HD CCTV Camera (720p AHD) vs SD CCTV Camera (960H) Video Surveillance

HD CCTV Camera (720p AHD) vs SD CCTV Camera (960H) Video Surveillance

This video compares 720p HD video surveillance
footage captured by an AHD CCTV camera to a 960H resolution video captured by a standard
definition analog CCTV camera. This video was produced in 720p resolution, so I recommend
that you adjust the YouTube player to 720p and make this video full screen. You can do
this using the controls at the bottom of the player.
960H is the wide screen format used in modern analog CCTV cameras. 960H resolution is 960
pixels wide by 480 pixels tall. 720p resolution is supported by the new AHD CCTV cameras.
AHD stands for analog high definition and 720p resolution is 1280 by 720 pixels.
The new iDVR hybrid surveillance DVR support both AHD and SD CCTV cameras. I connected
two AHD cameras and two analog CCTV cameras to an iDVR-E4 model to make the following
video. Here’s a four camera view of all the cameras. The top two are the standard definition
CCTV cameras and the bottom are the high definition CCTV cameras, the AHD. We’re connected to
a 720p monitor and here’s what an analog CCTV camera looks like stretched out to a 720p
resolution and this is the HD camera that is actually 720p resolution, so it’s not stretch
out. You can see the difference in clarity. Again, there’s the 960H and here is the AHD.
Here’s the other 960H CCTV camera, again, stretched out to 720p and the AHD, high definition,
which doesn’t require any stretching because it’s natively 720p resolution.
Want to learn more about HD video surveillance systems, including the AHD cameras and hybrid
DVR used to make this video? Please visit www.cctvcamerapros.com/AHD. Thank you for

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  1. HD CCTV (AHD 720p) vs SD CCTV Camera Video Surveillance
    Watch this video to compare the video surveillance resolution of HDcctv cameras (AHD 720p) to standard definition analog CCTV cameras.

    We hooked up 4 cameras to a hybrid AHD CCTV DVR (works with traditional and the new AHD type cameras). The HDMI video output of the DVR was connected to a monitor and display resolution set to 720p.

    When the live video from each camera is displayed full screen, it is at 720 resolution. So, the 960H resolution (960 x 480) of the SD cameras is stretched to 1280 x 720.

    The AHD HD security cameras support 720p so they do not get stretched.

    Make sure you adjust the YouTube player to 720p resolution and watch full screen so you can see the difference in clarity.

    To learn more about AHD high definition CCTV, please visit this page.

  2. I have a 960H DVR with 960TVL camera's and one 1000TVL , in the day time the camera's on my phone look like " squares the signal comes and then i see lines like when people move" …. A. IM guessing that the customer needs more bandwith or faster speeds.

  3. Which system would provide better quality video?
    A – Analog HD 720p
    B – IP 720p

    I've seen some system with cameras that uses a single Ethernet cable. I'm assuming that's the IP 720p system.

    What the IP system provide better video quality than the Analog HD system (assuming both are 720p)?

  4. hi my name is jose luis and i would like to know if there is a security camara system with ultra descret camaras, ?

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