Godly men protecting our home against the attack of Satan

Godly men protecting our home against the attack of Satan

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  1. My father rejects church.
    He did not build church. She is an imposter.
    She highjacked followers of Jesus as Paul said would happen.
    The catholic church is the mother and her offspring are all churches.
    The flesh desires church.
    Different denominations for different flesh.
    Same premise.
    Those who are His are called, are called out of all man made systems.
    Government, educational, religious, and political.
    His people have left and will leave.
    Come out if her my people that you may not share in her abominations.
    She has misrepresented my Father and His precious son.
    I spit her out of my mouth as so should you.
    So be it

  2. 🙏🏼 Glory be to Yah 🙌🏼 What a great teaching 💯 thank you for this.

    Let’s Worship in Spirit & in Truth 🎶🎵🎹

  3. Modern Attacks on the Family
    1) Feminist Agenda
    2) Sexual Agenda
    3) Homosexuality

    Yup, & the public educational telling the children that they run the house. You don't like what Daddy says or does, tell your teacher, a cop, or CPS & they'll make him snap to. Mommy doesn't cater to your every whim, takes away your cellphone or internet, society will make her. The system can put big needles & inject chemicals into kids, yet a parent can't give a swat on the bottom or discipline. The state, the system, is trying to destroy our families. And, as a culture, the people are allowing it, in fear of the repercussions of not complying to the group think.

    This is a wonderful sermon. Unfortunately, very few will see this, much less take it to heart. The family is being attacked on all sides by so many forces. Lex speaking out against the 3 big attacks may bring societal judgment upon him. This means he is an end time watchman. A good & G-dly man.

  4. Please pray for my wife and I. I am under attack by the enemy. I will be blatantly honest here. My wife is a kind hearted woman and although she claims to believe in Jesus I do not see her actively seeking his teachings and she still holds on to some pagan beliefs. In addition we are living with her mom who is very sick to help her. This house has daily gossip and negitivity which affects me greatly. Although I believe 100% in Jesus and his teachings and try to follow him the best I can I am far from perfect and struggle with some pretty severe addictions, namely cigarettes, overeating, and video games. I know they affect my walk with Christ but can't seem to quit. To make matters worse I am autistic (aspergers) so change and communication can be very difficult for me, especially when my home is not harmonious and I do not get enough time alone. I am at a loss and do not know what to do. The negitivity and gossip is affecting my ability to love and I do not like it.
    Anyway thank you for your prayers and your ministry.
    Bless you and blessed be the Lord our God, king of the universe.

  5. So if your father leaves you, a sicko molests you, others will call you a homosexual even though you're none of these things, or they'll label a domestic abuser with nonsense in a court room. Okay. I'm still none of these things no matter how much those morons want me to be that.

  6. People have also Taken GOD out of the Schools and this is Y there is so much wrong with schools like shootings and kids Being bullied IF God were in ALL schools we would not have problems with Kids killing each other remember God said Thou shalt not kill that's one of the Ten Commandments kids need to be taught about right and wrong and they are not being taught this in School.

  7. Chapter one of a very important book!!
    I hope this is the first of a series on this topic and you compile them into a book. I can not think of a more important book for our society. It is probably too late for our society to hear it. But at least some children and families could be saved by it.

    YHVH bless you and protect you.

  8. I'm a feminist. Its definition has been polluted by so many agendas that it's unrecognizable anymore. Feminism is: equal work for equal pay, the right to vote, and the right to choose your path or occupation (ie: housewife, architect, pilot, hairdresser – what YOU want) but it should never, ever denigrate stay at home moms, housewives etc. I hate that it's now an attack on men, that some feminists feel that having a family sets back the "cause". If I want to get married and be a stay at home mother, a Christian wife who chooses to submit to the head of the household as part of my faith, then feminism should support that, because it's a choice I made and not something that was forced onto me.

    Sadly, this is no longer the case.

    Loved your message, Lex!

  9. I do not think that Yeshua would appreciate you judging for him on these matters. I mean this in a very humble manner of thought. For I have been down this path and have spoke with Yeshua many times on all the topics you bring up in the first 6 minutes of the video. But for anyone to say that they know a person's heart is stepping into Yeshua's area of understanding. Only condemnation, separation and pain can come of this way of assuming another's soul's short comings. I love your videos. This is just something I feel I needed to say.

  10. Praise God! Best Word I have heard in such a long time! Real preaching that is relevant and lifts up the Word. God Bless you!

  11. Domino effect of sadness and depravity.
    Those poor babies, those poor abortion babies. They hadn't even sinned yet, they are innocent. Yet they want them dead.

    Since when did orphanages stop existing? Where has your fellow family gone, if your partner walked out on you? Wasn't there some other choice?

    Man, they didn't even breathe yet. Those pitiable and adorable babies.

    Sorry, I been touchy about abortion. I've been having difficulty finding a woman, so adoption has been crossing my mind. I don't understand why they'd want to kill a baby: they could give it to someone like me! I need an heir to my family heirlooms and property when I die, so even an adopted son is good enough. Love him like he's my own cause he'd probably be the only one I got.

  12. Brilliant. By the way, all the first feminist were open Luciferians or even Satanists, as for instance Anne Besant, who also were a founding member of The Theosophical Society with Helena Petrova Blavatsky

  13. God Bless you Sir, for pointing out that what is clearly evildoing.
    Ezekiel 3:18-19
    Destroying the household never gets old in the agenda of Satan.

    Peace to you all.

  14. Proverbs 22:6 King James Version (KJV)

    6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

    King James Version (KJV)
    Public Domain

  15. I’m a bad father, all though I do my best every day to demonstrate to my son ( sons, I have two but only custody of one ) God’s Love/word/truth. In today’s society we all are under Spiritual/chemical/psychological attack. Lucifer is the god of this Earth. We need to focus on our Messiah’s return. Repent and trust in Yesuha.

  16. Oh my, can you please put this into Spanish! Our men NEED TO BE TAUGHT TO BE REAL GODLY MEN! As a woman there is a huge need for this, in multiple culturals! Not men who are macho, but Men who know how to love and respect those in their families and know their position that God gave them!

  17. Yes we overcome the devil by the blood of Jesus the lamb and by the word of our testimony and we don’t fear death in our proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ.The early believers broke bread daily from house to house and the lord added to their number daily.There are no rituals in the New Testament But Jesus Christ was the total substance.We have to enforce the Calvary victory and realize we are more than conquerors.Jesus conquered and we gather in the harvest.The early believers healed the sick and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and baptizing believers immediately and it was always full immersion and making disciples of Jesus teaching them all things. Go out?

  18. This is a much needed sermon for this day and age. Also in a much needed medium. Thank you Pstr. Lex for pursuing your calling.

  19. Another of hundreds of the scribal; oops god's promises!! Mt 13:42, "They will throw them into the blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth". "They" means good angels. So it is the good angels who will do this evil deed and not the bad angels. But good angels, being good, they may yet not obey god and not do the dirty work for him? Here's hoping!!! The "them" are people who do evil deeds. And how big the furnace is or will be and where god will place it, nobody knows yet. So, the promise is still empty or not even made yet. But if the blazing furnace will burn to ashes all of the unbelievers; that means we will not burn forever–and even Jesus promised us that also. So, do we burn forever" Or burn out in minutes? I think believers in god cannot, thus, yet be jubilant about us burning. They have to wait to find out where and for how long we will be burning. Too bad, you believers, eat your hearts out. ====
    Mt 18:3, "Unless you become like little children, you will not ever enter the kingdom of heaven". So, god relinquishes his duty of making people to think and behave like children. Strange god. But 1 Co 14:20 contradict Mt 18:3 by saying, "Brothers and sisters, stop thinking like children. In regard to evil be infants, but in your thinking be like adults". However, scribes command god's infants to shun world's knowledge; so, some thinking is banned. 2 Co 4:18 confirms it: "We fix our eyes on not what is seen, but on what is unseen.
    Mk 1:15, ' "The time has come" ', "he said". ' "The kingdom of God has come near. [or will come in a few decades]. Repent and believe in good news" '. But Jesus lies once again. The scribe who wrote 1:15 forgot or was not willing to tell us to whom and how to repent. Was he not aware of what Eph 1:4 says: God has chosen people to become his before they even existed; thus, could have not been repenting first and ONLY then being accepted by God. And if God exists, is almighty, loves all people, wants all of them to believe in him, what or who could have prevented God from achieving what he wanted so badly to achieve? After all, God was all alone for some time. So, how can an almighty God fail to get what he wants to get; especially, since at the time he was choosing people, Satan, bad/angels, demons, and bad spirits have not existed? Did the scribe of Mark thought that we are that stupid not to have seen that he talked a lot of no-sense? ==== Jn 1:1, In the beginning was God. Some scribes contradict John by saying that God is eternal. In any case, scribes say there was God, but w.o. any spooks. The guy was all alone, right? So, the spooks could have not spooked God from acting at that time. Spooks were created by God later. But God could not or did not want to control them or, better yet, destroy them. But will one day, say scribes. ===== Mk 3:33, ' "Who are my mother and my brothers? ' ", he asked. 35, ' "Whoever does God's will is my brother and sister and my mother" '. But Bible says too often that God is saving his people not because of anything they have done. So, why preconditions to become saved? Especially in view that the scribes say all have sinned [haven't been obeying God] and all of us will sin onto death. Or as Paul and Hebrews say: All a believer needs to do to be saved is to merely believe. But even this revelation from God is contradicted by other scribes

  20. A man you leads his home is looked upon as being some kind of Dictator or a control freak and some men are scared of stepping up to their role because of what society is teaching or even portraying a man to be ( there’s a clear difference between leading and dictating) . Men please step up, God has appointed you to lead.
    Great teaching Pst Lex, God bless you and your ministry

  21. This was a great sermon! I can’t wait to hear the one for woman. I have an unbelieving husband and if I sent this to him he either wouldn’t watch it or be overtaken by the spirit of offense. I continue to pray for him. But, I have the responsibility of being a righteous despite him and a good wife in hopes he might turn to our Father. I struggle big time with this so I have made it my focus recently. I truly can’t wait to hear that message.

  22. The trouble is that God gave me a brain. He gave me feelings, opinions, eyes, emotions….. If he had wanted women to be totally subjugated by men and not have their own opinions, he would have created dumb women who were catatonic enough to just slavishly follow men. He didn't. He created women to be a helper to man. Wives submit to your husbands only works if men honour i.e. hold in high esteem their wives.

    Feminism is not about abortion or gay rights. Feminism is a call to men to honour their side of the biblical agreement. If you honour me as your wife, then you should give me a voice and respect my voice as you respect your own. If you love me as your flesh, then love my voice and opinion as you love your own. All else is hypocrisy. Please do not malign the struggle of women to be heard and the rights of women to demand to be honoured.

  23. Yes, God will protect me from Satan and his teachers …. You are one of them : False teachings = keep the Sabbath – don't eat pigs – not exist Eternal punishment for unbelievers in Hell – keep the Old Testament. Thanks to God because He drives me exactly with His written prototype Word in ancient Greek text to believe in the New Testament in the commandments of Jesus. So, you will deceive all those that God don't want them. You are the magnets that attract all the people who are like you.

  24. Love the sermon. Quick point, 85% plus of divorce are filed by females. JEZEBEL spirit. The laws have defathered the country the problem isn’t men taking care of their responsibilities, its the system created to defather our country by reducing men to visitors to their children and bankrupting the fathers and most the time not being about to see their children at all. Would love to see more sermons directed specifically to woman. Hard to be a spiritual leader of the home when Satan has taken over our systems. Just a quick thought love the work. I see men having to almost become feminized because the Babylonian system have made it so if he’s a leader he stands to lose his kids, $, everything, so he has to submit to Jezebel. God judges the church before he judges the wicked. Mainstream Christianity will speak of none of these things. Sadly men are opting out of marriage and family in record numbers. It’s always men like me can’t stand to be in the cotton candy church anymore.

  25. Do a video on demon possession and exorcism from Scripture. It was a 1/4 of Jesus ministry but no one talks about it.

  26. I can’t wait for the woman’s teaching!!!!! This was wonderful, we live in a system that teaches you to be busy and into yourself, spending your time apart from the family. I am thankful I have been redeemed, that I didn’t become that statistic. I still fail daily, and become a victim of my flesh which I can’t wait to permanently be freed from 🤸🏻‍♀️. I am blessed and honored to be at home, that God placed it on my heart to homeschool even though I didn’t think I could do it. He has AND always will provide!! Hallelujah May all the men be brave enough to be like Jesus

  27. Jn 6:37, "All those the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away. 38, For I have come down from heaven, not to do my will but to do the will of him who sent me. 39, And this is the will of him who sent me, that I shall lose none of all those he has given me, but raise them up at the last day". So, Jn 6:37 is in agreement with Eph 1:4 and many such verses: God makes believers out of unbelievers and even, as in Case of Paul, God can make haters of him, his own possession. But it goes w.o. saying that once God chooses people for his, he does that for all time; that is if he exists, is almighty, inerrant, loves to have as many believers as possible. So, the 6:39 is redundant; for God cannot lose even one believer unless he wants to. If God makes you his, He cannot, according to scribes, fail in any task he undertakes. And if Jesus was fully human [He 2:11 and dozens of such messages or revelations], surely no believer in God needs to come to any man or flesh.
    Jn 6:26, "Very truly I tell you, you are looking for me, not because you saw the signs I performed but because you ate the loaves and had your fill" '. But in 4:48 Jesus says, ' "Unless you people see the signs and wonders you will never believe." '. So that is why so many maimed, desperate, and mentally ill Christians visit places in which some people claim to have seen signs and wonders? For above else to see even a tiny sign; as believing just never satisfies people. We all want to know. They too want facts and not empty and wasteful sermons, preaching, praying, or reading the Bible.
    Jn 4:14, "Later Jesus found him at the temple and said to him", ' "See, you are well again.Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you" '. Since Jesus said that he did and said nothing that God did not tell him to do and say, how is it that Jesus' Father did not know that sins do not cause diseases or maimings? In fact, scribes go so far top say often that nothing ever happens that God did not make it happen. So, God, causes, say blindness, and he also cures it! "Stop sinning"??? Nobody can, according to scribes, stop sinning; for that too comes from God.

  28. The reason this sermon is being Preached is because the Spirit of Jezebel and Democrats are taking over this Country, Man was called to Faith in Yahshua Messiah, and redeemed from the Curse of the Work of the World, Egypt to put it plainly, most women in this society are walking according to Pharoah and the men are in bondage to the power of the Economy and not the Faith of the people of the book, so they are putting the energy not into the things of the Spirit of YAH but the Spirit of the Prince of the power of the Air HASatan who is behind this world economy to keep Men from living like Yahshua Messiah Free from this Earth's ways, that why Men aren't leading because our role is to ministry not wasted beggarly elements of a dark world system that is on the Decay and destroying families around the world, we as Believers are commanded to come out of Babylon not mix with it….

  29. All glory to God for this teaching. Thank you for your obedience. God bless you and may He continue to give you strength as you’re dealing with the passing of your dad.💕

  30. Pls God raise the husbands up to be the men you created them to be that they take the head of household seriously…..Also, Pls father help the women to become the women we need to support our men …Amen

  31. I also think that men have to avoid the issue of saying what we sacrificed for the sake of the family. Imaging Jesus saying, " Look what I have done for you!".

  32. My family needs everyone's prayers. My daughter thinks her husband was just raised in the "frozen chosen" Lutheran church, and just doesn't know the Word. But he is now at the dining table with my other daughter, teaching her to play dungeons and dragons. I asked them both flat out if God spoke audibly and said "Stop this!" Would they? Neither answered the question. My daughter's husband seemed quite annoyed, even angry, as he stated that it was based on books by a Christian… This man is 32 years old, and acts like a boy. There is daily evidence that he thinks like a bachelor, at best. And he does play video games for hours. The best part of his relationship with his kids is having them watch him play games. I am so concerned for my family. Please pray.

  33. I'm sorry, I had to leave this at the mention of 1 cor 13:11 …to many use this as a way to attack men with hobbies or who try and have fun, If you read the text Paul was giving an illustration of perception and perspective, not telling a Christian man he can't play video games or enjoy a hobby (as long as it's not to the neglect of his family) We have freedom in Christ, I wish people would stop trying to box us in, as you said Christians are portrayed as un fun and power hungry..uptight, whatever? this is why. I'm not trying to be hateful or argumentative, but realize this verse has been used to hurt people, people who only wish to serve the Lord like me

  34. Than you for this beautiful preaching.
    Question: if a man lost his family because he failed to leading them into God's word what he can do?
    Please help.

  35. What do you recommend when a wife is unwilling to be lead? You say no woman ever would respond unfavorably to a man leading as Yeshua leads the body… really? Don't believers fail to respond correctly to Yeshua all the time? We don't comply with his wishes for us (As Paul writes in Romans 6-8). Yehovah lead Israel in the wilderness with a pillar of cloud and fire and supernatural protection, and provision, the prophetic word spoken directly to them – yet they were unwilling, no? To assert that a wife merely effortlessly begins to follow a leading husband seems a bit of a stretch to me. I've seen plenty of examples where a man does lead well and endeavors to do all that was mentioned in this video, yet the wife wishes to dominate. What then?

  36. When will the second part of this series that covers the mandates for women be uploaded? Really looking forward to it! Shalom

  37. You are speaking truth!!! So sick of this society that can't wait to dump all its responsibilities-dumping wives, dumping children, dumping the household. Everyone ran to embrace the "me" generation. And the church joined in. The church is so full of the world you can't see the difference.

  38. Also, I've noticed, part of the problem is women aren't getting with men they believe are capable of leading. We have to get with MEN OF GOD, men submitted to Christ, then it will come natural to submit. Let's stop being unequally yoked with unbelievers. And test the spirit, to see if you are dealing with a man of God. And if we're already married, and we don't believe in our husbands ability to head the home, we still have to submit.

  39. the Rockefellers has funded many of these organizations to divide the families. this has been stated.  it is exactly like the priest telling the king how to defeat Gods people, by sending in the women to seduce the men so God can destroy his people and the enemy wont have to lift a finger.

  40. As the song goes, "Rise up Oh men of God…have done with lesser things…give heart and soul and mind and strength to serve the King of Kings."

  41. This is one of the best teachings I’ve seen outlining the agendas we see all around us. If I had understood this, perhaps a marriage could have been saved. It’s critical information. I am sharing this with all of my friends who need to hear this.

  42. I have heard so many sermons on this topic. And they start off great regardless if the lesson is on the man or woman. But then they seems to backpedal and blend scripture with words of society. Why do we need to say that a God put man in charge of the wife and then say but "he is not to lord it over her" "he is not to abuse her" ect. It's common sense to most that we shouldn't abuse anyone and I feel like there is a defense of what the bible says and I don't think it's required.

  43. Thank you my friend in Messiah Yehoshea! Yes wives must not try to rule over the husband our women are targeted by the liberal left against their husband! The daycare generation produced many unloved brats starving for attention. Raised by women on video games and iPhones, now rioting in the streets claiming atheisic Marxism socialism as their cause now we know how important a Father is and a loving wife as well! "As the church submits to Christ, so you wives should submit to your husbands in everything." Our Father in Heaven lays the responsibility on us men because our women evidently never grow up they are like children themselves. Finally someone with the strength of a man to tell the TRUTH! May our Father in Heaven bless you In Messiah Yehoshea our Saviour!

  44. What should adam have done. Tell her not to and physically take it away from her if she continues? Then you will have a DV protection order against you and you guns will get taken away. I am sorry to inform you of this but your sermon does not apply in this modern age where illuminazi appointed judges are instructed to legally destroy your family. You should do more to have your listeners be politically active and confront evil. Or….are you a part of the Pastor Response Team and watered down Christians do do not have a spine and allowed our laws and legal system get this way. Instead of preaching how bad abortion is, why dont you motivate your listeners to contact their legislatures and run against them as a candidate?

  45. This is the true word of God right here and I’m happy that I came across this. Thank you guys for putting this video up. God bless you all!

  46. I would like to no where are you located is it in Michigan if so where i think with this teaching everyone should attend young old poor and rich

  47. Do you know why men are letting women lead cause if they dont the woman will make the mans life miserable Fact. Ofcourse the so called man would never admit it cause that would be the end of them .
    Women today pick men that they can control Fact.

  48. to protect our home i love my wife with full truthful,respectful,,and love her and will die for her as christ died for us.bless you lex meyer.

  49. As a Christian man I think that if a husband gives the wife reign over the household , the husband is putting his wife first before himself and and GOD and worshiping his wife. Therefore making her a goddess and giving into her every word feelings and actions and which is not biblical and against GOD. Most if not all women have lost respect for men due to EVIL FEMINISM, and most if not ALL MEN do not wan't to have anything to do with women [serious relationship with women] because of the INSANE LAWS being past against men.EVIL FEMINISM WAN'TS TO OBLITERATE MEN TOTALLY AND IS A EFFECTIVE TOOL OF THE DEVIL. A wife should be taught how to love their husbands as in TITUS 2: 1—-5.

  50. Wow! Excellent teaching brother Lex. May Adonai continue to bless you for sharing the True Gospel and standing for righteousness in the name of Yehoshua : )

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