Home Automation | Smart Home System demo with SmartThings

Home Automation | Smart Home System demo with SmartThings

Hello, and welcome to Smart Home Automation Systems.
We turn your home into a Smart Home. Home automation today we’ll be showing you the insides of a smart home. Smart home of the past required you to have
your house all wired up. Either by using your existing electrical wiring, or by running
communication cables. You would also have control panels on your
walls, where you had to walk over and go through menus to operate everything. Today we don’t
have to do this. Smart home today it’s much simpler. You can freely walk around your house, and tell it what to do. Alexa turn living room lights off.
Let me introduce you to Alexa who will be helping me out. But first Alexa turn the
living room light back on. Alexa how are you doing today?
You can talk to her and ask her all kinds of home automation questions for instance,
Alexa what is my commute to work? She only wakes up when you say her name. So if
you don’t say the keyword Alexa she wont respond to you.
Alexa what is the temperature in Newmarket. Alexa what’s my sports update?
Alexa add ice cream to my shopping list. Alexa what’s on
my shopping list? You can view your shopping
list from your phone while you are out at the grocery store.
Alexa whats on my calendar? Alexa play my music.
Alexa who is this? Alexa turn that up.
Alexa Stop. Those are just a few ways you could interact
with Alexa. Well have another video dedicated to Alexa, but Were here to show you how
she integrates with home automation. home automation system>
>Oh wait, someones calling.>Hi Cynthia Ill open
the door for you>
>Awesome thankyou>Door unlocks and Cynthia walks
in. Whenever someone rings the doorbell, I can
see who it is from anywhere I am. While watching the live video, I could either ignore the
call or swipe to talk to the person. The good thing is the person ringing the bell
doesnt know if I am inside the house or in a different city. When the doorbell is pressed, it takes a picture
of the person and automatically saves it on my phone. I can even record the video to my
phone. This is also good to catch kids who keep ringing
your bell and running away. Lets talk about the lighting. In order
for the lights to be controlled, these switches have been replaced with z-wave wireless switches
and dimmers. A smart hub knows the status whether the lights
are on or off, and can easily control the lights no matter if you physically turn them
off>This is the smart hub.>This
is the brains of the network where it integrates multiple systems. It receives input from all
the devices around the home, and issues commands and controls everything. Alexa also communicates
with this hub. Alexa Dim Family room to 10%.
Alexa Dim Family room to 100%. Alexa turn on the TV.
Alexa turn on the Kitchen Light. Now you still can use your App to turn your lights
off and Dim them.>
Alexa turn on cabinet lights. These switches have also been replaced with wireless
dimmers and switches. She can even set the temperature for you.
Alexa set the thermostat to 23 degrees. Also by using your cell phone you can set
the temperature from anywhere in the world or check its status. The most amazing part of having a smart home
is you dont have to carry your phone or tablet with you when youre home. Your home
should respond automatically when things like a motion sensor is activated, or you open
a door to one of your rooms. This is what makes your home smart. When you are home, you shouldnt have to
reach into your pocket, pull out your phone, and flip through your screens looking for
your App. Then once you have it open, you shouldnt need to look for the light you
want to turn on inside the App. Thats too messy – It should be easier for you by having
things automated. That is where Alexa comes in handy, along
with motion sensors, and door and window sensors. Even setting routines to make things happen
when an event is triggered. The App has the following rooms set up, and
in each room there are devices which could be controlled.>There is also a view which shows all the devices
in one screen. I can turn off or on each light>These switches have also been replaced with wireless
switches and dimmers. In most cases it is better to replace the switch instead of installing
a wireless lightbulb. This is because if you turn the lights off using a wireless switch,
you can still turn it on using your mobile device. If you have a wireless light bulb
and turn off a regular switch, you wont be able to access your light until you flip
the smart home switch again. Now lets go upstairs and youll notice
the lights turn on automatically as they are triggered by a motion sensor. The lights are
set to turn back off after 1 minute. We have another Alexa upstairs which is great
to play music at night, or even act as an alarm to wake you up in the morning. Alexa
turn on the bedroom lights. Now some of the things you can do with sensors
are to trigger an event. For instance when I open the door to my walk in closet the lights
turn on via the door sensor. And they turn off when I close the door. This scenario can
be used in many ways like opening your door while entering a dark basement. Or your kitchen
pantry could light up when up open the door. In the washroom we have a heater for the cold
winter nights. You can set up a routine so it turns on 5 minutes before your alarm goes
off, to ensure you walk into a nice and cozy room. You could also turn it on from your
bed by using your phone or letting Alexa do it for you. Alexa turn on heater. Now the
place will be nice and warm when I get out of bed. With the smart 2 in 1 carbon monoxide and
smoke detectors, you will get an alert on your mobile device whenever the alarm goes
off. This is great in case you arent home when it happens. Also you can set all the
lights to turn on when it goes off so you can easily see your way safely outside. home automation>
We have a smart video camera installed in the foyer. Whenever motion is detected it
automatically starts recording. It saves the recorded video locally, and also has the option
to save images in the cloud if you wish to do so. This camera could be set up so when I leave
the house, or at night when Im sleeping, I could get alerts on my phone when motion
is detected. And yes, these cameras are pet friendly meaning they cant set off the
motion sensor causing it to record. I will show you in more detail later on how
the camera is set up and how that works. But basically in an area like this where there
isnt too much traffic, you can easily save a couple of months worth of video locally
before it wraps around. Its also important to remember that all of these features come
with no monthly fees Now were going to talk about automating
your garage door. This is a good feature to give you peace of mind, and for added security.
Have you ever worried about if you closed the garage door? You can go home to check,
or keep worrying about it until you get home. There is a better option home automation . Using your smart phone you can check if your
garage door is open or closed anytime from anywhere you are. You can even open or close
it from your phone. And if you wish, you can get alerts anytime your garage door is opened
for added security. What I like about it, is if for any reason
the garage door is open for an extended amount of time, it can send you an alert on your
phone. This is good for instance if you forget to close the door at night, and you have it
set up to alert you if the door has been open for more than a few hours. We install automatic shades which can be integrated
into your smart home. Serena battery powered shades are a convenient
and beautiful way to control daylight into your home. They are available in roller and
honeycomb styles. The Shades move smoothly and quietly in perfect unison giving your
home a unified look inside and out. They come in a variety of colours, textures and opacity
so you can complement the look of your room. Installing the D cell batteries are easy.
The head rail makes it simple by tilting forward so you have easy access. The batteries can
last anywhere from 3 to 5 years depending home automation on usage. The main purpose of having a smart home is
for convenience and to simplify your life Imagine coming home from a long days work
and your house wakes up as you pull into the driveway.
– Your garage door opens automatically for
– The outside lights illuminate the way to
the front door
– Your home alarm turns off, and the front
door unlocks – As you enter inside, the lights are already
turned on and your favourite music is playing This is no longer a dream of the future but
a reality today We hope you have enjoyed this tour of our
smart home. The options are endless and can be customized for your own needs. Let us know if you have any questions about
this video. Subscribe to see more videos. Visit our website at SmartHomeAutomationSystems.com.
You can Follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook. And remember, we turn your home
into a smart home with home automation

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