Guys , Girls and Self Defence

Guys , Girls and Self Defence

Ok , Take one Card You Can Show me it’s fine Hold it in your left hand All right , now tell me something , Why do you think people do Magic ? Entertainment , to look cool there’s also one important reason Self Defence πŸ˜› Hahaha…come here Im not gonna beat you up πŸ˜› Let Me Explain with story about a guy named Shaun It begins in a bar , He goes to the bar one night there he sees this really hot girl , the queen of hearts he goes up to her , starts talking flirting , having a feww drinks and by the end of the night she’s coming home with him That’s aweosme yeah , a beautiful girl coming home , There was also this really hot girl , A friend of the Queen of Hearts The Queen Of Diamonds She also likes hims and wants to come home with him, but she wants to leave the quenn of hearts out , now tell me who would you choose ? Spectator : Whos Hotter ? Me:Both are equally hot Me:It’s really hard choice Spec : I’ll take’em both Me : Take’em both , exactly , they both decide to go home with him in the end They are comfortable with each other They both like shaun awesome huh probably the best of his life but you know what it sucked because when he went home he found out that the 2 most beautiful , gorgeous women he ever took home turned out to be guys [Reactions] (Sorry about the swearing , I don’t know how to use get the beep) Now that he’s found out that they are 2 guys what does he do ? he makes a run for it ? all right so shaun is being chased by 2 guys he thinks he’s gotten away but these guys are faster [Reactions] He tries again this time he tries running but these 2 guys are equally persistent watch this [Reactions] I told you that you can do magic before yeah ?? So , now he’s figured that theres no point trying to run he has to use magic , self defence πŸ˜› he goes into this room and closes it and hes followed by the jack of spades say the magic words Spec : Abracadabra Somehow he escapes from that room and the guy is locked in it [Reactions] and the other guy without his partner is practically the same girl thats for you thats for you

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  1. certainly not my best performance but considering i found out about the contest just a day ago and had to do everything including making up the routine , shooting .etc im pretty happy πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

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