High School Track Stars File Suit to Protect Fairness in Girls’ Sports | Fox News Interview

High School Track Stars File Suit to Protect Fairness in Girls’ Sports | Fox News Interview

– Connecticut is one of many states, that in the name of inclusiveness,
allow biological males to compete in women’s sports leagues. But is it detrimental to female athletes? You probably know what I think about this, having been a female athlete,
especially in high school. Now that’s what, three high school track and field stars argue in a new lawsuit to overturn the state Athletic Conference’s transgender policy. According to their complaint, This reality is
discrimination against girls that directly violates the
requirements of Title IX because schools are permitting males to compete as girls and women, girls and women are losing
competitive opportunities. To American girls, those
born with XX chromosomes, the message is give up, you can’t win. Joining me now exclusively,
I’m so happy to see them all, it’s like a Connecticut reunion here. The high school track and field stars behind this law suit, Chelsea Mitchell, Alanna Smith and Selena Soule and their attorney Christiana Holcomb. All right Selena, I’m
gonna start with you, and it’s not just because you’re a Glastonbury High School Senior, where I went to school. What was the final straw that
sparked this legal action? – It was just the continued
unfairness in our sport. – And you were a, you
know, top, top runner and what happened to you
that made you feel like you were, you know,
being treated unfairly? – I lost out on countless opportunities to get placements, get titles,
and qualify for further meets to display my talents to college coaches. – Did you actually lose
competitions to meets to male athletes, biological males? – Every single meet that
I’ve competed against them. – So is that four total or more? – Countless times. – Oh, countless times? We probably could count,
but we will say it’s a lot. Alanna, same with you, what, people say, what are the damages, isn’t this all about
diversity inclusiveness? – I lost out on getting runner up at meets like states and regionals, so I took home a bronze medal, when I should have taken
home a silver medal. – It’s really hard to
stand up, Christiana, well, you’re the lawyer here representing, I’m gonna get to everybody
here on the panel, but to Chelsea next, who’s going to William & Mary next year, but it’s really hard to stand up for what’s obvious and right. Most people know what’s right here. – You know, I think you’re exactly right. I mean, I think courage begets courage and it’s been an incredibly courageous act for these young women to stand up and say, “Look, this is not fair. “We just want to restore “a level playing field to our sport.” – Now, we’re gonna see in this video, you guys won’t be able to
hear it, but you’ll see it, this is where Chelsea is competing against a trans athlete on Friday night, and winning, the video shows
the last moments of the race. Let’s watch. (cheering) – Wow, well, Chelsea,
congrats on William & Mary. – Thank you. – Excellent school. So tell me about that race. Did that make you feel like maybe you didn’t have
to file this lawsuit, ’cause you won, after all, or is it just kind of a one-off? – No, not at all. Despite my victory, I’ve still
lost four state championships because of this issue, and I’ve lost countless
other opportunities, and there are still so many girls that have been displaced because of this. And so, this lawsuit
is absolutely necessary to restore fairness. – Did you ever think this is what you would all be up against? And you train, I know from,
you know, playing sports, it’s a lot of work, especially in track. It is a grueling, track or crew, that’s a grueling endurance
sport, or you do 55 yards, but, you know it’s a lot of
training to do it, do it right. Did you ever think that this, Alanna, is what you’d have to
compete against, as well? – I never thought that
I would have to compete against a transgender athlete and I never thought that
my sport would be unfair ’cause we all love to run and
it’s just really upsetting, what we’re going through. – We have some of the trans athletes, who do compete against you
all, defending themselves. Let’s watch. – I love track because of
the community within track. – I love track because I feel like I’m a part of a second family. It’s like another bond
that you experience. – We’re female, so we
wouldn’t run on any other team but the female team. – Yeah, are we not human
like everybody else? How do you think we feel? We go through this every day. – Selena, thoughts on that? – This isn’t about the athletes, it’s about the current Connecticut policy, and that it needs to be changed. – Well, but they say it is about them. They say, “We’re women, and
we want to run as women.” Although, I do have to put
up the physical advantages. Get to reality here, ’cause
I like to deal in reality. Here are the physical advantages
that men have over women, these are physical, cannot be changed, by hormones or anything else: broader shoulders, larger lung capacity, more skeletal muscle mass, greater bone density in arms, upper body strength is, no
doubt, a lot stronger as well. This is just the way it is. You guys brought in to this,
kind of, defend yourselves, and I’m thinking, this is just, again, we talked about this
earlier in another topic, nothing to do with you, just common sense. And do you feel like common sense, in these kinds of things,
is just out the window? – I definitely think that the
current policy is very unfair and that there needs to be something done to restore fairness. – What’s the reaction of
your classmates to this? What do they say to you? – A lot of my classmates have
been very supportive of me and they understand why I’m doing it, even if they don’t even play a sport. They understand we decided to stand up. – [Laura] And, same thing? – Yes, I’ve gotten a whole lot of support. – And how about nationally,
what has it felt like? – I’ve gotten my fair share of support but I’ve also gotten my fair share of hate but I focus, I try not to dwell on it. – Christiana, I mean,
what they do is hard, to be at the top of their game, and to beat a biological
male at any sport, if a biological male trains, it’s really tough to do. Because we walked in and I was like, okay that’s a runner, that’s
a runner, that’s a runner, all of you are incredible athletes. But it’s just tough to
do what they’re doing in today’s environment. – It absolutely is, look,
they are high school girls, they should be able to focus
on their love of running, they should be able to
focus on the countless hours they’re spending training, and not have to be forced into the center of this controversy. So, it’s really unfair that
the adults in the room, that the CIAC, that the public
high schools in Connecticut were not willing to
address this issue head-on and ensure that girls like
Chelsea and Alanna and Selena can compete on a fair
and level playing field. – Well, I played basketball,
field hockey, and softball and let me tell you: if
this rule was in place, I probably wouldn’t have
had the athletic career that I had. And I was very fortunate to have that, Glastonbury’s a great school,
Canton’s a great school, we have great schools in Connecticut, but this is insane. I wish you all the best. You’re all gonna do great, I know it. You’re gonna do great in college running, and life, you have great courage, and I wanna salute you
tonight for being here. Thank you so much.

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  1. Praying for these brave women to win the lawsuit! It’s insane after years of being taught to say sir, ma’am, mr., ms., and mrs. that now mental patients want us to allow gender-bending to oppress us with their insanity. They have no right to go insane and force it on the rest of us.

  2. We should test testosterone levels. Regardless of genitals, testosterone is commonly considered unfair steroid use in most if not ALL sports…

  3. So thankful for Alliance Defending Freedom! We all need to stand around not only these girls but ADF as they fight these cases for free!!

  4. Unfortunately, precedence is against them. I do hope they prevail.

    "Renée Richards (born August 19, 1934) is an American ophthalmologist and former tennis player who had some success on the professional circuit in the 1970s, and became widely known following male-to-female sex reassignment surgery, when she fought to compete as a woman in the 1976 US Open. The United States Tennis Association began that year requiring genetic screening for female players. She challenged that policy, and the New York Supreme Court ruled in her favor, a landmark case in transgender rights."

    From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ren%C3%A9e_Richards

  5. He is still cheating because he held back on purpose so Chelsea could win to make the lawsuit look unnecessary. Nobody's falling for that you mentally ill cheater. XX bodies do not need competition from XY bodies. Its wrong.

  6. I am a progressive Democrat who agrees with this lawsuit and with conservatives on this issue. I also believe trans identified people should NOT be allowed to change the sex on their birth certificates or driviers' licenses, passports or other legal documentation. They can add a code or sentence saying how they identify, but shouldn't be allowed to lie about biology on legal documentation.

  7. Its about time someone file a law suit. Its crazy to let boys be in girl sports, thats why thy have girl sports and boy sports hello !!!!!!!!

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