Google Home and Google Assistant New Updates and New Features for September 30, 2018

Google Home and Google Assistant New Updates and New Features for September 30, 2018

Hello everyone. Thanks for tuning in
again. It’s time to get started with another Google Home and Google Assistant new features, new updates, and of course new products. Everything that is the
latest with the Google Home and Google Assistants. So let’s get going. The first
thing to talk about this week is actually the fact that this little
device right here, the Google Home Mini, was the top-selling speaker actually in
quarter 2 of 2018. So this captured 20% of the smart home
market, whereas the Amazon Echo Dot captured 18 percent. Now overall what
I’ll tell you is Amazon is still ahead because their Amazon Echo outperformed the larger Google Home device here, and the Google Home Max of course, but
ultimately we can see that lead eroding from Amazon. Something that you’ve likely expected was the case already was that Google Assistant was available on
Android Auto. Well that hasn’t been the case and it is now going to be the case
as Google rolls out updates to Android Auto in a number of countries. Now of
course with this there’s not going to be a keyboard, so you’re not able to type in
commands, Google obviously doesn’t want to promote you typing into an interface
in a car. Now the countries that will be getting Android Auto pushed out to them are Australia, France, Germany, the UK, and the United States. So kind of all the the
normal countries that we’re used to getting these kinds of features first,
but there you go. One of the things that we’re seeing is called digital wellbeing
and we know that both Apple and Google have been focusing on that, and they’ve
been trying to add that as an extra feature to their phones, to their
operating systems, and ultimately to the Google Home in this case, and the
Google’s Assistant settings now on top of that what we’re seeing is digital
wellbeing starting to show up in the settings applications in the next apk or
the next download of both the Google app and the Google Assistant app. Something
that was brought to my attention by actually one of
our followers here, Justin Harvey, is his name. I’ll leave his Twitter profile down
below, you can follow him, he kind of follows all the technology space just
like I do, and he pointed out that Roku, all of the TVs and the streaming boxes,
will be able to utilize the Google Assistant. So there’s integration coming
here right away through your Roku to search for TV show,s movies, etc., and go
ahead and get those playing on your device. So that integration is right away
here coming for Roku. On top of all of this we’ve seen Google consistently
adding new languages to their list of supported languages basically
for the Google Assistant and the Google Home. Now this week and actually last
week we started seeing Danish and Norwegian rollout for the Google
Assistant. So it’s not quite on the Google Home just yet, but you can use it
with Google Assistant. You’re going to be able to get both of those languages. One
thing that we’ve been hearing a lot about is the material theme design, and
we’ve been seeing little snippets of it here and ther,e but with devices like the
Lenovo Smart Display, JBL has one of course, and you know we’re basically on
pins and needles about the Pixel 3 here, but ultimately with those devices coming
out, Google Assistant is now getting the material theme design pushed out to it
all over the world, and what we’re seeing is those cards of information showing up
when we’re asking questions that Google wants to provide a visual response for
us. Something that’s been an interesting trend, and I didn’t quite understand this
functionality until I started reading about it here, recently the Sony Xperia
XZ3 is another phone that will have the Google Assistant on board. You’ll be able
to basically bring it up with the use of the power button actually I think you
double tap it if I remember correctly, but it’s getting some specialized
commands for that device through the Google Assistant. So it’s not just your
standard set of instructions that you have access to, you actually get a few custom commands with that. Things like
manipulating the camera, how it’s taking pictures. SimpliSafe is a home security
system with a $25 a month or $24.99 USD a month service fee that you can go ahead
and get professional monitoring for. So it’s kind of a do-it-yourself system
with SimpliSafe’s hub. Now SimpliSafe has gone ahead and they’ve created
integration with Google Home and Google Assistant, so you can go ahead and you
can actually arm your system, ask the status of your system, and get other
statuses from the SimpliSafe security system. Now you do have to have that $25 a month professional monitoring service. Something that I don’t think has been
out there quite as far-reaching as say a device like Circle by Disney is Google’s
Family Link. Now what this is is this is capability for you as a parent to limit
screen time. Now there are some requirements for what devices you have,
and what device your child has. They must have an Android device of 7.0 or better,
and if they don’t you can’t limit their time, but you can as the parent have an
iOS device of a certain level. I think it’s iOS 9, but I’ll leave a link down
below. You can go ahead and read all about Family Link by Google. It’s now
integrated with the Google Assistant. One last thing to talk about, Disney has added three basically text-based games to the Google
Assistant. We haven’t talked about kids for a little while her,e we haven’t
really seen the push from Google on the kids side as hard, but Disney has come
along with three games. They are Maui’s music game, the Disney Princess, and Toy
Story freeze dance. Now those games are obviously available through your Google
Assistant and your Google Home right now.

19 Replies to “Google Home and Google Assistant New Updates and New Features for September 30, 2018”

  1. We are just a few days from all the launches from Google and their partners. The last few months have definitely been about getting ready for those! What do you think is coming?

  2. Screen Time on Android? LOL. We just got screen Time on iOS 12!!! Interesting! Still waiting for Duplex, though… and Apple Music. South Korean support is finally here, but it's not that great. It can't understand my parents' commands, so I think they're going to have to go more in-depth with that. Spanish support is fantastic, though.

  3. THANKS! Just added SimpliSafe to my Google Assistant!

    Now, here is an interesting question. Can a car with onStar but no WiFi update Android Auto?

  4. Thanks for another great video! Any word on Google home getting actual TWO way LIVE intercom capabilities like the Echo? That's the only thing keeping me from going all in on Google home (just like the lack of the capability to have an echo dot in multiple music groups is the only thing keeping me from going all in on Echo).

  5. I like your videos. They are informative and interesting.
    One thing I noticed especially in this video is that there is very little or no pause or between stories. Some times it took me a little to realise you were talking about another story and not continuing on from the previous one.
    Otherwise keep up the good work! 🙂

  6. Do you know when will Google home be able To manipulate Android TV? At least for Mexico I can not manipulate Android TV with Google home and it was the main reason I bought one

  7. I want to see the volume control in 100 steps rather than the crude 10. In the bedroom 2 is too quiet and 3 is too loud.

  8. Hello! Nice vídeo as usual. Question, when are they releasing portuguese brazil language for google home. I bought mine long ago and still waiting on this. Ofcourse I know you arent from google, but did you find anything on your reseachs about it ? Keep the great job!

  9. Why don't google integrate the keyboard with GPS if you are moblie for speed more than 20 kmh then the keyboard won't show if you are stopped or less than that then it works

  10. When Danish is coming to Google Home and Google Home Mini, do we then need to buy a new device or do we just need to install an update?

  11. In my opinion—-> Each Update to the Google App—-> Makes it harder and harder to find the settings you are looking for! (It's not very intuitive!)

  12. So I just went on the app for the first time and immediately it tells me it found my Nvidia Shield TV 2017. It also has a code for me to match from my Nvidia Shield. The problem is the code only is displaying on the app but not the Nvidia shield. I don't want to say this is the device cuz am not sure if it is. Does anyone know exactly what I have to do to match the home app chromecast code to the nvidia shield?

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