God Will Protect You | Steven Furtick

God Will Protect You | Steven Furtick

God promises to protect His people God
promises to protect His people and specifically He says I will guard you
along the way I was interested in that phrase because a lot of times God is
guarding you from things in your life that you don’t even know you need to be
guarded from and so the way it works you can follow me real quick with the
cameras God will guard you along the way but you will only see it looking back
that’s how life works is that God is doing it for you along the way now
notice in order for God to protect you you have to be in motion God cannot
guard you until you are along the way and so when you are praying for God to
protect you but you’re sitting on your couch doing it instead of obeying the
instruction that He’s given you God cannot dispatch His assistance for an
assignment that you are not present for this one intern was asking me recently
on the subject how do I deal with feeling insecure and I shocked myself to
answer I gave her because I usually say quote the Bible and confessions of faith
and you are the righteousness of God in Christ but I found found something coming out of my mouth was kind of weird I said do
the work do the work because it is in completing your assignment that you
receive your assistance it’s the best thing you can do if you feel insecure
like I can’t do it to do it and as you do it you will receive the strength for
the assignment but let me tell you this you will not get the assistance praying
for God to make the assignment easier He does not promise that and I don’t care
how hateful y’all look at me God is not going to make it easier what He said
I’ll do I will release my assistance in correspondence with your assignment and
if you insist on trying to fulfill somebody else’s assignment don’t expect
my assistance but if you will do you right here right now and quit wishing
she was your wife and loved the wife you’ve got as Christ loves the Church I will release my assistance in correspondence with your
assignment amen good preaching only JJ standing up I don’t know he must need
the Lord this week to me I think it’s significant all the different times that
God gave people an assignment that was greater than them and in fact often
contrary to their natural ability because Abraham could have had a baby
for God when he was 40 not when he’s 80 God likes him at 80 better than 40 I
know why but I’m not gonna tell you why I know why I studied it I know why God
picked him at 80 and not 40 okay I’ll tell you if you do it at 40 you’ll think
you did it but if God gives you something that you
know you shouldn’t be able to do it touch somebody say don’t waste your angel and
you waste the assistance of your angel this is so good I’m gonna help you right
there right there you right there right there I’m so glad you know not you her
i’ma help her right there you got a giant assignment that’s good the greater
the assignment the greater the assistance so now I can look back on
several phases of my life where God was protecting me with what I thought was a
problem you know God has a defense system I have a security system in my
house a couple nights ago me and Holly shot straight up into bed screaming both
of us just screaming the alarm went off so loud I never heard it that loud and I
jumped up screaming she jumped up screaming we’re screaming at each other
five seconds later I had that baseball bat that I keep under my bed I was
crouched going through the house to I was shaking the bat I was saying stuff
under my breath that wasn’t prayer oriented you know just getting ready for
what the situation required but how could it be that loud it was the loudest
thing I ever heard you know those little air pods that you put in your ear I
forgot that I had fallen asleep with my air pods in and it wasn’t the security
system in the house that went off it was an Amber Alert on my phone and here I am ready to kill something that’s not even there and you know sometimes you let the devil in your
head to the point where you’re waking up in the middle of the night chasing an
enemy that ought to be running from you where are my powerful people at that know you have the Holy Spirit a deposit guaranteeing your inheritance make some noise about it make all the quiet people uncomfortable shout if you
know God’s got a defense system and a surveillance on your life and the devil
can only go so far get out of my head cause I’m protected
high five three people say I’m protected and God God will even protect you from
your own prayers you will pray for him to ask you out and he will walk right by
you to your best friend and she doesn’t even have a prayer life and that’s why
he walked past you because you were praying God I want what you want
for me protect me from anything that’s not from you I got an angel somebody
shot I got an angel you can’t but he’s there that’s weird that’s weird
you believe in angels what do you believe in somebody some of y’all
believe in college-aged boys in tight pants your hope is in them and I can’t
have an angel no I got angels I get don’t make me flap it you I will flap
right in your face I got angels I got something better than an angel I have
the spirit that raised Christ from the dead and I’m protected I’m protected even
sometimes what you will call a disappointment in one season of your
life you will see as a defense later you will
see that if I had gotten what I wanted when I wanted it it wouldn’t been a
blessing because I wasn’t ready hope I’m helping somebody I hope I’m helping somebody I will guard you along the way God says I’ll protect
you and the second one He says I will bring you to the place so I’ll guard you
along the way and I’ll bring you to the place if guard you along the way is God’s promise to protect bring you to the
place is His promise to position and one thing I’ve really come to believe is
that God is good at getting me where He wants me when He wants me for reasons
that I do not understand while I’m there and honestly some of the places that God
has sent me in my life is not where I wanted to go I’m gonna say something to
you that I never ever said before in public I’ve said it to Holly I might
have said it to a few of our team members 13 years ago but I never said it
in a big room like this I didn’t even want to come to Charlotte because it
seemed to me like Charlotte had churches covered have you looked it’s trees and steeples people it’s a lot of them already
I said God what could it possibly have to do with me to be in this town where
there’s already all these big churches it was Joe’s Crab Shack that God used
and just in a way I can’t explain and I’m preaching to somebody with an
attitude right now because you don’t even like where you live you don’t even
like it but often God positions you according to a higher priority than your
preference and it’s called His purpose I’m sending my angel and he will bring
you to the place here’s the interesting thing the angel can bring you to the
place but it cannot go in for you all God can do because it is a cooperation
of grace and faith that causes His kingdom to operate on earth as it is in
heaven all He can do is set you up but He will
not take the step for you if God took the step for you it would not be
kindness it would be cruelty if God took the step for you He would put you in a
place that your faith was not prepared for so the great tragedy of Exodus 23 is
that God sent the protection to bring them to the place yet an entire
generation never entered in did you hear me the entire congregation that Moses is
delivering the message to doesn’t get to experience the benefits of God’s promise
and here’s where it’s a little theologically controversial God’s
promises are not automatic they’re optional joy is optional peace is
optional you can have it or you can leave it you can live in bitterness or
you can live in deliverance but you have to take the step now God says I’ve
positioned you I’ve protected you I kept you alive I brought
you threw it the sea didn’t sweep over you the slave master didn’t kill you
with his whip all I did was bring you out with the possession that you need to
go into the place that I’ve prepared for you three not only will He protect me
not only will He position me but He will prepare me now we got three piece let’s
preach God has been setting you up for this step all of your life and before
you is the goodness and the glory of God made possible by the grace of Jesus
Christ if it’s just three people I came with an announcement you’re ready now
you don’t have to live in what was any longer and you don’t have to stay stuck
in a mindset that no longer accommodates your anointing you’re ready now the
sense the Spirit of the Lord I kept you all your life I sustained you through
many dangers toils and snares and now you’re ready high-five somebody looks
happy say I’m ready I will protect you I will position you and I will dirty word
prepare you not a very fun one I know I know and the way He does it is terrible
the way He does it is terrible did y’all hear about the boiled frog have you
heard this they teach I don’t know why someone would want to do this I’m not
recommending it but if you want to boil a frog you ever just get it in your mind
you want to boil a frog have you heard this before it’s the old preacher thing
if you if you if you want to boil a frog don’t put it in a boiling pot put it in
a pot and turn up the heat little by little and the Frog won’t know he’s
being boil now I don’t know what made the preacher one a boil a frog I can’t
answer that but he is correct when the enemy wants to steal your confidence in
the promise of God he doesn’t do it all at once because if that alarm really
went off you jump out the bed so what does he do little by little and
that’s the warning that God is giving his people I’m sending my angel ahead of
you but if you don’t pay attention and if you don’t listen to what he says you
will come to the place and I can prove to you that this happened to them
because they got the edge of the promise and they stopped and the reason that
they stopped is because two two spies went in to the land and came out with
faith that they could do it ten spies went in and said they’re bigger than us
the Canaanites the Hittites the Jebusites the Perizzites the Hivites the
Amorite they’re bigger than us they’re but but but guess what they were already
on the run sometimes you are running from something that God has already
defeated so they’re standing at the place God has protected them along the
way God has what’s the second one positioned them for this moment
what’s the third one He prepared them but guess what the angel can’t do
there’s one thing the angel can’t do and will not do there’s one thing God won’t
do for you he’ll protect you He’ll keep you you’ll keep your mind
you’ll keep your sanity He’ll keep you from people that would harm you he will
keep you from places that you didn’t even know if you would have been there
what would happen and you will never even know on this side of life how many
times God block stuff and turn stuff and shifted stuff and move stuff and you
thought it was just you were a little bit late cuz you forgot your wallet but
there was a car accident on 77 that had your name on it and when the devil said
they’re out God said I’ve got so they’re there anyway they’re so anyway they’re
so anyway there’s so many things you don’t even know to thank God for if you
could see for one moment all of the things that God kept you from listen to me Blakeney if we ever got a revelation of what God
kept us from it would be a bad day for the worship team because all the worship
leaders wouldn’t have a job because we wouldn’t even need them because we would lead ourselves in worship because we would walk in the door and we will walk
in the door clapping and shouting and rejoicing and praising God but sometimes
we don’t see all the things that He’s kept us from and brought us to and now
we’re at this place and God has protected us yeah God has positioned us absolutely and God has prepared us but there’s one thing He
won’t do He will not possess the land for you hey
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100 Replies to “God Will Protect You | Steven Furtick”

  1. Glory to God hallelujah thank you Jesus I agree and believe and receive this word in the powerful name of Jesus christ thank you pastor Steven for this word today hallelujah hallelujah shalom shalom shalom

  2. Thank you Brother Steven, This morning I was having a terrible attack with horrible thoughts from satan and I heard your message from God and I am blessed. My Angel is at work. Praise the Lord!

  3. There was a pastor speaking live instead of pastor Steven 2 weeks ago on Sunday and his sermon really touched me and spoke in my life. Will this video be going up some time? I would like to watch it again

  4. Angel's are real, that's a fact!! Years ago, in 2008, my family had a home invasion, that was a real crazy night! Yes I was protected that night as well as the rest of my family, but a few nights later after gathering some intell, finding out where some of them lived at an apartment complex, I showed up unannounced, long story short, I ended up surrounded by 12 guys, all of which had been drinking heavily and possibly on some drugs! After standing my ground and knowing that several of these guys was about to make a move, suddenly standing behind them was a figure, a guy dressed in normal clothes, he had a hoodie on and no one could see his face! The guys that had me surrounded said who is this guy that's with you! I didn't reply, cause for one I was in battle mode, and I didn't feel like chit chatting! One guy broke the end of his beer bottle and was about to come at me when all of a sudden it was like he couldn't move, try as he may, he wasn't going anywhere! We all looked over at the figure behind them, and all he did was stick out his hand and shake his finger in a back and forth motion, stating NO!! As confused as they all were, I knew that I was in the midst of a super natural being, an angel from God above, sent down to protect me in a time of need! Of course this is actually a very long detailed story that I could go into, but for the sake of the comment section I'm keeping this to a minimum!! As they all backed up and started to disperse back to the apartment, the figure began to walk backwards slowly and then disappeared into the night! Thank you God for protecting me that night and many other times for that matter!! This angel saved my life that night as well as some of the attackers lives as well! Our God is so powerful, thanks to all that read this piece of history from my life! God bless all of us and may God always light our path! Peace to you all!

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  9. I am protected..I 've got an Angel.I will guard you along the way,He protected me,he will position me,according to His priority.he will also prepared for me.I am ready LORD,do it your way…Amen

  10. Abraham gets his baby at 80 and not at 40. I love the answer to why????. It really speaks loud… That, Gods timing is to give us the best …..! Not by myself… But from God!

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  14. I hate where I live, I’ve been asking God why He sent me here, been asking for the last seven years. I’m on my own here and have no clue why I’m here 😭. God I NEED You!!

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    so, anyway

    so, anyway….

    haha i appreciate your humor Pastor Steven. Thank you for helping my relationship with the lord grow like never before.🤝🏼👍🏼

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  19. Man oh man, pastor steven always shares a message that I need to hear, just at the right time!!!! God bless him and elevation church!!!

  20. The greater the assignment the greater the assistance 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 God has a defense system and surveillance on my life that is protecting me 24/7. I AM Protected! I had gotten what l wanted when l wanted it l would have not seen it as a blessing.

  21. I will Protect you! I will Position you! I will Prepare you!
    Sometimes you are running from something that God has already defeated for you!

  22. Sometimes is not what we want but what God wants and sometimes we go through hard moments because God has better for us and I learned it the hard way. I was in a relationship for so long and I realized that's not what God wanted for me, he took it away from me to bless me with something better. God loves us and he only wants the best for us. 
    " Later you will see if I had gotten what I wanted. when I wanted it, it wouldn't be a blessing cause I wasn't ready " Thank you for the great message, may God continues to bless you

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  25. "God is good at getting me where he wants me for reasons that I do not understand while I'm there. And, Honestly. Some of the places that god has sent me in life is not where I wanted to go." I thought I knew what I wanted when I wanted it. I thought that the people I loved were the right ones to be loved. If EVERYTHING didn't happen the way it happened. If I didn't reach out to god. (it wasn't even christian at that point but god was like… GIRL YOU STUPID I know you are PRAYING FOR ME) I would'nt be saved and in a beautiful place. THANK YOU GOD. AMEN

  26. Man! I been praying for years for my dreams to come true, of being a dancer and I always found excuses not to do it. But I’m just now (in 2020) later in my years fulfilling my dream and I can say now that I use to think I missed the “train” but now I see fully that if I had gotten what I wanted then it wouldn’t have been a blessing. This was all in gods timings. I thought the problem was my laziness and me being to scared to “go for it” but really it was god protecting me from it. So I can come into when I was more mature and ready and ready for the ASSISTANCE that god would place around me to help me with my goals. Had I came into it years ago, they wouldn’t be there. And I might have failed. Crazy for years I thought I was the problem— but it was gods divine timing. I know my purpose in life isn’t just to dance but for what I can do to help others with it An to save children and being more people to god. but since 18, I been “lazy” but all along it was god protecting me from a purpose that I wasn’t ready for it. WOW.

  27. When the preacher said, "You'll be praying for that man (or relationship) saying you want a man who's honest and prays..but he'll walk right past you to your 'best friend' " ..I felt that 😏 Thank you Lord for the redirection. I'm good now 👍

  28. I remember how painful it was mid last year breaking up with someone I was planning to spend my life with, but now looking back, I see what God really protected me from. Thank you Jesus for protecting me from evil and harm that I don't even know about!!

  29. Man you're on it this morning!!! I wanted to see Gods first message for my little Grandson Tobias who was born last night. It was a very hard birth for the little guy but "He brought him along the way and He protected him". Thanking God so much this morning. Everyone please keep Tobias, my son Conlin and daughter in law Sarah in your prayers. May God guide them, give them godly wisdom and protection and place a hedge of protection around them. IJNIP. Amen!

  30. “He didn’t give me what I wanted when I wanted it because He knew I wouldn’t appreciate it until I was ready.” What a revelation!

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