*HARD MODE* Me Dadi Ji Ke Ghar Se bhag Gaya – | GRANNY HORROR GAME | (Hard Mode with Extra Locks)

*HARD MODE* Me Dadi Ji Ke Ghar Se bhag Gaya – | GRANNY HORROR GAME | (Hard Mode with Extra Locks)

Hmmmm, so earlier today i was thinking that i already escaped granny’s house in normal mode why not we should try and escape in hard mode too? So yes, Today we are playing hard mode with extra locks Graphics as high as it can be xD Guys today i will be playing very seriously as it is hard mode This gameplay is going to be very serious (of course not) let’s skip the movie as we watched it in previous video I am really very serious today, let’s show granny what happens when beastboy gets serious *His usual self* xD “Dadi”=granny We are here to meet you again…. oh i made a little noise Oh no, Oh no, Oh no granny is running fast like a superhero :O i heard the noise of granny, running like a maniac in the lobby if you fell down , No one’s going to carry you to the hospital *Weird laugh* Oh, no i made that sound again, granny will run again after me like a maniac *Control beast* Don’t laugh like that or i will beat you granny let’s escape with granny’s car…..wait , no. Not this time. let’s escape from the front door today i use the car everytime but not today Granny must be tired by buying new car everytime Oh no… I made that noise again. What is this anyway? Granny, did you vomit here? Did you vomit everywhere? i am right behind you granny I really don’t need this car key because i think i should not escape with car this time. I am bored by doing the same thing again and again let’s go from the main door today Now i need cutting pliers and master key and many more things for that door Oh, there is one cogwheel right here. great So now i know the location of both cogwheels Come on granny, should i do it again? hahahahaha granny , you are totally dumb You can’t catch me like that. *made the sound again* Granny’s after me again πŸ™ Oh no πŸ™ You can’t catch me granny. Forget it OMG Granny is not leaving me alone for even a sec now Damn these crackling floors Granny you should repair these floors , they are making so much sound How am i going to save myself like this? Oh no i am dead it didn’t go off πŸ™ I am sick of this granny. she closed the gate again. lemme make this room a mess You forgot, you were the one who closed me inside this room, stupid I can’t even see her dude The biggest problem is the “crackling sound” because… “See what i mean* Now granny will run like a *interrupted* Granny you are fast AF Is she here? That was close… OMG, granny is after me again, like a maniac Heres my car key Leave me alone granny i need to find things ASAP What’s this?? Finally weapon key, now i can kill her Come on granny, i am ready Yes, granny is coming hahahaa Take that. How that injection tasted , get out of my way Get out of my way. Only for thirty seconds? That’s not fair. It such a short period of time Please don’t do that to me πŸ™ OMG, why you have to do that to me πŸ™ I don’t even know where she is going to respawn Well, whatever. at least i have this with me is anything here? Nope, nothing in the bathroom she is coming already? 30 seconds passed? Let’s her come first. i don’t trust her 30 seconds is such a short period of time. it’s just not fair OMG, look how many locks have she used Well i am dead Granny used so many locks this time How much rich are you granny? Who uses this much of locks You have something precious in this house or what? So many locks man. are you serious? From which side she is going to come? I am full of stress right now. it feels like i am playing a shooting game i am saying the truth god dammit I got only one chance to kill her Take that Man , 30 second only πŸ™ just a tv here. i don’t want to watch tv right now. i want something important Something which i can use to escape Ohi got the code actually, i should use this code first , quickly where is it. oh here okay at least we did something Where’s my crossbow? Don’t hide my crossbow game Now lemme investigate. What’s this? OMG let’s knock this down and see what we got we got both lemme check here too. what’s in here i don’t have to be scared till i have this crossbow with me. i can move around in granny’s house as much as i want I will knock her down one more time and i’ll take the screwdriver with me and we’ll see what’s there Okay, granny’s here I had to do it, granny Don’t make me put this screwdriver in those eyes of yours Don’t mess with me now now i am scared as i don’t have crossbow with me anymore i am always scared if i don’t have my weapon with me her floors are one of the bad things too. Okay what’s in here? Padlock key (nope) *he is confused b/w padlock and playstore * i have cogwheels too. i don’t have to worry about anything. let’s get it over with ok, so here’s one It’s car battery. i don’t need it. We will escape from front but i still have to go to the car with it’s key because we can find hammer in the car or something important so granny is above me, so i can investigate down here. That’s very good Come on fast. he is too slow man lemme see if hammer is here…..nope Oh, there is no photo in hard mode? I don’t need a part of shotgun Where is my weapon anyway? Oh here it is Where is granny? where is she? Oh here… Get out of my way granny :/ or i will beat you Now i can finally investigate other places But granny sometimes respawn here so i need to be quick What’s this , a spark plug. no it’s a part of shotgun. i don’t need this I should check the other places fast What’s this….oh 2nd cogwheel. now we can get the master key Let’s kill granny first then we’ll proceed is she here? yes. take this granny… Stay here granny and i’ll take this cogwheel So it can be master key or a safe key i can’t think of anything else. but I am sure it is master key is it padlock key? nope. it’s master key. i knew it oh there’s the switch ohhh. i need screwdriver for this that’s smart. this is the switch for the main door i know where the screwdriver is. i bring it right away Okay so let’s get it over with Come on. Now if i tell you. i need the car key so i am going to drop this screwdriver here to make the sound Okay so granny will come this side now and i will go from the other side I hope granny is not here I think granny is not here. That’s nice Let’s go up and get the car key here it is, let’s kick this doll now. Granny will be coming here and we will be gone from the bathroom granny i have to be smart for this mode huh? You are intelligent but not more than me hahahaha Oh no , i still need too many things God dammit Okay this is our chance. i should go right now hahahahaha yeah, laugh like an idiot granny. laugh more I made some noise so granny must be coming for me we got the hammer so now we can go on the top floor and can break the padlock i mean…that….i mean that stupid wooden thing or something on the main gate Should in go now. no , she will catch me i don’t want to risk it No granny i am fine here. just go away or i’ll kick your ass Go away or you can see the hammer. right? Just one hit on the head and boom Oh man granny dropped some bear traps. it’s too risky now Oh no, how am i going to escape now If i get stuck here she will kill me i am pretty sure i will mess this up Oh i forgot to turn on that switch but i think i am safe fro now i should have turned on that smoke i am safe okay granny’s gone Oh another one. But i can make it Right? Come on bruh I made it You are still a noob in your job granny xD Okay, what should i do ……..❌3 I have to go up as well as at the main door Let’s see, what can we do Let’s make some noise first Okay, now granny will come here, let’s go to the other side Then i will break that plank on the main gate Okay , it’s done. great. Now i just have to go up Let’s make that noise again and let’s go We are just playing with granny at this point xD Where is she? btw Okay let’s go. I don’t think she is here. She is definitely downstairs I made too much noise Granny must be coming for me now Let’s take this plank and hide. coz i made some noise. She must be coming I didn’t got cutting pliers yet. i need those too. Go away granny. You see this? You see this plank right? you should stay away from me this is our chance Where is she going? She is mad. Let’s break the camera. hahahahaha I don’t need the engine part Okay what’s in here? OMG, i need cutting pliers for this Grannnyyy, come here fast let’s go , this is our chance. go go go go go no no no no no no You see this hammer right? go away. I said just go away Holy shit, that was scary Go away granny, will ya? I want to see in that room too. What’s in there i must get something imp. from there. maybe meat so that i can go to spider Let’s see I think padlock key is up there where the spider is. Go away granny. what the hell You got some problems? I should just go down i think I also have to find those stupid cutting pliers So she made me jump down after all I don’t need this stupid gasoline Oh now she is coming down Oh what’s in here? But i don’t need wrench. it’s useless It is only used to fix the engine part. but i don’t have to do that Okay so let’s check this out. Oh meat is here That;s great. if meat is here so now we can go to the spider Granny, i just kicked your doll’s butt xD Let’s call granny first Come on granny, be quick Your teddy is in danger granny come on Messing with me? xD Go away granny. go away or i’ll beat you I hope i will get the cutting pliers there Your lunch is here spidy Eat it good boy xD Damn it . Spark plug. i don’t need this Wasted my whole time Now i need to think about the place where i can get cutting pliers I am very confused, where should i go? wait a min. there is one place where i didn’t went yet and that place is this car’s space damn, it’s empty. and i made some noise too Let’s try to run run run run run OMG, i actually did it. Hahahaha granny is so dumb Granny can’t catch me Where should i look for these cutting pliers I searched every single place is there any place left? OMG, i made the noise again Oh, what’s this. nothing Too much noise Have i checked that place where there is meat hanging there. i don’t think so I checked this place right? OMG, i am such an idiot and i was thinking about this place earlier too Now we have cutting pliers we can do many things We can get the safe key now, and then the padlock key now i have to go up quickly Let’s go asap so that we can get the safe key Right? this is our only chance Oh i needed this cutting pliers at the main door also. i forgot i could have used it before coming here. Okay no problem, we will come again Okay here it is Alright let’s do this Granny is coming…..omg that was a close one i will drop the cutting pliers too so that we can be quick with this ok granny bye bye i was nice meeting you. bye let’s take these as we have to use it on the main door we can fall down from there? :/ i didn’t knew that :/ let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, Oh, here’s my cutting pliers, that’s great no problem lets check this safe now So in the melon huh? we will get the padlock key in the melon we got the melon, let’s check it out *OMG* Damn, i am predicting everything in this game xD So granny is just above me, so let’s go and open the padlock We can actually do this guys Like i am actually going to tell you stupid woman Ok where is it? it’s done Now that’s great Now i need cutting pliers again for the main door I have an idea, let’s make some sound here and we’ll go for the cutting pliers after that You can’t granny xD OMG , the battery is still missing for the main door I didn’t got the battery. Will the car battery do? nope, it’s for the car Okay, let’s cut the wire first It’s done. great Now what about the battery? that’s the problem now πŸ™ Can i use car battery there? I did everything, that’s the last lock which is left. The battery one Car battery will not do, that’s totally stupid I opened every single lock. this is the last one *Still saying Car battery* nope , it’s not there too. Where can i find this car battery…..oh i mean battery Oh no, granny must be coming too Holy shit, granny came from this side. that scared me *lol* That long xD I am sick of your bullshit granny and where did you hide that shitty battery, i can’t find it πŸ™ Please help me πŸ™ *THE SAME MEAT ROOM* is it here and i am repeating the same mistake……. (Yup it’s here xD ) OMG, i am such a big idiot :/ I am sick of this meat room bullshit Omg granny is alive again I should kill granny first. i am not going to risk it Granny is coming, Granny is coming Come on granny, come come come Not today granny xD i am busy today. go away I said go away stupid or i’ll break your teeth by stepping on it xD Let’s just get the hell outta here That was amazing It’s hard mode guys….remember….hard mode :O it’s crazy right? also not to mention ….with extra locks and…. i did it let’s take the master key now and get out of here Bye granny, i hope we will meet soon maybe today, or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow xD I ran away like crazy dude xD Granny couldn’t do anything xD That’s right granny πŸ˜€ If you did, then make sure to leave a “LIKE” and tell your friends to subscribe we need to reach 1 mil before new year ( ^_^) Seriously guys , share this right now. because sharing is caring. okay? and i know you guys loved this video so turn “on” notification right now so that you won’t miss uploads like these which are going to come pretty soon

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