Harmony USB | Electrosmog Protection Device

Harmony USB | Electrosmog Protection Device

today we live in a world of I would say
pandemics we have a pandemic of stress and we have a pandemic of electrosmog we
all know about stress so I don’t have to say much about that but everybody
experiences everyday and most of us have too much to do on a daily basis which
causes us to have significant stress physiologically our body tells us that
we have the stress electrosmog is basically all of the new types of
electromagnetic noise that we have around us and this includes cellphones
includes microwaves routers Wi-Fi all of this is electrosmog you step outside and
you’re surrounded in the sea of these frequencies a laptop and a computer a
desktop computer also produce EMFs sometimes it can be strong sometimes
they’re pretty decent the old CRT just say we used to have produced an
incredible amount of electrosmog fortunately these types of LCD screens
now are much safer and generally don’t produce that much smog for us now
smog itself causes physiologic stress even though it’s not necessarily
emotional stress it’s physiologic stress also because of all these distractions
of because of the stress many of us have trouble focusing many of us have trouble
learning and keeping up with what we have to learn so we have a new tool that
may help with that this tool is based on the principle of resonance resonance is
where two different objects begin to interact with each other with
frequencies probably the best example I can give you is a pond let’s say you
throw a rock into the pond and the pond causes the waves to ripple if you throw
another pop rock into the pond at exactly the same place that you threw
the first one and timed it for the waves to be at their peak or at their lowest
then there’s a good chance you would actually amplify or cause the waves to
get bigger that’s called constructive resonance if
on the other hand you put throw a rock in the pond
say a quarter of the radius around the or circumference around the pond you’ll
create another set of waves that will hit and interact with the first set of
waves and will generally break them down that’s called destructive resonance so
we want to actually amplify constructive resonance and the way you do that is to
provide the body with resonance signals with specific signals that are designed
to be resonant in a in a positive fashion to the body’s own processes and
to the functions of the brain so constructive resonance would include
things like the Schumann resonances so we are surrounded by a magnetic field
the magnetic field of the planet the average of this magnetic field is called
the Schumann resonance which is about seven point eight cycles per second
because of the stress of our lives that we have the Schumann resonance that
could be very helpful and then also we can have another resonance pattern of
vibrating at a different frequency 1.2 Hertz 1 put 2 cycles per second so this
is now I should been designed into probably the smallest electromagnetic
device that we have available to us and it’s called the harmony USB harmony it’s
basically it plugs into a USB port it is actually electromagnetic circuitry that
you plug into a USB port and by doing that what you’re going to do is it turns
itself on using the power of the computer and it begins to flash it
produces or emits the two cycles we talked about 1.2 cycles per second and
seven point eight three cycles per second
so with this plugged into your laptop or into your desktop wherever your
workstation happens to be you will begin to resonate the body at the two
frequencies I mentioned which will then cause the body to relax seven point
eight three Hertz is the theta range theta is the brainwave range that is
basically in light sleep we spend most of our night in theta 1.2 Hertz as Delta
that is the deepest sleep that we go into during the night which is the most
restorative sleep so when I talk about a 1.2 Hertz or 7 point 8 3 Hertz which are
in the lower brainwave frequency patterns there’s a natural tendency to
think well then maybe that’s just could have slowed my brain down too much it’s
typically not aimed right at the brain so you know you’re doing have it next to
your brain so you know it’s not going to slow down that much the brain itself in
fact operates with multiple frequencies simultaneously and it has Delta and it
has theta all the time you just don’t want a preponderance of this so this is
this level of intensity of this particular field from this device is not
going to overwhelm the brain the brain will still be able to do what it needs
to do the goal is to try to strengthen the frequency patterns of the body to
try to slow them down now theta by itself is actually used by
the brain in sleep for dreaming it’s also been found extensive through
extensive research to actually help with learning people who have stimulated
themselves with theta and learned while they were doing that stimulation with
aadum Ashley learned better now they learned principles and and cognitive
concepts more than they remembered in specific detail but when they did
examinations to test these people they found that they actually did a better
job learning in theta than if they did by learning in what we call beta which
is normal awake alertness so the combination of learning those two things
so for example you could read a book or a chapter in a book or listen to a an
audio tape and still get the theta frequency from this device and I believe
that you should be able to based on this other research help yourself to actually
focus and learn better what you just spent time and effort learning the 1.2
Hertz again is not strong enough to bring your brain to Delta it’s really to
resonate your body at a slightly lower frequency to distress yourself so again
it’s not gonna overwhelm you it’s not gonna make you feel tired in fact if
anything it should make you feel refreshed because the stress of not only
your own life but the stress of the frequencies around you actually make you
more depleted than this ever will and if anything what this will do is to
strengthen and harmonize the body’s own frequencies so that you will feel you
should feel less stressed and less fatigued at the end of a work day so
these two frequencies are designed into this device to help to balance the body
and call the body to relax and to resonate itself
and by amplifying the resonant powders of those frequencies in the body then
the body becomes more resistant to the smog being produced by the computer to
whatever extent that happens to be and certainly the smog around us how many of
us actually have routers in the room that we have to work with our computers
if you work in an office building I can tell you right now you have a huge
amount of Wi-Fi in order to cover the entire building the Wi-Fi signal has to
be very very strong so you can take your desktop computer in your office plug
your harmony into the USB port and then protect yourself now you’re not
protecting yourself in a direct fashion what you’re doing is you’re protecting
your body’s reactions to the stresses caused by the electric smoker round you
and again in buildings outside your own home you probably have other sources of
resonance patterns that are not good for us power lines electricity the lights in
our homes all of those create resonance powders that are not good for us as well
and you have something called dirty electricity which you’re surrounded with
evening in the home setting and unfortunately today people also often
have smart meters that the electrical utilities have placed on your homes and
if you have a smart mute meter they radiate basically through the entire
home probably much stronger signal than your Wi-Fi even is and you again you
need to be able to blank that out so this is a relatively inexpensive device
easy to use you can use it anywhere anytime that you have a USB importance
of power to power the device I don’t think anybody these days should be
without one of these to protect themselves

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  1. so does this work against a smart meter?  that wasn't clear.  also, does this work when the computer is in sleep mode if it's still plugged in?  also, does your body become used to the frequency like you mentioned in another video  Thanks in advance

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