. Then drilled a hole in the wall and ran the wires to my ethernet
so I can control the camera through my computer network. Software Selection. I will link to my ideal software selection
in the description below. This software is great for 6 reasons. First. It works with
most IP Cameras and you can always add new cameras that suit your needs. Two, it records
with motion detection and does it really well. Three, they make set up straitforward which
is could be complicated. Four, It includes a times stamp that makes it useable in a court
of law. Five, very importantly it stores “immediately” to cloud if you uncheck this box here. Six,
it has a great phone app so you can view your cameras anywhere you get internet. It is a one time purchase for the Desktop
and another for the Phone app. If you buy it from my link I listed below they will email
the activation code and you can wait for the product in the mail or you can download the
program right away as well. Storage: Cloud storage is the best way in my opinion
because all footage cannot be physically stolen like I said before from external hard drives
and computers. You can see here it takes about a minute for my software to pick up the footage
and store it to my cloud with a check. So should a thief steal my computer or camera
I still have the information stored on my cloud drive. If it didn’t like most other
systems the whole system would be worth nothing. Any free cloud drive app should work just
fine. I like Amazon because it has unlimited storage with a cheap yearly fee. Its worth
it since I back up all my devices to the cloud including camera footage. However Amazon does
not upload immediately on its own. To do this you will have to download O-drive which is
a free auto upload application for amazon cloud. Set the storage folders within the
software to the new o drive folder and o-drive will remain as the free version. I will link
to Amazon Cloud, and O-drive in the description below but I might change them in the future
if better products come out. Logging in to your Router For some this all may be a little daunting.
I promise it isn’t. I had no idea what I was doing when I started. The hardest part for
people that aren’t techy will probably be logging in to your router. You can log in to your router by obtaining
its default ip address, username, and password in the information that came with it or by
google searching its defaults if you haven’t changed them. Note: This is different than
your wifi password. Now what you do is plug the IP address in to your browser. Next give
the Username and password. From ther you just need to find the IP addresses of your connected
devices. This is where your ip camera’s will show up when they are connected. It might
also be helpful to know where your ports are if you plan to view your cameras on a handheld
devices as well. Making It All Come Together. Your house has a main IP address. Your router,
each computer, each device, and each camera all have different IP addresses and passwords
within and below that home IP address. Write each down and the rest of the process will
be fairly straightforward. Also note that the router has different ports. Ports are
where your IP addresses exchange information. Write your ports down as well. Sometimes you
need to assign the ports called Port Forwarding. You can assign a port for the the software
to be shared on your devices in your router’s port forwarding section. Finally you take
all the IP addresses, passwords, and ports and plug them in to the software and the phone
app and everything becomes alive & you’re connected and you are in control of your cameras. If this seems like a lot, remember: most people
have useless security systems and cameras like I did. In my opinion you are going to
have one that actually works and you won’t pay their high monthly fee’s. Learn from my
mistakes. You might have a few challenges but all the information is out there to help
you get through it. I have a link to a list of all products you will need for this projectt
in the icons in this video & in the description. I’m also here if you need help so leave those
comments in the section below. Think of the savings, catching thieves, and an added sense
of security in your life. Now like and Subscribe!

100 Replies to “Home Security Camera System Surveillance Setup: How to Best DIY IP Installation Placement HD CCTV 16”

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    CAMERA POWER CORD: http://amzn.to/2dBQ5ju
    UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLY (In case thief cuts your power): http://amzn.to/2eGjd8m
    WIRELESS CAMERA: http://amzn.to/2eP7NNo
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    SOFTWARE: http://amzn.to/2a9t4BW
    PHONE APP: http://amzn.to/2a9qpbo
    Cheap HD IP Camera (Good as an extra outdoor Camera): http://amzn.to/29T7e6W
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  2. How many cameras can be used in this setup? Does there have to be a separate ethernet cable for each one that connects to a router? Most routers only have 4 or 5 places to connect. I'm obviously new to this. I would like to run about 5 cameras. Running the cables may prove tricky, though.

  3. @Rick Buck What is your thoughts on EZVIZ IP PoE system? >> https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06WLQJHYZ?ref_=ams_ad_dp_ovrl&th=1

  4. Jesus what a hack-job. The camera isn't weatherproofed properly. You passed your wires around the light housing without any protection. You should have used a grommet. The power adapter you bought is illegal (against electrical/fire code). The type you bought was not intended to have the power wire passing through walls / into devices, also the power connection is made outdoors (despite being inside the light's housing) it was only designed to be used indoors, outside of any walls, or devices. Any power wire that passes through a wall or enters a device must be designed for this. Also it is against code to run power wires into your garage to the nearest outlet and just "plug them in". Besides all of the code violations which could burn your house down and/or allow your insurance company to deny a claim.. you shouldn't use zip-ties to install a camera, it's just hackish, as-is the abortion of a "cluster-fuck" that is your data cabling. Do a little research before you do a project like this, and for GODDAMN sure, don't go run to youtube, like you're all the sudden some sort of "professional", and spread this dangerous, incorrect, jack-assery to others who are potentially just trying to educate themselves on how to do something properly. And if you're watching this video and trying to learn how to install a camera system in your home/business, do yourself a favor, and DON'T do anything this guy did in his video.

  5. Hey Rick, are you still happy with your setup or any suggestions / updates on cameras or software. This is my favorite of your videos and I am shopping for home security as our new home is being constructed

  6. You still might want a locking delivery box. Also, it occurs to me a camera or two hidden close to the road might better be able to focus on the plates.

  7. Im pushing a privacy law to my representive to make strict laws on outdoor cameras in residential neighborhoods.

    You want to put cameras up outside your home,then point them on your property, not your neighbors property.
    I got 2 neighbors that have there security cameras pointed directly across the street at my house.
    Dont know why or what reason
    They are watching my home and every move i make.

  8. These are really good videos I set up my own but needed some help,yea mine is getto so I have to up grade here thanks for sharing the info.

  9. Last night someone broke into my mom's car as well as the neighbors' cars.
    I am searching for the top camara and capture thief at night too.

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  11. Why don't thieves just follow delivery trucks? Once they make their "drop off", they go in and take the packages? They can go in with a quick mask and cover their license plate before they reach their target. Just saying. In order to improve our security systems we must understand that anything that can happen, will happen.

  12. What if the connected computer is not switched on (when you are away from home)? Does the video still gets recorded and go to cloud storage?

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  14. I think the girl in the video was wearing a wig. Getting the license plate number is great, however many times these thieves will use a stolen plate from someone else's vehicle. Thank you for posting this video.😀👍

  15. Can the camera mentioned in this video be set up in an apartment garage? Like if I live on the second floor and the garage is all the way in the bottom floor?

    Because I want to check up on my moms car and see who does what to the car

  16. Wrong. If you have a higher megapixel camera, digitally zooming/cropping on your computer, it will not be so pixelated. You don't need a longer lens.

  17. Yes a UPS is integral to your bucket list, I've been using one in case of a power outage or yes as you said if the thief cuts your power I could still get details on the dirtbag, below are also some of the cameras and security system that I've used


  18. Hey is there any update to this? What are your thoughts? Would you do anything differently? I prefer wifi based connection since im planning to go with 6 cameras

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  22. Can you please help me 🙏🏽 for some reason my cctv system starts over every morning at 1pm I have a 1tb hard drive but for some reason my settings is set to over ride every 24 hours please help 🙏🏽

  23. I think I would rather use local storage but have it like in a ceiling or something with a Windows server across the house or in an attic

  24. Unfortunately I have Trashy neighbors who keep throwing their trash, cigarette butts in my yard. Ugh ! 😠

  25. A good practice is covering every camera with at least one other camera.  I like to have two cameras covering each camera.  I also like having every camera hidden as much as possible, out of sight, out of mind.

  26. Great video…thanks! I have a question…we have Mercury Wireless Internet and I have a couple of concerns about using a home security system coupled to this provider…first does the system you describe require a high speed Internet capability? Second, Mercury Wireless is spotty at best in our location and goes down frequently…would the system you describe still record if the Internet was off? Thanks in advance. JK

  27. I know this was published in 2016, but I was hoping there might be some advice for setting up a camera where there is no internet and only needs to record for set hours. This is to monitor potential in home care abuse taking place for a loved one of mine. Any suggestions, even from the OP would be appreciated.

  28. So each camera needs a dedicated wire to the box plus it's own electric adapter power cord? Sounds like a real PITA to install if you don't have attic access like me.

  29. Retired electrician here… Multiple National Electrical Code violations. Any one of which will allow your home owners insurance to deny any clam, even if not related to any of this installation. If you have any illegal wiring you can lose your insurance coverage.

  30. Store multi giga pixel IP cameras to the cloud??
    Most people only have 3, 5, maybe 10 mbit upload…

    Get smarter and only upload alert snapshots with FTP.

  31. Depends what you're looking for. Where I live the Aboriginals are stupid enough that they don't cover their faces and in this suburb, they have the highest rate of stealing.

  32. How would I create a surveillance system free of internet or wifi access. Basically I want a suped up baby monitor system i dont want to add apps or cloud or phone access. I want a monitor made solely to view cameras

  33. I liked the video and the warning about license plate numbers. I did like the intuitive light fixture security camera mount but would like to suggest that maybe you can by "code" build a brick light post in your driveway that maybe could camouflage a hidden security cam. That should be perfect for capturing license plates while they're driving away. You can run electrical wire through an electrical conduit going under the brick light post. Maybe run power to the cam off an Ethernet cable and get video from the cam at the same time.

  34. Great video! What would you suggest if I wanted to add more than just one camera? Thank in advance for your answer.

  35. i dont get why so many people are responding with hate to a very informative video.. people get a life.

    Let me tell you, Unless somone comes to your house and logs in to your wifi network, ANY ip adress that starts with 192.168. is a LOCAL ip, and they’re useless.

  37. Lots of good info. You outlined the major steps and requirements clearly. Now to Google and do more research on those specific items. Will use your links, maybe you'll make a buck or two. Thanks, Cheers.

  38. This is what I want! My problem is how do you know where to zoom in for a number plate it seems more like guess work and hoping for the best. I always thought having a dvr to record would be the best option for a system as I can’t imagine anyone knowing where the box it to steal or destroy. But looking at $60 a year for cloud storage is pretty bloody cheap. If I was to add up how much it cost for a dvr then divided it buy the life of the box it would be more than $60 a year. What kind of losses would I get in terms of network speed if the cameras are uploading to the cloud all the time?

  39. i heard noises last night at 3am
    then a motorcycle turning on and leaving in front of my house.

    i heard, saw nothing, then couldnt sleep till 6 am

    thanks whoever it was. life is sooo great i mean, so many useful people making you unsecure, giving you the idea that overpopulation is 'good' cuz i hate it

    fuck this place


  41. I need somebody help
    I want to use a dvr with only 2 channel
    i dont need 5mp cmaeras
    720p should do the job
    I dont want it to be hooked up to a network or computer
    only a dvr
    can someone send me link of 2 cameras and a dvr for my needs?

  42. you mean you can buy a poe port switch ,instead of buying the whole security system with 4 camera. and purchase a cloud service.

  43. I would consider getting a separate network switch to set up a firewall that only allows the traffic of the cameras to pass though. That way no one can just plug there laptop into the Ethernet cable coming out of your wall and gain access to your home network.

  44. Just FYI, the link to the Cheap HD IP Camera (Good as an extra outdoor Camera) doesn't work anymore. Takes you to Amazon, but with an Amazon page not found error.

    Thanks for the video, you gave me all the information I was looking for. I'm actually going to adapt it a bit. I live in an apartment complex, but there are always issues around this time of the year (holidays) with package thieves and cars getting broken into because people insist on leaving gifts in their car. I don't, but sometimes collateral damage occurs if they find something in one vehicle, they go looking in others. I can't put a camera outside attached anywhere, but I might be able to make use of the indoor camera suggested since I have a good window view of the parking lot.

  45. Great video with good information. But your link to the "Cheap HD IP Camera (Good as an extra outdoor camera)" doesn't work anymore. Can you give a brand and model? Thanks for the video.

  46. If you are dumb enough to put cameras on your own property, and let the "cloud" have the data, you deserve to be spied on and blackmailed. seriously? Are you people not able to read? The spy agencies can gain access to all these digital cameras and watch you. Not creeped out by that? Imagine having a stranger sitting in a lawn chair in your yard………a million of them……

  47. So this requires the software on your PC to be running 24/7? Which requires your computer to be on all the time? Doesn't seem like it would save $..

  48. Check out this software let me know your opinion. I've tried Blue Iris to many false alarms. This says none. Haven't tried yet.
    A.I. Homeguard
    AI-HomeGuardPro Surveillance Software Using Artificial Intelligence Technology and Smart Switches to Protect Your Home and Loved Ones https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NTQ5J5Y/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_-nrRCbKTFY5M4

  49. Very impressive presentation. Thank you very much, I will be following your lead and install a security systme.

  50. Your whole mindset on this problem is all wrong,,,, your solution to this problem still is all after the fact,,,they still got your stuff,,did what they want,,, now is where u come in with your plate number,,,, have fun getting people to care enough to do anything about it,,, recover items from broke criminals,,, good luck,,,! I say try stopping the problem earlyier,,, noises, dogs, signs in yard ,,flashing lights,, locks , armed gaurds,,, Lunatic , crazy items and subtle hints scatterd about …. hopefully this helps

  51. 3 Years since you posted this. Is your system still up and running? What are your thoughts of the newer technology (ie: Nest, Ring)?

  52. Hi Rick! Thanks for this tutorial. I'm starting to educate myself on options for putting a similar system in my house for outside monitoring. I'm going to go with IP Cameras that are POE. For this system, as you describe, does there need to be a computer running all the time? This is critical, as I have a laptop as my main computer and I do take it with me when I travel. Thanks! –bart

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