HACKER FOUND OUR SAFE HOUSE! First To Find PZ9 Wins $10,000 24 HOURS Challenge

HACKER FOUND OUR SAFE HOUSE! First To Find PZ9 Wins $10,000 24 HOURS Challenge

– Hey spy ninjas, someone
has been in our safe house while we were away. The only thing we found was
this floppy disc right here, so let’s find out who was in our house. – I’ll plug it into the UDC. – Okay, oh my gosh. – It’s plugging in. – What’s on this disc? – There’s a video file! It’s open, I could play it right now. – Okay ready? – Three, two, one, play. – (groans) The spy ninjas ruined my life so I’m gonna find out
where their safe house is and ruin theirs. (Daniel and Regina gasping) – [Chad] PZ9! – He was here? – PZ9 knows where I live? – Let’s see what he has to say! – PZ9, why are you so interested in taking over the spy ninja safe house? Easy question! Ever since I opened up
my own YouTube channel and have gotten so many
views and subscribers, I want more of that. – Wait, he’s promoting
his channel right now? – Oh come on, come on.
– Are you serious? – I mean what if he does end up getting more subscribers than us Vy? – (gasps) Oh no! All right guys, make sure,
look underneath this video right now, look for the
red subscribe button, click it and then click the bell button and make sure it’s ringing. – Ding, ding! – Ding, ding! – Ding, ding! – There’s no way PZ9 will ever
get more subscribers than us. – Now in order to find out the
location of their safe house, all I gotta do is a
little bit of research. So let’s go way back
and see when they first encountered Project Zorgo. It all started on April 21, 2018. – This just comes off. – [Chad] Ohh! – Here’s the speaker. – [Chad] It goes super
deep, super like tall. – It’s like really dark and
I was like, oh my gosh Chad, we needa get the camera and
like share this with you guys. – [Chad] What’s in there you think? – I don’t know. – They had no idea that they
we’re even being targeted by the infamous Project Zorgo. – You remember that Daniel? Cause you used to work for them back then! You were instrumental
in getting us involved in this whole thing. – You learn to forgive and forget right? – (gasps) I mean forgive,
but maybe never forget. I’ll never forget the first
time I met you Daniel. – Oh. (laughs) – Let’s keep watching. – Let’s jump forward a couple of months. They started working with Regina. They turned her safe house
into the spy ninja safe house. They thought it was all safe until they started letting
guests into their home. Good ol’ pal Joseph Banks. If I can just find out
where he is right now and extract the information from him, then I know where the safe house is. Yeah look at that, Joseph
Banks’s place of residence. Joseph Banks, the third. – Hello there odd fellow,
how can I help you? – [PZ9] Tell me where the spy ninjas are. – The spy ninjas? I’m just an old crazy
man looking at rocks. – He doesn’t remember the spy ninjas, us? (Joseph mutters) – [PZ9] Spit it out old man! – Eh, crazy old man. – What is he doing, he’s
not even speaking English! – Oh, my back, oh. – [PZ9] Oh my goodness. – You have nothing for my back pain? – [PZ9] Gah, you’re useless! – Good job Joseph Banks for
not spoiling the location of the safe house. Thank you for not telling PZ9. (PZ9 laughing) – I found it! I know my way into the
spy ninja safe house. It’s Dax, what an idiot! (laughs) He definitely knows who I am, so I think I’m gonna use
some of my YouTube clout and find Dax and give
him a little shout out, how about that? (laughs) Look at this dude tryin’
to carry these boxes. Looks like he’s barely managing. Hey, I said hey! – There’s Dax!
– Look there it is! – He’s carrying boxes. – Delivering Fed Ex packages. – [PZ9] Uh, excuse me. – Huh, whoa! Oh man, aren’t you like, PZ9? Like girls ask me all the
time if I’m PZ9 and I tell ’em yeah, let’s kick it. – [PZ9] Hey Dax, what about
you tell me where you’re going for a shout out on my channel? – PZ9’s obviously just
trying to trick you Dax. – He just wants you to lead him here. – We’re almost there. – [PZ9] All right, come on. – Just a couple more coblox. (laughs) – [PZ9] There’s nothing even in there. – I don’t know guys, it
seems like Dax is actually leading PZ9 to this house. It looks like our neighborhood! – I think he’s just
gonna walk by our house, I don’t think he’s gonna bring him here. – Hey PZ9, I don’t feel so good about my morality and stuff, gotta go. Peace, love, thanks, bye. – [PZ9] What the heck? If this idiot’s not gonna
take me to this safe house, maybe he could just
lead me there! (laughs) – Yeah, PZ9’s just gonna follow Dax! Go somewhere else.
– Oh no! Don’t deliver those packages
here, PZ9’s gonna see it! – Oh!
– He’s right behind you dude! (heavy breathing) – [PZ9] Yup. (everyone gasping) – There’s those boxes! – There’s the lion! – PZ9 is at the safe house! This video must have been
filmed a couple days ago cause we hadn’t opened those boxes yet. – We were still in California! (PZ9 laughing) – [PZ9] Wow, front door. (grunting) Of course it’d be locked! I gotta find an alternative. But they still have the side gate here. – Yeah you can’t get up through that gate. – Mm mm, gotta code on it. – [PZ9] Mask analyze. 0h, (laughs) dirty dirty spy ninjas leaving behind some evidence. This must be the substance
that’s on the key pad. – Flaming hot Cheetos,
who was eating those? – [Regina] Show me your fingers. – Not me, it was Vy, you
love flaming hot Cheetos! – Your Cheeto fingers
got all over the numbers! – He can see what buttons you pushed now! – Oh no, oh! – You gotta lick your fingers
after your done eating. – Yeah! – Or at least ask me to. – Ew! – Don’t let it go to waste! – Maybe I just have to
take a couple of guesses, and I’ll bust my way in here! (laughs) (buttons beeping) (PZ9 groans) (buttons beeping) Oh green light! (laughs) Green light means go. – He got in!
– Oh no! – He got in! Oh my gosh, I never thought
hot Cheetos would be my enemy. – But guys there’s all these
other protected doors here, he can’t get in the safe
house, maybe in the backyard. – That’s true, they’re all locked. – I give you the VIP access
tour of the safe house! It looks even nicer in person. This one (grunts), oh yes,
it moved, just a little bit! Almost inside the safe house. – Don’t break the door! K, these doors are locked,
he won’t be able to get in. – I guess I’ll just have to
do it the old fashioned way. They left some tools out here. This is exactly what I need to get in. – Daniel aren’t those your tools? – I never used a tool in my life before. – Really? – Those are actually my tools,
I have to admit, I’m sorry. I left them outside, I shouldn’t
have, I forgot. (groans) – What are you building Chad? – Chad! – Oh, oh! – Sorry, wait, but maybe he didn’t get in, let’s keep watching. – Now kids, if you’re not a Project Zorgo and you’re not evil,
don’t try this at home. (tool drilling) (Vy gasping) – Oh shoot! How’d he do that? – What tool is that? – Let’s enter. First thing’s first, I gotta be careful of any security cameras
they might have set up here. Any spy cameras around here? Okay, who knows, maybe they stole my trick and put cameras in that bear too. (gasps) Oh VID! Now I know how I’m gonna
fool all of the spy ninjas. – Let me check the security cameras again. – Daniel take the camera. – [Chad] Hey what’s that? – [Vy] Wait, wait, wait,
there’s a movement! – [Chad] I see movement! Whoa! – [Vy] He looks like a frog! – [Chad] Oh my (mutters),
that’s definitely PZ9, I see the outfit! (girls screaming) He’s rolling around! (PZ9 grunts) – Oh! – And he took out the camera! – Is he gonna find this one too? – [Regina] It seems he’s headed. – [Vy] Oh no he’s crawling,
oh he’s got! (gasps) I gotta check the security cameras! In here, yeah, okay now, get it! (Vy grunts) (girls screaming) – [Chad] We did it! – We’re good with all
the security cameras, let’s go see what else he did. – [Chad] Yes. – Now that all the cameras are taken down and the spy ninjas aren’t here, maybe it’s time to see what it’s like to actually be a spy ninja. – No. – He’s gonna sit in the bean bag. (PZ9 sighs) – No! – Gross, throw it out. – Ah, this is nice. Wait, what am I doing here again? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m here for clout. Whoa, is this the 10 thousand
dollar box challenge? Ah yeah, yeah, lemme try
some of that, yeah, yeah. Now they said whoever breaks this box gets to keep all the money inside. I guess I’m about to be 10
thousand dollars richer! (laughs) (PZ9 grunting) – We used ninja gadgets to open that, we still couldn’t open it. – None of this is working. This wouldn’t be a spy ninja safe house if there weren’t ninja gadgets! – Oh gosh. (gadget banging) (sword banging) – I’m wasting my time. If my original plan works
for getting subscribers, then I won’t need 10 thousand
dollars from this box, I’ll just get it from YouTube. – That’s why all my ninja
gadgets were left out! Remember when we got
back here and I was like who put all my ninja gadgets on the floor? It was PZ9 did it! – Now we all know what’s
in this room right? Regina’s secret room where she has all of her secret experiments going on. Let’s take a look, shall we? – I have to go check if PZ9
went into my secret room, bye! – Okay yeah, let’s go. – No, no, no, no, no! – Yeah. – What are you doing? – Let’s see. – No! – I wanna see what’s in here! – No, I need to check for myself if PZ9 went into my secret room. I know what it looks like, you don’t. – We won’t know if it’s
been tampered with or not, only Regina would know
cause only she’s seen the inside of it. – I’ve only seen like a
black curtain in there, so I don’t even know if
there’s anything in there. – [Chad] Whoa! – [Daniel] The black curtain’s gone! – It’s gonna take a lot
of time to figure out if he messed with my stuff,
so just keep watching. – [Chad] Okay, okay. – [Vy] Is that coming in? – Get out of here. – Okay, all right, back to the video. – She’s confusing. – Okay, all right, let’s watch this thing. – [Regina] Get out of my swamp! – It’s me PZ9. – [Regina] Busy playing Roblox. – I thought you were still in California. – [Regina] Can you buy
me some chicken nu– Get out of my swamp! Respect my privacy! – Ah, how clever, automated
voice security system huh? – That’s why every time I try
to go in Regina’s secret room, I touch the handle and
she’s like leave outta here, or give me (laughs). Well she doesn’t say leave outta here, but she says like I’m
in here, don’t come in! – I guess I’ll figure out
what’s in here eventually. – Go, go, go! – [Everyone] Regina! – Hey Regina, I don’t
think he went in there, you can come back out! – Yeah come on, come out! – Regina, oh God, oh! – [Chad] PZ9 didn’t, whoa, a football? Why you gotta helmet on? – What, what are you talking about? – PZ9 didn’t go in there,
we just watched the video. Every time he touched the handle, he heard your voice so
he didn’t go inside. – Oh really, great. My automated voice security system worked! – What’s with the helmet?
– [Chad] Good job! – Huh?
– What’s with the helmet? – [Chad] And the football? – I didn’t have a helmet or football. – [Chad] Yes, I saw it. – Let’s go continue, come on. – [Chad] Go, go, go, go. – Let’s keep exploring. Maybe there’s some spy
ninja recyclables in here. (groans) Hey, look what we have here, An apple watch. Let’s go inside and inspect this bad boy. Aw, it’s the Apple watch that I smashed. I think Daniel’s keeping it as a memento of our friendship. (laughs) Wait a minute, the last time I saw Daniel with an Apple watch, his was fixed. – No wait, what, what, what. – Your broken apple watch Daniel. – Didn’t he do that to you? – [Daniel] PZ9 smashed my Apple
watch with a sledge hammer. – I thought you threw that thing away. – I did, I put it in the
recycling bin, but then I went. – Wait, what’s that? – At Vidcon, I saw them
operating on my Apple watch and fixing the screen. He put it down over there. – Huh?
– Let’s look. – Look at this. – [Chad] It’s right there! – [Daniel] It’s right here! – Wait a minute, then
who’s Apple watch is this? – This is not yours? – Maybe it’s not, no
wonder I’ve been getting these weird messages from
someone named Janice. – Janice? – Yeah. – Who’s that? – I don’t know, it’s not my Apple watch. – Well, have you been
responding to Janice? – Yeah, she’s really nice. – What? – I’m going to her house Thursday for brownies and eggs (laughs). – Brownies and eggs that
doesn’t sound very good. – [Regina] Ew, don’t go. – She might be a hacker,
she probably works for Project Zorgo Daniel, you better not. – I gotta take this off. – Yeah, yeah, gimme
this, gimme this, quick! (Vy yells) – (grunts) Poof, it’s long gone now! – Ah man, so I don’t have
an Apple watch anymore. You threw it in the pool, right Chad? Electronics and water don’t
mix well, so you broke it. – Yeah so the tracking
device now is broken and they can’t track us anymore. – So you know what, that
means I can still wear it and they’re not gonna be
able to track us anymore. – [Regina] Yeah, what’s the point though? – I love the look of the Apple watch, I’m nothing without it. Uh, and here it is! – [Regina] Oh my gosh! Okay, so it doesn’t work, but at least it’ll make me look stellar. Let’s go back in and review the footage. – One thing I definitely wanna check is their fridge, I’m hungry! Oh, oh what, no! – Oh, he got hit by the water. – That worked, see, that’s the trap that I made with Regina, it worked, yes! – [Regina] Good job! – It’s gonna look like I peed
myself on the security camera. I just have to change
my clothes, that’s all. Bathroom’s right this way (gasping). I just hope they have some
extra towels or somethin’. Whoa, wait, I’m uh, oh
snap, what the heck? – He’s afraid of it. – Oh my gosh (gasps)
he’s afraid of spiders! – [PZ9] (whimpering) Uh yeah, it’s fake, I knew it all along it was fake. Oh yeah, does this look familiar? Do these look familiar? It’s my ninja outfit, the one
that Justin stole from me. – Right, Justin took
it off in our bathroom and changed his clothes. – Now I can get out of
these casual clothes and swap into something
that’s more my style. (intense music) (laughs) I’m back in black! – Oh my gosh! – And he’s putting his
black glove back on. – I’m back in my old outfit,
there’s no spy ninjas here, and I’m ready to get more subscribers! Let’s party! (upbeat music) (PZ9 laughing) I think Regina needs to
take care of her yard a little bit better. PZ9, the best ever! (upbeat music) (laughs) This place is
so much more magical when you’re eating in it! (laughs) I never seen this room before. – We don’t even go in this room, I always forget about
this room in this house. – Yeah we never show this to anyone. – Your boy can get used to this. All my dreams finally
materializing in front of me. – Is he still here right now? Cause we haven’t even gone in there yet. – (gasps) You’re right! – We better go in there right away, he might still be in there. – We gotta be quiet, let’s
get some ninja gadgets. – We gotta be quiet, he
might still be in there. – Probably sleeping. – Or snoring, like someone I know. – I don’t snore, I just breathe loudly. – [Daniel] You hear anything? – I don’t hear anything. – [Daniel] Very slowly. – Okay. He’s right there, he’s right there. – [Daniel] What? (gasps) Oh my gosh, look at all the food! – Wait a minute, those are
all my chicken nuggets. – We’ve gotta sneak up on him. If all four of us surround him, we’ll be able to overpower him. When he wakes up, he’s gonna freak out so we gotta be prepared. Let’s go quietly, okay. Psst, psst. – Mom, it’s too early for school. – School? – School, there’s no school! – [Daniel] Wake up! What are you doing? Hey! – Um, funny story, whoa, get this, I just randomly appeared here huh, yeah? – No. – No, you didn’t, you
snuck into our safe house. – What are you doing here? – I will. (Chad yelling) – [Vy] What? – We’re handcuffed! No, hey! – [Daniel] Hey wait! – [Chad] Let us out of this!

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