27 Replies to “Guard dogs, security cameras to keep El Chapo in jail”

  1. but el chapo didnt escape the fucking prison he was let out , you think he dug that long as tunnel with a motorcycle waiting for him down there? Obviously not the government or someone with high power helped fund that tunnel and the cops in that prison most definetly knew. Wouldnt be suprised if he escaped again but this time he just magically walked out the prison.

  2. Ever wonder why there is never a drone strike on a cartel or on an afghan opium field? because the money flows to the top. Gary Webb was murdered for exposing this in his book dark alliance. These cartels operate with the full blessing and support of the CIA, thats why the DEA gets reprimanded from the white house for following certain trails. fuck the shadow govt.

  3. people, people…it very well known down here , in Mexico that , kingpins, crooked politicians, and people of influence are allowed to get out of prison to attend family party's soccer games and visit their girlfriends outside, on the regular basis…sad but true…

  4. If they really want El chapo to stop, why they dont kill him like Escobar when they raid him?
    And how the fack everytime they Capture him he is only with 5-10 guards? As far as people saying he is moving with 100 people arround at least.
    Having billions of money and almost zero protection? come on…
    We are at 2016 i hope you realize that people who own so much money and power are working with Goverment for sure.

  5. money laundering what a crock of shit , bloody media if they have'nt got a story " oh we'll make one up " same the world over – they should be stopped from doing this , not only in this case but all the others as well it totally sucks that they get away with this.

  6. Sad that all yous judge others GOD SAID …HE THAT HAS NO SIN CAST THE FRIST STONE………..the gov.is the worst mafia in the world

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