Hidden Spy Surveillance Camera Push Notification to iPhone

Hidden Spy Surveillance Camera Push Notification to iPhone

In this video I’ll demonstrate how to receive
a push notification on iPhone when a hidden CCTV camera detects motion as I enter the
room. This security camera is connected to an iDVR-PRO video surveillance DVR like the
one shown here using RG59 coax cable. The software of the DVR is what actually detects
the motion event and triggers the push notification. Let’s start by configure the DVR. From the
DVR’s main menu, select system setup, and then select network and email. You need to
set up an SMTP server. I’m going to use Gmail, and I have details on the website of how to
set up a Gmail SMTP server. Here’s a link to that.
Next go over to event and select even notification. We’re using a push service called Pushover
that actually takes an email and then sends a push notification. I’ll also give you a
link here to instructions on how to set up the Pushover service. They’ll give you an
email address that you’ll add into this box here.
Then next, go to motion sensor, being that we’re going to use motion as the event to
trigger the push notification. The camera we’re going to use is on channel 16. Check
the box here for email notifications for camera 16. I’m going to switch back to the live view
of our cameras on our DVR. Actually, I have the video frozen for a minute because I want
to point out a few things. The smoke detector camera that I’m using on
channel 16 is the one that we just configured to trigger the push notification via that
special email address. Notice the letter see in the upper right hand corner of the other
three cameras. I only have camera 16 set up to record on motion only, and when there’s
no motion there will be that square displayed in the upper right hand corner. When I enter
the door in a second from across the room you’ll see that the square in the upper right
corner of channel 16 turns to a capital M. This means that the DVR is now recording based
on motion detection, and I should receive a push notification on my iPhone also.
This is what the event looked like live on the DVR. I’m going to switch over a second.
I also recorded this on my iPhone so you can see the event on the iPhone live and when
I get the push notification you can also see that. I’m going to switch to a view of my
iPhone now to show you what it looked like when the event was triggered so you can see
what the push notification looks like on the phone. I was recording the entire video from
my iPhone as well so we can see that. You’ll see in a second the push message will appear
in the upper part of the screen. There’s a few seconds delay between when the event occurs
and when the message is received. There it is right there. Notice the event occurred
at 12:27 and 34 seconds. Now I’m going to play back the recorded video
from the iPhone app. Here’s a live view in the iPhone app. If I single tap on the screen
that brings up the menu. From the menu I tap on log view. When the log view screen appears
I’m going to select a time and date range. Remember, the event happened at approximately
12:27 so I’m going to select that as the start time. Then I’m going to filter by motion because
I know I’m looking for a motion detection event. There’s all the events that occurred
in that time frame. I’m going to tap on the one at 12:27. The recorded video surveillance
will begin playing back in the iPhone app like this. If I single tap on the screen it
brings up the menu and I can switch the video quality to high definition. I’m not going
to do it here but you can actually play the video and forward and reverse in normal time,
and in fast time, so you’ll fast forward and fast reverse.
Another thing worth noting is in addition to motion detection these alarms can also
be triggered by external sensors like door sensors and motion detectors and things like
that. Then I’m just going to switch the iPhone app back to the live view. Here’s a live view
of camera one on the system. Here is a picture of the hidden smoke detector
camera that was used to capture the surveillance footage for this video. This tiny do not is
where the pinhole camera lens peeks out. This is an excellent camera for covert surveillance
applications. You can learn more about the camera on this page. The camera was connected
to an iDVR-PRO CCTV DVR. The software built into the DVR is what was configured to detect
the motion from the camera and trigger the push message event. For more information about
iDVR-PRO, please visit www.idvr-pro.com. Thank you for watching.

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  1. Hidden Spy Surveillance Camera Sends Push Notification to iPhone
     Watch this video to see the HCPRO-SD380 smoke detector camera capture video and send a push notification using an iDVR-PRO surveillance DVR and the Pushover iPhone app.

    iDVR-PRO surveillance DVRs are able to send email alerts based on different types of events / alarms. One of those events is motion detection.

    We used the Pushover email to push notification service to turn the email alert into a push message. You can learn more about that here:

    You can learn more about the HCPRO-SD380 hidden smoke detector camera here:

    You can learn more about the CCTV DVR used in the video here:

  2. It starts to record when it senses motion or it is always recording but send email when it senses motion?I am scare that it wont sense the motion and then it wont record at all?

  3. I'm getting my new iDVR Pro setup. So far so good. With this Pushover app (which I have working), can I have it send me the jpg as well? I like that feature and it works fine with regular email.

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