Her – Official Trailer (HD) Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams

Her – Official Trailer (HD) Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams

Mr.. Theodore twombly Welcome to the world’s first artificially intelligent operating system. We’d like to ask you a few questions, okay? [are] you social or anti-social? I guess I haven’t been social in a while How would you describe your relationship with your mother? Thank you, please wait as your operating system is initiated Hello, I’m here Hi, hi. I’m Samantha Good morning, theodore morning. You have a meeting in five minutes. You want to try getting out of bed. Yeah, too funny, okay good [I’m] funny I Wanna learn everything about everything. [I] love the way you look at the world [how] long before you’re ready to date? What do you mean? I sign your emails that you’ve gone through a breakup Well, you’re kind of nosy So was it like being married there’s something that feels so good about sharing your life with somebody? How do you share your [life] with somebody? I guess I’ve just been having fun. You really deserve that A long time since I’ve [been] with somebody that I felt totally at ease with It’s like to be alive in that room [right] now First I put my arms around you Wish I could touch you How would you touch me? Only [I’m] I was a crazy thing [to] do. It’s kind of like a form of socially acceptable insanity [Davey] what does a baby computer call its father. [I] don’t know what data You feel me with you right now I’ve never loved anyone the way. I love you me [do] Let me know how

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  1. This is sad we all know it.
    Imagine being more interested in talking to a computer than a human being.
    yeah too deep? nah wait for a couple of years and this will be a reality

  2. Being a great cinephile I can proudly say that though this movie may or may not win an Oscar but it's sure gonna make a mark on all of cinephile hearts for years and decades to come 💕

  3. Just watched this movie. I'd say this movie was best and unique. We all deserve people that don't judge us based on appearance just some care and affection is what we want. If I were in his place I'd definitely not get over her.

  4. So someone recommended me this movie and well I’m gonna go watch it because I saw the notebook and well I was crying cause the ending was sad

  5. the movie was overall god and and i would give it a solid 7/10 just because the ending was so quick… like they literally spent a hour and a half building it up to the end and it all changes in 15 min and i am like really??? of all the ways, this is how yo choose to end an amazing story?

  6. Beautiful movie after watching this movie I bought S8 and then S9+ but I always switch off that Bixby. I don't want to fall in love with a computer generated voice. 😕

  7. Sure let's chose the a super-talented & most beautiful actress in Hollywood and make only her voice present 🤦🏼‍♂️

  8. So basically Samantha is a virtual prostitute gathering money from thousands of lonely sad miserable men, I can see this being a thing one day. Wouldn't be surprised if google gets onto this money model first

  9. I just watched the movie for the 1st time. In some moments of the movie I tought he is an idiot who fall in love with OS, who is not real person and cry when she is "deleted" like it was a real person. Then I realised, maybe every lonely person would me tricked by it bc that person haven found something in OS that he/she never had or didn't had in his life for so long time.

    Also one thing I realised is that I am texting/chatting with one girl, and we are not even from the same continent. I have found in her something that I haven't found here for a long time, and I start to love it. Even if she is not OS like in the movie, the chances that we will ever meet is 0,0000001%.

  10. Hey Siri. How are u feeli…

    'Dude. Leave me the fuck alone! U know I'm not real right.'

    – That's me and my OS.

  11. I never seen or heard of this movie. I made a short film about a guy dating a woman from the internet. I put it on my channel and my short film brought me to here. How ironic is that???

  12. Moral of the film: No matter whatever the fuk you do
    end of the day she will alway leave you.
    your wife, even a goddamn Windows 5000

  13. If you watched the whole thing you'll know that it's deeper from one anti-social man who fell in love with an AI. It's not about that. It's about life, love, and being human

  14. Just another bullshit propaganda movie out of the Deep State owned media machine on AI being something of importance for society. Fuck all this "computer" is "part" of our lives bullshit. Hollywood is an embarrassment.

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