HD Security Cameras 1080p DVR Video Recording

HD Security Cameras 1080p DVR Video Recording

Recently, I was contacted by a customer that
wanted to see what 1080p video surveillance looks like when it’s recorded to the hard
drive of a DVR and then played back. This customer had an existing analog CCTV
camera system and wanted to upgrade to HD security cameras. I made this video today to show what 1080p
video surveillance looks like using four cameras. There’s two 1080p AHD type cameras and two
HD-TVI cameras, also 1080p resolution. All four cameras are hooked up to an iDVR-PRO
surveillance DVR and this is how it came out. This is a live view on the DVR. I’m going to use the mouse to navigate down
to the menu. When I’ll click menu and then I’ll click on
search. On the search and playback screen, you can
use this timeline scrubber to go back and select a date and time that you want to play
back. I recorded a few minutes segment just before
I made this. I’m going to select the exact time where I
know I started recording. Then when I select that day and time, I just
go to the bottom right and select playback. I’m going to switch to the four screen menu. These are the four HD security cameras that
I used. Let me pause it for a second there so I can
go more full screen. I’ll start the playback again and I’ll blow
that camera up full screen. This is AHD security camera. This is the camera that I have in my office. That’s 1080p resolution, full screen. You can see with these controls on the iDVR-PRO,
you can go in forward and reverse, normal speed or speed it up. I can come down here and select the four screen
view again to go to the next camera. This 1080p resolution HD-TVI camera. This is a 180 degree lens. You can see it monitors our entire sales floor. We have another HD-TVI camera that monitors
the sales floor from another angle. Then I’m going to switch to the four camera
view gain to go to the camera that monitors our front door. This is an outdoor dome AHD camera. Again, 1080p resolution. This is an armor-proof and vandal-proof dome. It’s good for indoors or outdoors. I’ll switch back to the four camera view. Then I can exit out of that menu there. Then I’ll use the menu to switch back to the
live camera view. You can easily see from that video that there’s
quite a big difference between 1080p video surveillance and the analog CCTV equipment
that was used in past years. If you’d like to learn more about the equipment
that I used in this video, please visit www.cctccamerapros.com/HDcctv. Thank you for watching.

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  1. So – what I saw there, should allow me to directly feed four dash-cam camera's directly into a single dvr, to get a quad view as I am doing off-road 4wd'ing.. without having to go back later to try and figure out "how" to synchronise them all into a video for youtube?
    Just having a quad capable dvr and four camera's feeding in, should suffice?

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