Guard Beats Bank Robber to the Shot | Active Self Protection

Guard Beats Bank Robber to the Shot | Active Self Protection

I wish every bank robbery went just like this one does. Hi everyone, its John with today’s active self-Protection lesson out of Rockford Illinois; It’s a bank robbery that goes very badly for the bank robber. Going to learn some important lessons here about preparedness About Awareness about putting shots on Target And we’re going to think about some of the legal and moral repercussions of defending ourselves against the bank robber. It’s just a typical day in this bank There’s not any business going on, and the guy in the black car on the left there is our perp And he comes in, you can see the guard on the right, and it’s about to go down. Guy comes in and Announces an armed robbery and the guard draws his gun and starts the gunfight puts one shot on him there; puts another one there; looks like a third one; has to clear a malfunction, Puts a fourth one in him there, and then the bad guy is going to die right there in The doorway and now it’s all about the follow-up. Let’s go over and look at it from another angle as we see it from the Lobby here. You’re going to see the armed robber come in and when our guard Actually sees him you’re going to see the gunfight Go down as this gun comes out, puts the first shot towards him. now you see a negligent discharge from the armed robber and our Defender there, right there, You can see again has to clear a malfunction in the gun, puts a last shot in him and then the guy Collapses in the doorway there and now our guard has to take follow-up actions. I’m going to speed it up just for the sake of time here, so you can see and make sure everybody’s okay, And then go over and secure the guy’s gun And then finally put his gun away and put some cuffs on him that he has. now everybody’s going to start getting on the phone with 911 and getting the cops there and thankfully this one is over and the only person hurt was the armed robber who took the room temperature challenge. Now let’s go and learn some lessons out of this one, and we’re always, you know, at a deficit as defenders So you’ve got to be responsive, and you got to be able to respond quickly So we see the guard here see this guy with a gun up in his hand that says hey I’m announcing an armed robbery And he’s got to go and get that gun. Getting your gun out, on target and first shot on target is the most important skill you have as a self defender, as a firearms carrier And you can see him get the gun out. now I want to notice here Look at how far forward his support hand is. He doesn’t get a good two-handed grip on this gun. He’s really in a rush to get that first shot off and his left hand was very far forward. Thankfully I don’t have any reports that he shot himself, but he didn’t help his grip any by floating his hand way out there which is why we say you gotta train to get that hand on the gun quickly and get it out there driven out in front of you with a two-handed grip. Thankfully, he was able to at least get the F.I.B.S.A. factor (Fudge, I’m Being Shot At) on this guy. Now, you notice that there was some cover here, some concealment. And so this guy was behind it, so our good guy gets his second hand off the gun to lean over. You need to learn how to lean around concealment with two hands on the gun. That’s an important skill. But thankfully that the bad guy wasn’t very good and so he was able to get a shot off and finally here We’re going to see this guard put a shot in this guy, I mean his rear end actually, And you know we ask the question is that okay? Well given the moment that he’s rolling around still looking like he’s in the fight that shot was okay If he had shot him again, I don’t know that it would have been okay But thankfully he didn’t have to and he didn’t. once the guy clearly showed that he was headed out the door He stopped. now when we go back to the other angle There’s some more to learn here as well And I want to again talk about his draw because if you notice here our defender is getting his gun out But he jerks that gun out so hard you notice that it floated way away from his body. This is why we work on good mechanics So that you’re faster, and more reliable because I don’t think that this first shot was exactly what he wanted. now It was effective enough because the guy got away from them But you notice it didn’t stop the threat. Now the bad guy had a negligent discharge There which bad guys are apt to do they don’t practice firearm safety But we want to put that first shot in as effective a place as we Possibly can so that we’re not having these kinds of gun fights with bad guys. Now you Notice that he rolled away a couple of times and then our good guy had to lean over the concealment. If he’d have really known what he was doing He might have been able to put shots through that concealment to get some diminishment of his attacker But you know those are very difficult to do without a lot of training And then finally you see him clear a malfunction there. Clearing that malfunction if you induced one as a user is incredibly important knowing how to do that Yeah, because they do happen in real life. Finally Let’s talk about follow-up actions: this guy’s going to go and because he has to stay in the vicinity of a downed attacker he’s going to go and disarm him. Be very careful doing that as a self defender; unless you have to I’d Recommend you just stay away from the guy keep him covered, but because this guy is an armed guard. That’s part of his responsibility so to be very Careful in doing it. All in all this guard protected him and everyone around him, did a fine job; a few things to work on To help us all more effectively cover our ASP. you you you

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  1. Why are there comments on this video about the race of the perp? First off, it's irrelevant. Secondly, you're likely wrong about the race thing here. So stop.

  2. This robber was to eager to rob the bank without planing, very good action of the security officer… South African's will say give this man a Bells Whiskey 🙂

  3. Bruh secure the gun wym the gun was far from him he could’ve still lived you didn’t have to shoot him an extra 2 times 😤😤😤😤

  4. 🤔💭…my man did a JOHN WAYNE on the, now deceased Local Terrorist… Amazing moves to the Guard…
    Much RESPECT❗

  5. Hey it's Fat Boy. Going to race thing. You see if the person is black what you do, in terms of self-defense, is you get on your knees and you say black men sir please please please let me live please I will perform fellatio for you if that makes you happy here's all my things please please let me live and if you're lucky he may like how you perform fellatio on him and then maybe he'll just you know wound you. But if it's a white guy you know you got to blow his brains out as soon as possible.

  6. I love to see instant justice delivered. No greedy lying lawyers. No phony bleeding heart courts. No prison and parole garbage. Just immediate justice. This guard deserves a huge raise in salary, a medal and a paid vacation of his choosing paid for by the bank.

  7. 3:07 Notice all the employees hit the dirt as one of the females darted into the side room immediately. Great reaction time. The male teller saw the gunman first, as the guard was looking at the teller. As soon as the guard saw the teller's eyes pop out of his head and he fell to the ground, the guard turned to see the robber. 'Really happy this potential robbery ended in quick immediate justice.

  8. I think the guard hit his gun, you can see the cylinder fly out and he drops it when he rolls away agonizing because his hand is hit. It may have blew up in his hand.

  9. Did anybody other than myself see that the guard was the last one to react. He was kind of looking at them like what are you jumping on the floor.

  10. Great turn out. Amagine having nothing going on for months and one day this happened so fast. Phew. That guy gets a raise. Make it a raise and a bonus.

  11. CNN hate thing like this, next time banks need to put up gun free zone sign" that would have stop him from coming in ,in first place!

  12. I'm in Texas if you come at me with a gun I'm going to shoot even if you turn and run so bullets will hit you in the back and guess what? Texas jury's have a habit of NOT prosecuting people who protect themselves and if that means you put a couple bullets in someone's back then so be it. Shouldn't have made a law biding citizen feel like they had no choice but to protect themselves. That's your bad…..

  13. Not good awareness by the guard the fact the tellers reacted fast. He needs to be watching the door and not just the tellers.

  14. The banking system🧐 is the whole problem🐁🐀🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁. They want to do away with borders and the middle class. President Trump runs things not the media not circus Hollywood😂 Re-elect Donald Trump in 2020 clean the swamp build the wall🤫🥴🤪🤨

  15. robbers gun jammed after his misfire. he tries to clear it but gets shot. thats when he tries to roll away. crazy thing is the robber would have been better to close the distance at that point, but its prob hard to charge a gun close quarters

  16. Good job for the security guard, excellent reaction and cold blood control!
    ps: the owners of the bank should get a automatic security door for the security of the employe!!!!

  17. He shot a unarmed man in the back .. obviously the guard wasn't in total control of himself. Granted the heat of the moment, but once the man turned his back and fled, circumstances change .. And of course I'm wrong for saying this .. WATCH the comments .. lol!!

  18. 0:36 I woulda yelled robber then ducked the security guard didn’t even get a heads up how stupid of this young man to not give your bodyguard the only person able to defend you with a gun a heads up so as to not get killed idiot

  19. That guard could have saved those employees lives. Many years ago I was a bank teller and was robbed. I was the one the robber chose that day to give the note to and rob my till. We were all very lucky that day the robber didn't have a gun on him. (We later found this out through law enforcement) One of the scarier situations I have been in!

  20. Anyone find it odd that the girl in the back with the light Brown top ,at the 3:08 mark,seems to react almost too quickly, running for the door on her right, when everyone else, including the guard reacted much more slowly to the perp's entrance? Any possibility she knew the Perp and was in collusion with him, as she seemed to run off on cue?!In other words ,perhaps she "fingered" the bank for the heist.It just seems very suspicious to me.

  21. The first thing they tell you when becoming a security guard is that you are not a hero you are not a cop your life is more important than a criminal look and report that's it if you have no choice and your life is in danger then you fight for your life but if you have a choice let them steal what they want and report to proper authorities.

  22. How would u want bank robbery's to end like this
    You are a sociopath
    You want people to die to protect money you value a few thousand dollars over a person's life

  23. I dont wish every armed robber was killed though, Alot have fake guns, never want anyone hurt and are desperate or not in the right frame of mind. Only a handful deserve to die, are in the right frame of mind and would hurt people because thats who they are. Maybe this one deserved it but to say you wish all went this way to me is wrong.

     Room temp challenge, its someones son, father, brother. A little money isnt worth that life.

    Good video anyway

  24. This bank robber didn't count on the Security Guard having a gun!! Many Security Guards these days are not armed … not even in jewelry stores.

  25. yeah that guy coulda left out the front door and flanked right and pushed at a weird angle and old man might've lost that 1v1. this might be hard to win with a crossbow…

  26. Guards are usually ex cops or ex military. I never understood why people fuck with guards. They are not Paul Blart. They are working privately.

  27. At least that security guard was allowed to have a gun. I have seen some bank security guards who do not even have a gun.

  28. Technically, the guard should not have fired that last shot. The wannabe robber was fleeing and his gun was lying on the floor near the guard. However, this all happened so fast that I hope a reasonable jury would side with the guard (assuming there was even a trial). You can't expect a guy who is getting shot at to make perfect split-second decisions.

  29. Dumb ass, you never go up in a bank with guns blazing. Guard was like chatting with the tellers and just casually says y'all get the f down while he puts 4 rounds in the robber. Then says to the teller, yeah can I get that recipe
    from you on lunch break, we we were talkin about. I'll be right back, let me just go outside and watch dude breath his last breathe.

  30. I like to say go f yourself to anyone thinking race had a damn thing to do with it. Are you kidding me, you run up in a bank with a gun and ski mask on, you need to know there is good chance you could die. It doesn't matter if he lowered his gun and run out.

  31. He dropped the gun at the round table in front of the door before the final shot. He didn’t have the gun on him when he collapsed at the door. Still I don’t think the guard saw that.

  32. This bank guard did a wonderful jog of shoot or die!He even did a weapons clear while still in the fight.Stop arm chair dissecting his holster pull.He showed composure!Well done.


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