Ghost Caught on Jail Security Camera in Serbia Week In Weird 5-31-18

Ghost Caught on Jail Security Camera in Serbia Week In Weird 5-31-18

Constance: Jails themselves are born of tragedy. Beastly, industrial compounds erected to house the lost and the damned. Constance: With over 10.5 million men and women being housed in them worldwide… Constance: Obviously some of the world’s worst criminals are going to call them home. Constance: Criminals who have committed acts so terrible that even the worst paranormal events in history can’t compare. Constance: These are the tragedy makers of the world. Constance: The people for whom 6,125 jails and prisons exist in the United States alone. Constance: Life inside these walls, built in the name of blood and chaos, can be as harrowing and… Constance: …terrifying as the crimes that inspired their construction. Constance: With 3,351 deaths occurring in jails and prisons yearly in the United States alone… Constance: You have to wonder how many souls linger behind? Constance: Trapped behind bars much like these ones. Forever searching for their parole…in the afterlife. Constance: We may have a real-life case of this coming all the way from Serbia. I’m Constance Wilmenson and you’re watching Week In Weird. Constance: In Trstenik Serbia, a woman rushed into the police station making claims that a ghostly figure had been following her through the town festival. Constance: Jumping from lamppost to lamppost in it’s paranormal pursuit. Constance: It’s not uncommon for police officers to receive reports about paranormal activity. Constance: However, it is very common for them to dismiss those claims as…. Constance: …flight of fancy or to file them away in a dusty corner of the office. Constance: The video you just watched was taken by the officers working at the jail cell that night. Constance: Um, and it was taken moments after the woman came in and made her claim about a supernatural stalker. Constance: Obviously the video was closely scrutinized by the officers as they saw a very strange figure… Constance: …walk seemingly through solid walls and the jail cell bars. Constance: The real question we want to ask ourselves here is whether this figure could have been the same one the woman was talking about. Constance: Having followed her all the way through the town festival and to the jail. Constance: When the prisoners held in the cells were questioned… Constance: …they said that they didn’t remember hearing or seeing anything out of the ordinary during this season CCTV recording. Constance: The officers in the video sound truly, genuinely baffled by the images that they’re seeing on the screen. Constance: But we here at GG13 still have to ask the question of is it real? Constance: In the video you can see that the officers are playing back footage repeatedly from a recording. Constance: So they’re not watching it via a live feed. Constance: They shuttle back and forth in the recording and film it with a low-res phone camera. Constance: So the question is were the officers just using their creative talents to amuse themselves and possibly the internet during a really slow third shift? Constance: Filming it with a phone camera on a TV to give it an air of authenticity? Constance: Or is this the ghost of a creeping convict? Who’s haunting the halls of the place where it spent it’s final days? Constance: Could this be the same leaping figure that turned a night of celebration into a night of terror for a young Serbian woman? Tell us what you think in the comments below and we’ll see you next Wednesday on Week In Weird.

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  1. I think the footage is real because if someone in Serbia knew how to all this then it could faked but the footage in Serbia as we all seen has bit of a few things like there's the thing moving across the video and into something and the the way the res is so low that it actually have been old to where that same ghost that haunted this woman died in that prison and that convict have might been following her if she has something of his before the whole thing started.

  2. Thank you Constance this was some great footage of a bad sad place 🙏 clearly could be a victim or a inmate

  3. why are you guys ignoring me on youtube and I’ve been trying to message you guys for a while on the facebook messenger it says on your like page very responsive to messages I just dou't know why you guys are not responding to me did I say something wrong or something?

  4. Hi, i am from Serbia bad footage was from cctv camera low quality and police officer btw we call them dogs, murija, police sh*. He had a bad Phone like 2005 blackbeery or some thing like that, He defynetly didn't know how to edit that ghostly figure becouse here in Serbia noone gives a shi obout edit and photoshop defynetly them if you fuc* something up you have 30 minutes to tell the truth or they break your head back to the theme no its not a photoshop and they don't care.

    When i am 20 i flying faster then eny thing in this world out of this hole and that guy that seas he is from Serbia he is lieying in your face.

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