Home Security Advice – Police Scotland

Home Security Advice – Police Scotland

When you’re looking at home security
there’s a lot of things that you need to think about but let’s look at four or
five here right now. Lighting can really improve the security around your home. If we look at this house here we have a
coach light at the front door. Now this coach light has got a motion detector sensor on it
so anybody approaching this house in the hours of darkness will activate that light and it will come on. Now that light will more welcome visitors
and it will put off people who shouldn’t be there so it’s definitely worth having.
A light like that should possibly be at the back of the house as well and that
detects any movement and can switch on and off. In areas like this in the city of Edinburgh, we get a lot of foxes and stuff moving around at night time. Foxes can set these things off you might want to consider a
dusk-to-dawn fitting using a low energy light source. A dusk-to-dawn fitting
does exactly as it says on the tin It switches on when the natural light dims
and when it gets light in the morning it switches back off again. So in effect, you’ve got light in an area all night. The whole idea here is
that you work out which area of view of your house you feel is most vulnerable,
fit one of these dusk-to-dawn on lights and every night that light will throw down
some illumination around that area that’s vulnerable in your particular
situation. Okay we now find ourselves at the side of the
property and like many other properties of this style, there’s a garage at the bottom of the driveway here. Now this garage has probably
not be used for parking cars these days like so many of them it’s just a bit of
a garden shed but if we take a closer look at it you’ll see it’s fallen into a state of disrepair. The bottom hinge on this door is not working very well. Though the doors are
solid core doors & are very sturdy doors the locks, the hinges not up to much.
The householder here I can see by looking inside they have made a special effort not to keep anything of great value in here
there’s nothing too attractive for people to steal. What I would say is if
you will want to keep high-value pedal cycles or high-value garden equipment
you know some lawn mowers can run into hundreds and hundreds of pounds, make
sure you upgrade the security of your shed and also a good idea to
lock these items within your shed as well. Okay and we’re in the kitchen
now and just looking around I see a glazed back door going into the back garden. They’re quite commonplace but if you notice the key
is in this back door a common mistake that people make what I
would say on this occasion is do not leave your key in your back door someone
could quite easily smash that glass and have access to your key you and could get in. If someone has broken into your house by some other means, it’s all very good
climbing in a window but if you’re taking quite a large article out the house
it’s a bit more difficult to get it out the window
and it’s always preferable to take it out of the door. Now if you break in that window, steal the big television set you come through here and you unlock the door and
you can walk the item out so don’t make it easy for them, don’t make it easy for them to get
in but also think about not making it easy for them to get out. Okay, we find ourselves in the master bedroom of the house and this would be a good time to discuss damage limitation. If someone
does get into your house, what are they wanting to steal? How can you protect yourself
should the worst happen? Now, we’re coming here I’m automatically drawn to the bed
side table here I can see an iPad I can see a couple of rings, looks like a
wedding ring and an engagement ring on the bedside table here. These are among
the items that these guys want to steal from you. Now not only are these items
that they want to steal but these items can also be seen from one of the front
windows of the house so quite common practice for house breakers is before
they break in they’ll come up they’ll have a look through the window and
they’ll see if there is anything worth stealing, also if they can identify the
positioning of any goods they’re after it shortens the
time they need to be in the house. They can affect almost a smash-and-grab
in through the door staight into the bedroom grab the rings and the iPad
and out they go and get the keys at the front door on the way out so you’ve got
to think about damage limitation. If they get – how much luck are they going to
have? What are they going to get away with? What do they want to steal in the first
place? So if we’re talking about what they want to steal in the first place
we’re talking about jewelry we’re talking about cash small digital items
like the iPad like a camera like a smartphone they want these sort of
things they may take games consoles they may take a television one of those
flat-screen television sets but it’s getting less commonplace the
jewelry and the cash are the main things they’re after and of course your car
keys so these are things that you’ve got to look after and put a bit of
thought into where you keep these things when you’re out the house.

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  1. Very informative.  I hope this will make people think about how to secure their property.  Thanks to Police Scotland for this and thanks also to the homeowner who allowed the house to be used for the film.

  2. How ironic.. I have 3 500W floodlights, and CCTV around the perimeter of my home to protect me from Police Scotland’s state sponsored, revenue collecting thugs.

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