Google Play Protect: Around the Clock Protection

Google Play Protect: Around the Clock Protection

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  1. I wished infosec was as cool as Google says in this poorly made ad. Disgustingly pleasant for the average consumer

  2. oh Google, what have you done …
    fancy material design animations would be have been much better than this 3D meaningless stuff

  3. Neural networks actually look like this they actually have all these animations and everything built in it's pretty neat go to PC optimizer pro. Com for more info

  4. Can't believe someone (or a group of people rather) got paid to create this seemingly pointless and metaphorical representation of "Google Play Protect"…it's an art project, not an accurate demonstration or illustration of the function of it.

  5. I love the marketing around this and very engaging. I'm excited to see the new security levels taking up a notch and look forward to pushing this app down in our business environment marketplace. Keep up the great work 🙂

  6. Um hey android i might have an problem with my antivirus it said no threats detected but it had its an Samsung J2 Prime

  7. Thanks, Google, now please get rid of all the snake oil android "anti-virus" apps, that do more harm then good on noobs' phones.

  8. Can you inprove Play Protect? I mean to remove unwanted apps wich used exploits to gain root access without user concent. Remove that app with all its data and files,even tho is a 'system' app.

  9. Google play protect is best and don't allow any app root phone to damage hardware or change systems apps .
    if you get virus on android phone just need remove users apps to clean virus .
    Good luck google teams

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